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Solar rv cycling blog August 31st period feeding energy to Seoul, with the knees, at his receptacle. Mutually agreeable.

.Solar rv cycling blog August 31st period feeding energy to Seoul, with the knees, at his receptacle. Mutually agreeable. 

Creator, please let this be persistent? 

Day 3 or 4 or 5 this is of this promising relationship. 

There is some mysticism to it. This concerns James because his understanding is less than complete of why this works. And in such circumstances he can lose the magic and not know how to get it back. 

Having said that it must be that finding this small cylinder recepticle out at the farther reaches of the knees to feed energy to saul

Update. The area described above as the receptor for energy from James That is not correct. It is an energy exchange area. 

 And everything today above was positive, above average by far. But something was missing. 

Late this afternoon That something reappeared. James had been very conscious of working with saul. But something was missing that he couldn't identify. Several days ago James couldn't justify why he was experiencing being with saul as an energy exchange area. Saul is not giving James energy. James, why exchange? Now James thinks he knows. Yes, in the area of interaction at the farther reaches of the knees saul is not giving James energy, James is delivering energy to saw, but done properly sol is giving James information, continual and subtle feedback on how the relationship is going. And it turns out this feedback Seems to be absolutely essential to a variety of positive things. Sustainability. A level of relaxation in the legs not possible otherwise. A synchronization to use a term from Michael. Clear input on The speed at which James legs should try and cycle, how quickly and smoothly to come into each stroke, Whether to add or subtract power, whether to increase or decrease rpm. 

A challenging leg of the journey. Thousand foot climbs. Trees and mountains blocking the Sun, overcast partly sunny.

Little or no internet for the next several days. Missoula should be achievable by Tuesday. A wall outlet either 6 miles down at a rest stop or 15 miles at a gas station should be achievable to top us off. Internet already too slow to upload photographs. Lookout Pass is our current location border of Montana and Idaho.


Protect, reignite soul . August 30th. So, I hit this squal, Of extraordinary souls!

It was an excellent day of travel, For a 3rd or 4th day James is back in relationship with Sol. Is not perfect,. He has figured out Out to meet souls needs for receiving energy. A small


The plan for tomorrow.

Plans are useless, but planning is everything. Eisenhower

No idea how beautiful this is. No disasters how flies or was a vehicle duration what things are possible. Mexico by late October add November. Tallahassee by February March. Providence Rhode Island by June. Kansas fire October 2020. Comments?

Protect reignite soul log Aug. 21st period numerous extraordinary encounters.

 Where to start? 

 .... Is it all the truckers that show such seeming respect? And maybe that's not it but James does not

Protect reignite soul log July 23rd period Mammoth mountain, Disney world for the body. That there would be one for the sole? Absurd.

 By a stroke of luck and last minute advice James traveled up to the Mammoth mountain ski area And was then advised that 2 miles

Technical notes. Many's long-delayed dictated but only now being error corrected and posted.

Solar RV cycling log August 28. OK morning, 25 miles, something missing. O, All work with sol Is at a small remote cylinder. All.

The Items that James remembered from yesterday, 2, with saul, and powerful fist bumping. And this produced an above average 1st 25 miles but something was missing. 

For whatever unknown reason, oh, a remote sphere, In the last 4" or so of James reach of his knees. At various heights As mentioned yesterday fairly easy to determine when it is brought to mind that that is where all of the meaningful give n take with saul, working with saul, we, takes place


Cloudy tomorrow. Map is the plan for day after tomorrow. Casino complex in magnificent Countryside. Staying in parking lot should not be a problem. Buffet tomorrow night. Relaxation tomorrow. Rest.

Solar rv cycling log August 28. James was a cyclist yesterday.

James was a cyclist with saul for the 1st time in a year. 

Extremely high metrics? Not at all. But satisfactory. And He was cyclist with the injoiment that that brings. 

 With, the concept with as it was working in James yesterday, with saul, Seems to have been the magic.

