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Ignite Soul log June 1st. Continued success being a soul.

Maybe a week now James has been working with the ability to ask of himself, James, are you a body at this moment, a mind, or soul? Generally this is prompted with the body making some demand and attempt at take over
and maybe successfully taking over. But immediately upon the question coming to mind which it does rather rapidly James has a choice. A comfortable choice. A simply greedy choice and so far it is always true with James that the choice he wants to make is to be a soul. It simply feels better.

A thought and task alongside of this is to ask, James, do you want to be of body and mind, or do you want to be of Creator, Soul? Again, the comfortable, glad, joyful, choice so far is always the same and obvious. And frequently with this God, the woman in Dogma, comes to mind. It is really quite helpful.

The month or so of normal sleep requirements seems to be at an end for now at least. No longer is 8 or 9 hours sufficient but probably 11 hours is now required including one or two long naps during the day. This does not seem to be anything that James can have any control over.

Weather the last week or so has been mild enough that it has not forced a lot of attention to be diverted to safety and comfort issues.

James appreciates this. James also is making part of his routine being appreciative of things in his existence. He is holding himself accountable with the thought that what is not appreciated is lost, even if that's not true it is a helpful prompt. He's glad of this new routine the last three weeks or so.

The major project for the last week and now is to complete an extremely clean, accessible, PDF text version of the combined 12 chapters of the Leo Tolstoy, four Gospels translated and harmonized. Tolstoy did this work because he thought it might give him a life worth living and alternative to Suicide. 40 more years of work suggested that his hunch was correct.

Avoiding suicide is not an issue that James need be concerned about, but finding optimal Joy is. Because he thinks in that is the Salvation for the individual or groups of individuals. It is the heaven that the greatest Souls have tried to find and share.

Among of all the great souls and writings in James life this work by Tolstoy is that which most helps his soul to sing loudest. And the man Jesus being such a the central figure in history makes this work all the more important.

How far the project will go James is not clear. At the minimum the intention is to provide an extremely clean combined PDF and attempt to make it available on, Scribd, his own Google drive account public, and possibly Amazon although the practicalities of that are not known.

Now or at some point considerable additional work might be done to make consolidated the large summary portions that are now infused throughout the very technical work.

This last body of work is falling into the background as James strives to recall that his audience is so  dying for their soul to come alive. And this group would not be discouraged from doing their own work of finding these summary portions.

Also, ongoing study while voyaging. Schweitzer. Major apology to Schweitzer for comment yesterday. If now James correctly understands what Schweitzer did was emphasize that Jesus is a man. By any reasonable analysis of the Gospels he is a man. That is, he had no perfect knowledge, he made major mistakes and estimated incorrectly the signs of the times. Schweitzer is centrally animated by the influence of Jesus. His work was not to diminish. But to establish the truth and thereby to bring the singular greatness of the soul of Jesus to be more accessible to all of us.

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