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What is our work now, for the children and grandchildren? Not an option is saving the planet....

What is our work now, for the children and grandchildren? Not an option is saving the planet.... Pioneering, modeling for them, A Joyful Way of being in a material impoverished dying hell is what they need from us. Much work to do.

All Hitler needed was for Millions to sell their souls.


Ignite the soul blog June 5th. Tolstoy, Russian bush, Schweitzer. Greater Souls have there ever been?

To James it is not clear that there ever have been. In part because these three are among the one-in-a-million few that have internalised what the prior great Souls have shared with us, and at least brought these great early contributions current and to some degree went beyond.

And I find that all three although no indication is that they were close or in close communication, or any communication at all, all three were impressed with and influenced by the other two.

Most of yesterday was spent on the tedious and important task of creating those extremely clean copies of the first and second portion of Tolstoy, four Gospels translated and harmonized, 12 chapters in all. If things go as planned then by tomorrow evening the two copies will be finished. Then James will discover if his computer is powerful enough to create the 900-page combined document that is desired.

while doing the technical work of spell checking and formatting Etc, most of yesterday was spent listening to Schweitzer, and the estimation that James has of Schweitzer as a soul and a contributor went from extremely high even higher. He has gone about as far as any human has toward full Humanity. Those one-in-a-million wishing to fully ignite their own soul cannot afford not to study his easily accessible materials.

And some of the time yesterday and much of it today was spent listening to Rauschenbusch, the most significant Creator through his writings of the men Martin Luther King jr. That had no interest in the profession of Christianity until in Boston University or Boston College, he read rauschenbusch, Christianity and social crisis I believe is the name.

Today some time was spent in the journey listening to some articles that have been put in a list and several were really extraordinary.

Solar RV cycling logs. June 5th. Explosions.

Multiple Revelations on today's Journey up 10 and 13% grade 4 4 miles.

Old Friends, new friends, understood For the First Time.

Is this major? I think so. It could be horrible distraction


Head spinning honor. Hello James, said the third young boy.

Generally about four hours every other day are spent downtown. James does his business, keeps to himself. On three separate occasions three different young men, maybe 12 or 13 years old, hello James. Not familiar were these greetings. Respectful, warm, serious, knowing in some way. Almost certainly they are friends and somehow have come to a favorable and wondrous opinion of James.


Solar RV cycling blog June 1st. 1, one and two, one and two and three, four?

1. recent voyages  indicate that laying down a visual profile, stripes, of power, one foot at a time. Symmetrical individual footprint. Not necessarily so in terms of power or even means of delivery. It seems that is difficult given asymeteries in what the legs wish to do. But it almost always follows fairly closely. But not exactly. And that is okay.

2. Lat those stripes down at the same speed.

3. Laying those stripes down on a  drum at the same speed, keeping the drum going at the same speed.

4. Applying tbe stripes with the pads of the feet on to the drum with the knees thighs leveraging it there.

5. It seems possible that the application of power by the knees is not necessarily required to be symmetrical through the application. What is required is that the drum be moved at precisely a constant speed.

Ignite Soul log June 1st. Continued success being a soul.

Maybe a week now James has been working with the ability to ask of himself, James, are you a body at this moment, a mind, or soul? Generally this is prompted with the body making some demand and attempt at take over

I like what you were doing. Travel safe, said the young man as he drove out of the parking lot this morning.

how are you showing the status quo the strength of your opposition?