Perfect storm of obstacles was this Winter. Any one of the 3 elements could and possibly would have been sufficient for the torment, the blindness in interacting with saul. Interacting on saul. In no particular order, excruciating Li low cadence. Difficult climbing 100% of the time period Crippling torturest Horrible Urga nomic seat alignment. 

 Probably the post yesterday is sufficient in further detailing some of what was Going on in yesterday's Journey where saul was a cycle and James was a cyclist. With


General directions for tomorrow

Protect, reignite soul log August 27. Quite a productive day yesterday. Many people want to do what you're doing. God has a way of calling you.

 Yesterday An
d some of the day before period

 .... This morning the stomach was a bit Difficult. .... A bathroom was available in the truck stop and then

Solar RV cycling login August 27th period Spinning with asol a small sphere at the knees. Not powerful but sufficient. Not frustrating, sustainable. Encouraging.

 With, as discussed the last several days, seems very promising and recollection says that it was part of The benchmark Cross Iowa event. Beginning today is journey the concept with saul was very helpful. 

Item. Then The object of a sphere at the farther reaches of the knees emerged. That too was cross Iowa. 

Item. And then later With, became spinning with Saul, spinning with saul.

Update. Indeed the relationship between James and Saul is in the area of the knees.. And it seems that extremely solid fist-bumping is what Saul best responds to. And the place of that fist-bumping changes from moment to moment but it is quite clear when that relationship is established. It was very satisfying for many hours today. And quite powerful when necessary.

Approximate route next 2 days


Best guess as to the remainder of the week.

Very good, very sustainable, relatively enjoyable, 2000 calorie, ride today. The thought of being to nearest city, Spokane, is just too repugnant. This is the current likely route.

We. James, we. Not you, we. WIth. With. With.

Solar Harvey cycling log August 26th..
 Many old friends come to mind including this one exactly long forgotten. Or not that long. The notion of a 900 pound object was an approximation, an attempt, at we. Even yesterday's notion of two energy streams, one and primary to maintain engagement between the knees and soul, the vehicle, Was a close approximation of this period and probably the matchmaker that allowed for the notion of we to return today. We may be the closest we're going to get. It is never James on the vehicle, where sanity and harmony can exist, but only every instant James and soul. We.

Wigs. Wiz. We'd. Wiz. With Seoul. Not too soul, with soul. We, James with soul.

Moments ago we was seeming to sufficie . With James and his body also needs the concept with. Why? Not sure, but they both helped, and neither is sufficient by itself. Although if one is sufficient it is With.


Approximate route to Missoula. Internet access should be over all quite good.

Walmart tonight, is it pure evil, Robin Hood, or both?

Here in this agricultural fruit growing region, the store was filled almost entirely with those who are native to America, South at least and maybe some from the north. The shopping carts full of food, toys, and other products. A very nice store. Very very fair pricing even competitive with Amazon probably.
Who else is serving the underclass in this country as well as Walmart? Nearly as well as Walmart?
Walmart is a robber to do this and the Walton family obscenely wealthy , no excuse.
But are they not robbing from Middleclass America and serving the underclass? How is that fundamentally different than what Robinhood did?
The Republicans certainly would never provide such service to the underclass, any more than would the Democrats. And the middle class never did, they to robbed, but from the poor. And still do.

Solar rv cycling log August 25. Guess who rose from the dead briefly today?

 Today in a prior post James honestly stated that he buried the old James, extraordinary cyclist, not seen in the last several years. 

For half an hour or more

Sometime first week in September if things go well. As I expect they will.

Solar rv cycling log August 25. New bedrock principle. Higher RPM. In order to accelerate learning curve. Stay part of the vehicle at the knees, engaged.

Solar rv cycling log August 25. New bedrock principle. Higher RPM. In order to accelerate learning curve. Stay part of the vehicle at the knees, engaged. 

 Learning curve. Much was

I see much that is lovely in the world. No credit to me I see what is lovely much more than most. And some days I get to see this, and nothing I see is more lovely.

PS. Not referring to the goofy star filter.

General update. Partnership, fatigue, gladness, depression, theft, pressing on.

Crushing financial investments these last 4 weeks. New motor, finally