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Solar RV cycling logs. June 5th. Explosions.

Multiple Revelations on today's Journey up 10 and 13% grade 4 4 miles.

Old Friends, new friends, understood For the First Time.

Is this major? I think so. It could be horrible distraction
from the basic groundwork laid and coming to fruition these recent weeks but I think it is substantial progress.

Several days ago there was an undiscussed extremely amazing brief period Where at relative effortlessness tremendous body output was recorded. This seems to be a thing and was played with in the journey today.

This thing is to do with leveraging the shin bone.

Enabling this is an absolute requirement that the foot and Ankle be completely limp. This so that the knee is able to get into the tightest possible synchronization and control and delivery of force that is being delivered by it to the pedal.

Assuming that this is achieved, the feet and ankles completely limp, then interference with the only real power delivery system, the thigh acting on the knee driving the shin bone, can come to its full fruition.

And counter to what certainly James has understood the full fruition is not driving the pedal directly.

If rather than driving the shin toward the pedal directly, the thigh and the knee can act to drive it slightly short of where the pedal is then there is a leveraging and sliding forward motion that seems to increase mechanical energy at the pedal quite substantially, maybe 20-30 40%. If it is true this is simply a mechanical system Advantage which does not automatically present itself but is always there to be taken advantage of.

With these several mechanical observations above some friends that have been gigantic in the past and then gone away and irrecoverable, focusing on what the knees are doing, the feet and ankles completely limp, but why, things like that all of a sudden make sense and maybe now can be held onto for a longer period Of time.

An old friend of recent weeks that was instrumental in these Revelations today was the notion that job number one before all else is delivering a stripe of energy about 6 in Long forward. It continues to seem that if that is achieved then these other amazing things will naturally begin presenting themselves if forgotten.

If there is a number two in this building block situation it is allowing the knees unimpeded access to the pedals by causing the ankles and feet to actually collapse against the force between the knees and the pedals so that they do not interfere in any way.

And then two more friends showed up, 1 old, 1 new.

First the old friend showed up, there was a brief time and it was extremely useful several years ago when there was a notion that pedaling involve straightening the leg. Yes, this other than that brief period Has never been on James mind. And unsure is James now that this will prove to be a long-term Advantage but it probably will. The mechanics of it are pretty simple, the purpose of the leg is to move the pedal to its farthest position, and straightening the leg achieves that. And it turns out it is not necessarily a conscious thing. And it seems to James that the strongest and most sustainable extension of the leg is in the final a couple of inches to coming straight.

They completely new friend showed up slightly later, the idea that, oh yes, where is the stopping point for the thigh? Well, when the thigh and the shin bone are exactly in alignment that's the endpoint.

With all of this the upstroke started to show itself as more useful than before, much more useful. Not as forceful as the extension of the leg but very complementary and supportive of that.

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