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N.H. Retail Politics Seen as Boon to Climate Change Issue
New Hampshire's first-in-the-nation presidential primary may be as little as two months away, and it is clear that the contes...

Perry Officials Censored Climate Change Report, Mother Jones Says
Rick Perry takes Texas pride in being a climate change denier--and his administration acts accordingly.

Engineering the climate is last and scariest option, says US scientist
Yale Environment 360: The lack of international action on cutting emissions highlights need to research geoengineering further, says Jane C S Long

Global CO2 emissions at record high; extreme steps needed says new research
UK Business News, UK Financial News, Share Prices, Market News, Company news, Economy News, Global Markets, UK Politics, Business Education


Canadian firms warming to climate-change measures
Large Canadian companies see business opportunities in becoming greener, survey by Carbon Disclosure Project finds

D85 41 'When the Rapist's your dad, Country, Way-of-life, Self? Don't know, Derrick Jensen. Yet.' SL

D85+41 'Nov 16 SL's 4G Internet Ends.' SL

EU Considered 30 Euro Floor for CO2 Starting in 2013, Lobby Says - Businessweek
The European Commission considered installing a floor price in its carbon market for the third phase from 2013 to 2020 to spur clean investment, said the Carbon Markets & Investors Association.


Growing Himalayan lake a sign of climate change disaster to come
Growing Himalayan lake a sign of climate change disaster to come

Palestine ready to negotiate with Israel: Abbas
BOGOTA, Oct. 10 (Xinhua) -- Palestinian National Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said Monday that he was ready to start negotiations with Israel to reach peace in the Middle East.

Global warning: climate sceptics are winning the battle
Climate sceptics are winning the argument with the public over global warming, the world's most celebrated climate scientist, James Hansen of NASA, said in London yesterday.

D85 40 'Marching to Block Hell's Gates With My Life.' (1) SL txt youtube


The form of this march for me, to Hell's gates, to block it with my body, for as long as I can,  is to resume my zero net calorie hunger strike, taking vitamins, 0 cal electrolytes, and nothing else.  Starting at midnight last night, and staying on that until I arrive at the gates of Hell, at Death's Door,  which I expect to be election day, a year prior, so somewhere around November 3 [6th],  and then hold there by resuming maintenance calories 4 to 800  cal a day, and staying at skeleton level for as many, as many weeks, or months as I can.  It's my expectation that this the best way I can serve; this is my best chance to stop eternity's young from being stuck through Hell's gates by our criminal, disgusting, insane denial and apathy.  It's my best way to show others the level of devotion, the level of commitment that giving eternity's young a future will require.  No I have no illusions that will make any difference.  I have the certainty that it could, and that's enough.  I have a certainty that anything else I can contemplate is too little too late.  I have the certainty that any historical models that I can think of, contemporary and going back as far as forever are too little too late.  We have a window to hit, turning this upcoming election into, not so meaningless decision of who the next captain of the Titanic is,  but the successful nonviolent commandeering of the Titanic, steering it away from the carbon iceberg, the insane, disgusting,  corrupt, entirely corrupt  US fossil fuel energy policy, and steering it toward a future for our children, which is implementing somewhere in the neighborhood of 1 million wind towers on our midwest farms, and northeast, and other places in the country.   Implementing concentrated solar plants in our southwest desert, and probably most challenging because of all lthe land-rights issues, right of way issues, implementing a low loss grid, a DC grid, which can distribute this renewable energy and in the process of distributing these variable sources of energy, as they appear in a discreet location, when they're brought together on a low loss grid, which is technically a nonissue,  this grid is burried by the way, so that it is not the eyesore that today's high loss transmission lines are, that it makes the variable feature of the energy in a discreet location a nonissue because as the nationwide sources  together they cancel each other out. 

We don't have a technology problem.  We haven't had a technology problem for 15 years.  We don't have energy problem -  200 times as much sun, eight times as much wind, at least, as we need to replace every lump of coal, and every drop of oil. 

We don't have a financial problem, unless you consider it a financial problem to stop charging our children, sticking them with 80% of today's energy bill.  So when you pay $3.50 a gallon of gas at the pump, you're sticking them with $11.50.  When you pay the electricity bill, you're sticking them with three times as much cost with, every bill you pay, every day, every week, every month,  the costs are being accumulated, friends. You're sticking them with the bill.  So if you consider that a financial problem,then we have  a financial problem.   Otherwise what we have is an accounting scam problem.  The bill is going to be paid, the remediation costs are going to be paid; the implementation costs are going to be paid.  We've hit peak oil, and without question, in another 10-15 years the climate cataclysm will be so clear that we'll stop using coal, but then it will be too late to stop the tsunami, the killed her storm surge, of Arctic methane and rain forest carbon, from deluging spaceship Earth destroying it's life support systems forever, irreparably forever.  So you can stop screwing your kids, you can stop sticking them with three quarters of your energy costs,  Or you can hide bloody, criminal language such as energy tax.  The way to do in Good's eyes, in Sanity's eyes is to shift our tax dollars from income to carbon use, and the money collected from those that use more than their share of carbon is evenly distributed to all taxpayers. It is a net zero impact on your taxes,  and it will be done over the next 10, 15 years, gradually, year-by-year, so that those who want to adjust can adjust. 

