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Those that I Revere throughout history maybe don't think so poorly of me.


I can't believe I am not autistic because it's so totally identify with those that are.


Cycling. Moments after announcing my Mastery, after 4 years, my niece said, no f****** way.

But I don't think we're defeated. Maybe the principles are extensible, and the 12 to 2 position needs to be radically shifted toward the body and up. Will require much new muscle retraining, but I think it might be doable.

Anthony Hopkins, autistic. I'm so glad he said.

Anthony Hopkins, artistic: “It’s a great gift, actually,” Hopkins told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in 2020. “I was a bit slow as a school kid, and so I made up for it by working hard, and I became, you know, a successful actor. Obsessiveness about the details.”

Must read article good the majority of Trump supporters find 600 dead from Corona acceptable very think about it very

The first week or two done violence environmental activists viewed by the government as intimately more dangerous then violent right-wing extremists spirit must read

FBI Chased Imagined Eco-Activist

Less than two years ago, Mr. Empathy, corporate “blue collar” Joe Biden said that he had “no empathy” for Millennials’ struggle to get by in the savagely unequal and insecure precariat economy he helped create over his many years of abject service to the Lords of Capital. “The younger generation now tells me how tough things are—give me a break,” said Biden, while speaking to Patt Morrison of the Los Angeles Times two years ago. “No, no, I have no empathy for it, give me a break.” Read that a second time: “No, no, I have no empathy for it, give me a break.”.....

Thanks, Obama You Lie -

Thanks, Obama You Lie -

Uncle Tom Obama the day after Trump was elected: Here’s some of what Obama told the American people the day after Trump was collegiately selected: “Now, everybody is sad when their side loses an election. But the day after, we have to remember that we’re actually all on one team. This is an intramural scrimmage. We’re not Democrats first. We’re not Republicans first. We are Americans first. We’re patriots first. We all want what’s best for this country. That’s what I heard in Mr. Trump’s remarks last night. That’s what I heard when I spoke to him directly. And I was heartened by that. That’s what the country needs—a sense of unity; a sense of inclusion; a respect for our institutions, our way of life, rule of law; and a respect for each other. I hope that he maintains that spirit throughout this transition, and I certainly hope that’s how his presidency has a chance to begin.…A lot of our fellow Americans are exultant today. A lot of Americans are less so. But that’s the nature of campaigns. That’s the nature of democracy.” “America[ns] First!”...