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Solar RV cycling log June 7th. More explosions.

A complete geometry has come together in this journey that seems unassailable.

Pedeling is about opening up, pressing too flat, the triangle formed by the thigh shin and an imaginary
hypotenuse. Three primary ways to do that. One. 45 degree down words press with the thigh. Two. The weight of gravity by lifting up the thigh so that it can drop down. Three. Using the muscles with the explicit purpose of opening the triangle which seems to involve the muscles on the front of the shin and on the top of the thigh.

Entirely necessary to this is surrender by the feet and ankles to be used simply as a cushion to be crushed gently and firmly and kindly into the pedals by the A4 mention three elements.

Also crucial is keeping in mind that the power mechanics is sliding, levering, the shin bone down and forward in a way described yesterday or the day before. That this provides a substantial multiplier of at least 20% and maybe 90%, a whip action even if subtle, that is a gigantic multiplier of whatever other force is applied.

Another really useful thing is being aware that the feet play and unconscious or conscious role in equalizing the pressure applied by both legs. There was an un recognized tendency for 1 ft or the other to begin to gain a rigid dity which would make the pedeling asymmetrical. With this recognized now James can adjust asymmetry by either relaxing or Angeling forward or back one foot or the other. This is really nice and probably very important.

James, yet one more totally new direction? No. New clarity. Conscious competence.

Probably all of what has just been described above explains previously unexplainable wonderful friends that have appeared and disappeared in the past years. Appeared with great gladness and performance, and disappeared and could not be retrieved because they seemed like magic, they seemed to defy all body mechanics logic. No. It was the body unconscious Lee grasping the man machine mechanics but because James could not, and because James does really poorly when he does not understand what's going on after a time, well, the rest is history.

In the last week or so James has pleaded with himself to keep it simple, to surrender to one primary objective, one six or eight inche power stripe per leg over and over. Today started out that way and secondary with recalling the wonderful mechanics of this sliding forward shin. All the rest of the above have emerged because James started with those two simple elements.

Can James retain this wisdom and humility?

Discovered the other day and mentions again here a way of helping to reinforce and implement this crucial sliding of the shin, respectfully driving of the shin to slide and accelerate forward is targeting the force of the knee not directly at the pedal put more at the limp ankles, or foot arch.

Although much has just been spoken in this log much productive study has occurred of the Tolstoy four gospel translation and several articles, including the miraculously comprehensive and insight full Chomsky article hopefully shared later tonight.

Wax on, wax off.

Oh, and with seemingly little extra effort the per hour human Watts have increased to 132 from a more typical 115, and there were substantial periods including at the end of 190 watts per hour seen with a shockingly little effort.

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