I'll bet truckers were hurt in World War II; I'll bet that everyone except the God damned warlords were hurt in World War II financially, but we did it, and we were proud of do it.  We realized it was sane to do it, and we did it from our hearts, and we did it with love, and we did it with passion.   Now it's our turn; now it's my turn. 

So I anticipate the next 22 or so days to be on net 0 cal hunger strike.  I expect to have with me some bottles of Ensure, because it is not my intention to wind up incapacitated and unable to fulfill this role.  So if an emergency, a medical emergency arises then I expect to consume that so that I can continue in my work, and when I find that I am physically at deaths door, which I expect to be somewhere around 22-23 days from now, that I will take 4-6-80 cal a day, the BRAT diet of  bananas, rice, applesauce, toast sole director of so as not shock my intestines too much, my system too much, and I'll maintian the right  right with my near-dead body to block Death's door, to prevent our children from being stuffed through.  And you need to figure out how to same, or stay out of my way.  If you need help it's at my blog and secondarily at my YouTube channel.  And if you conclude as I have  that you need to take everything you have, and everything you are, and march to death's door, and block it with your body, and you exhaust the resources that are provided in this Start Loving blog, and at my YouTube Chan, then yours will be the only inquiries via Facebook or my Yahoo e-mail account,, that I'll reply to; I don't have time to play.  I don't have time to have you feel good with token efforts; I don't have time to help you feel good with your apathy, with your cowardice.  You're my brothers and sisters all but this will take everything I have, and everything I am, and I'll not wast it on those who cower on the sidelines, including my brothers and sisters of faith who have chosen to use the most courageous of all human beings as an excuse for their cowardice. Oh, armageddon is coming, there's nothing we can do; we just need to get ready.   That is so Antichrist; that is so un-Christlike.  He was the first to march his body to deaths door and to block it with his life , to Hell's gates and to block it with His life.  Love as I have loved;  it's who knows how many people that came after Him that gave us all this garbage about Armageddon, and its inevitable, and all the bull shit, not Jesus.  So if you want to be a Paulian;  if you want to be a Jamesian;  if you want to be a  Johnian fine.  But my God, find the courage to at least admit what you're doing.  You don't like what Jesus had to say, you don't the courage that he showed you don't like the selflessness that he showed.  So go be a  Paulian,  go be a Lukian, go be a Matthewian, but stop calling yourself a Christiann, my God, how Satanic, to be part of part of obscuring the greatest hope that in Gandhi's eyes, we were ever given; the life and teachings of the man, Jesus; not his bling followers up through today.


Netanyahu seeks to legalize outposts built on private Palestinian land
Instruction issued under pressure from the right in response to the state's decision to demolish several outposts built on private Palestinian land.

Israeli tank fire kills Palestinian
GAZA CITY (AFP) - A Palestinian was killed in northern Gaza near the border with Israel on Monday, the DFLP group and medics said, in circumstances disputed by the Israeli army. Adham Abu Selmiya, spokesman for Gaza's emergency services, said a man had been killed by Israeli tank fire but his body w...

Climate change not factored into companies' value, warns UN chief
Carbon finance experts told firms with high-carbon emissions must be re-evaluated by stock markets

Right Wing GOP Reporter incites Occupy D.C. riot–to write about it
A reporter for the American Spectator--who says he "infiltrated" a Washington, D.C., faction of the Occupy Wall Street protesters, "in order to mock and undermine" the demonstrators' "cause" in his magazine--claims he helped incite a riot at the National Air and Space Museum on Saturday afternoon an...

At 22, Tennessee woman is mom to 13 Ugandan children

Five years ago, Katie Davis left home to go on a one-year adventure in Africa before college.

Mitt Romney calls for INCREASE US GLOBAL RAPE! - new ‘American century’ with muscular foreign polic
Calling for a new “American century,” Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney laid out a muscular agenda for promoting U.S. interests abroad.

D85 40H 'U.S. - Columbus Gift of Extermination Perpetual.' SL

Start Loving's Warning to the Clinically Insane Population, Re: Global Warming & Endless Wars youtube

D85 40H 'Lester Brown - PLS START WALKING THE WALK of Plan B 3.0!' SL youtube

Lawmaker’s hunger strike likely to reopen Afghanistan dispute
KABUL, Afghanistan — It was the eighth day of ousted Afghan parliamentarian Simeen Barakzai’s hunger strike. Through chapped lips and in a roug

Amazon Drought Released 1.8 Billion Tons of CO2 in 2010

Photo: Stephen Messenger Last year, the parts of the Amazon rainforest experienced the worst drought on record, reducing normally flowing rivers to sun-baked stretches of dried mud and pushing the fragil ecosystem to the brink. And even more troubling


2010 Amazon drought released more carbon than India's annual emissions
The 2010 drought that affected much of the Amazon rainforest triggered the release of nearly 500 million tons of carbon (1.8 billion tons of carbon dioxide) into the atmosphere, or more than the total emissions from deforestation in the region over the period, estimates a new study published in the ...

Bleak future predicted of Alps without snow |

Extremist Jews Break into an Islamic and a Christian Cemetery in Jaffa - International Middle East M
On Friday night, a group of Jewish extremists broke into both Islamic and Christian cemeteries in the city of Jaffa, destroying them and writing anti-Arab and Muslim slogans on their walls, the Palestine News & Information Agency (WAFA) reported. The IMEMC is a media collective. We are independent ...