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Pope Francis. Forget life's useless baggage. Work for peace.


Pope reaffirms conscience as heresy debate divides church. Link


Major update. Departed Silicon Valley. Stockton tomorrow is planned........

Yesterday and today two fairly short days distance wise. Apparently this mission is not to be destroyed yet. Yesterday afternoon the severe wobbling that was developing in the vehicle revealed itself as spokes in the rear wheel that had all but collapsed as one of them had snapped. Right on the edge of catastrophic failure. The pope is correct, God is no more of a magician than is gravity, the cousin. But that's slightly hard to believe sometimes. How this vehicle was spared catastrophe yesterday is unclear. And, after the first incredibly rude bike shop in Pleasanton, the second one was gracious and expert and had a clinic, a free clinic, at 6 p.m., on rebuilding bicycle wheels. If it doesn't kill you you grow. I grew. hoping to hear from the bike shop in Sacramento that they could machine a new hub for regenerative braking I spent the morning working on the vehicle after displaying it in the middle of a high-tech Office Park at the coffee shop. by midday, still not hearing from the Sacramento bike shop the trip resumed midday. After only 15 miles the spokes in the rear wheel were loose again. it is still missing a Spoke which hopefully will be replaced someplace tomorrow. With my newfound awareness skills and confidence The wheel was made serviceable again. to deal with stress and fatigue I've reported recently travel of only 30 miles was accepted, an affordable meal at a buffet Was a much-needed refueling stop this afternoon. More work on the rear wheel. Hopefully rest in the parking lot undisturbed tonight. departure tomorrow morning plans for a bicycle shop in Stockton to replace that spoke hopefully. then a long and fairly leisurely Meandering Trip South to San Diego and then East along the Southern United States. unlike the last several months where there was great worry about getting caught in snow at altitude the weather is not something that I know of as a driving factor in the schedule. Maybe it should be but if so I am as of yet unaware.


Don’t just accept increasing inequality, urges Pope Francis



Pope Francis: Weeping for other people's pain does not only mean sharing in their sufferings, but also........

Weeping for other people's pain does not only mean sharing in their sufferings, but also and above all realizing that our own actions are a cause of injustice and inequality. Once we realize this, we become more fully human, since responsibility for our brothers and sisters is an essential part of our common humanity. Do not be afraid to open your minds and hearts to the poor. In this way, you will give free rein to your... talents, and discover the happiness of a full life.


I'm so sorry that they were slaughtered. But this is so cultish.


To a law officer I have been blessed to know for years; concerning the possibility of police brutality and violence in America today: Our conversation......

To a law officer I have been blessed to know for years; concerning the possibility of police brutality and violence in America today:

Our conversation yesterday got me thinking. And it helped me understand something about myself, maybe for the first time.

I have known about myself that I am a fiercely loyal individual. I'll pay a personal price that most people can't imagine to fulfill my duties within a group with which I am affiliated, and/or responsible to.

But I have never been able to stop there. My ultimate loyalty is never to the group, or even individual, with which I am affiliated or to whom I am responsible. My ultimate loyalty has always been, will always be, to the whole, all of humanity, all of creation. This is not something I sought out. I think I got it from my father. Wherever I got it it has always been part of me.

It has always made me an outsider. And has always made me distrusted, and alien to others.

It is a quality about myself that I deeply value. I think it is what others might call ultimate loyalty to God.  I see it as a central quality in those throughout history I revere, Jesus, Martin Luther King jr., Gandhi....

I find this lacking in almost all of my sisters and brothers.

I refused to become a licensed psychologist because I came to see that psychologists are ultimately loyal to themselves, to the group, and not to their clients.

I think this is a central failing in what calls itself the church.

I don't see an institution today, maybe with the exception of Nursing, that isn't plagued by this.

But few places is it as dangerous as in and among men and women in uniform who carry weapons of death. And with few exceptions I see their ultimate loyalty to their group, not to those who they have a duty to serve.