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James, lol. where are you biking to next once you leave Charlotte?


Ryan, current plan is West Coast the southern route. Lots of cold, but I'm hoping that there won't be much snow and ice, or too many other dangerous storms, lots of West headwind some of which are extremely dangerous, but we'll manage I think. Khanh Dam is making some more miraculous improvements including increasing battery capacity by 30%, solar capacity by 30%, so I think at 40 miles a day even in the short winter months will have enough energy even for cooking and some stretches of bad weather. You will recall I carry a thousand watt generator, but those things are so dirty that I like to use that only in an emergency and I think his enhancements may make that possible. And as you may have seen in 2 hours he totally changed the seat arrangements so that I have an adjustable back which can be inclined much more forward and for me it's a absolute game changer. I'm almost certain. After 4 years, 40,000 miles, moving the elf is just like, well, ER, riding a bike. And as to the increased battery and solar, I want this rig  to be seen by the sun trip folks unless I decide somehow impossible, or inappropriate, or unkind. This is a really serious Bridge vehicle and I'd like them to see it, I'm even thinking of finding a way to not get in the way but do some or all of the trip unofficially and that could mean a hundred miles a day at 20 or 30 miles an hour and we might have enough capacity to do that now. We'll see.

Unless Greta Thunberg leads a Global hunger strike of people, led by the Young, to the death if necessary, for a Marshall Plan caliber to rescue some livable future for the children and grandchildren of all Humanity. If so, I'll do what I can to go join that day one.

A monkey wrench in some or all of this is after 70 years of incredibly faithful service by lungs are having a lot of problems. They seem to have developed a hypersensitivity to air pollution. Even when the reports are excellent air quality I spend two hours a day coughing up crud out of my lungs. Been going on for a couple of months now. Having a telemedicine call on Tuesday maybe will shed some light on it.


"James, You are a prophet in our times... Don't give up hope James", my most sacred of sisters just wrote. James does his best work living without hope.....

 "You are a prophet in our times, James. Our sometimes, very sad times.  I understand . Believe me, I understand.  Don’t give up hope, my most beloved badger friend!  Let me know where to send some cash. Winter is coming!  And there are more of us out there. We get too busy and distracted and fail to watch out for our brother and sister."

She also wrote," you are a mess, but a great and ancient soul." I replied, takes one to know one. She replied, " haha!"

James: Actually, that's really strategically true. Takes one to know one. That's why our work is to be one as intensely as we can because it might reawaken that knowledge, that's soul, in another soul. I absolutely believe that's really our entire work. At least it will give the opportunity for joy to another individual, misery, but Joy, and if many were to wake up in time that's the only way. The rest is details.

Sister: Yep. People need models same as you see JC and Gandhi as models.  You are a model for persistence through thick or thin, rain, sleet or snow. You raised the bar, little badger!

James: Several days before what I thought would be five years in prison for being arrested at Standing Rock, James realized once and for all he has no hope. And every day since then these recent years has reaffirmed that objectively, objectively, in truth, there is no hope. Because there are not a fraction of the people with Souls still alive to use the technology that we have in abundance to save a habitable future for the children and grandchildren. There is no basis for hope.

But there is a basis for devoting every waking breath to the work of attempting to inflame one's own soul and thereby maybe ignite and or protect the soul in another. Why do so? For the joy of it, and the joy it just might restore to another soul. And if there was a way of wakening Hope beyond that, it would be down this exact path.

 And to this she added: "Yep. People need models same as you see JC and Gandhi as models.  You are a model for persistence through thick or thin, rain, sleet or snow. You raised the bar, little badger!" 

James reply: takes one to know one

When the lottery ticket gets up above 500 million I'll buy one. Last time....

 You won't believe me, but you will. When the lottery ticket gets up above 500 million I'll buy one. Last time... 

was a couple of weeks ago. In my professional life despite my unpleasantness and negative charisma I was Catalyst for some pretty important miracles. And the Heart of that always was finding one or two or three or four souls that could ignite with the vision that I saw, not my vision, of the vision that was there for anyone to see. And when that could happen we would work miracles. Without those great Souls, it doesn't matter how much money, well, it does, only evil can come of it. The soul Only Knows to attempt good. The head and the flesh only know to attempt evil. It's just how they work. Over recent years as it has been my practice to get a lottery ticket, up until this last time my thought was about projects, good projects of course, but projects. It was only this last time I realized, James, remember earlier in your life. Projects are worthless without great Souls. Think of the great Souls that you know on Earth, and simply divide the money among them. They'll attempt good with it. You're at the top of my list Diane. Greta, Bernie, Norman Finkelstein, Ilan pappe, Chris hedges, Noam Chomsky, Amira Hass, Gideon Levy, Rex Litwiller, Khanh Dam .... well, any among the living at


The thought of even a moment of socializing is torture for me. My world....

 The thought of even a moment of socializing is torture for me. My world is filled with unbearable suffering, Palestine, the hell world of your children and grandchildren, millions in prison, billions in poverty.... being separated by idle socializing for even a moment from fighting for those suffering is unbearable Agony to me. Always has been. I think it was the same for Jesus.


To my birth month well-wishers on Facebook

Yes, I am so strange. Like Temple Grandin, I feel like I am a martian born on Earth. But be that as it may, my eyes closed  here are because in my totally dark environment the best I could do to create this video was to turn the LED facing at me and it's really bright.



I have no family, and that's totally fine, and when I go want to be a burden to no one. Also well I'm going.

 When I'm gone, I'm gone. That's it. Peace. And I wish to be a disturbance to no one in any way. 0. The prospect of being otherwise is a horror to me. I hope to figure out how to do that, and maybe donating my body is a way to do that according to this article.


Most of the last couple of months have been a very dark difficult time for me. Not complaining, just acknowledging.....

Most of the last couple of months have been a very dark difficult time for me. Not complaining, just acknowledging. I suppose the agony of this imploding world has overwhelmed me and driven me into pretty substantial depression or something like that. Depression, Darkness, is very adaptive for me but very painful. But as is always the case so far after the darkness the epiphanies come. And whether it is my extraordinary progress with Sol, took the biggest leap ever yesterday afternoon, or with other major things in my life, the last couple of weeks have been very fruitful. And also I've been able to make time for articles that I have not been reading for months, and there's some really important writing that I have reposted. FYI.

The riddle of my magical freshman year solved?

 And two final segments

Who did Jesus have a relationship with? No one that I can think of. He had a relationship to everyone, a relationship of loving service, tough love. I can trace the great miseries of My Life to violating this, myself.


The mission will take me south over the next couple of months weaving along the Appalachian Trail on roads to stay away from so-called civilization and in cCreator's beauty. It may then be time to head West back to the Sierras. After Hurricane Season and before Fire season out West.


I abhor superficial superficial relationships because they're always instead of relationships soul to soul. I Think Jesus and all beings are the same. Sept 4.


Does James hate God, or hate wealth? The answer is unclear. Sept 4


James infinite blindness, slowness, and unwillingness to not understand the important things in his life.

I must avoid enabling those two think that family is their group, as best I can.

I like the messages on your vehicle, the young man said. My reply, I find I just have written on my soul the same thing that Jesus did.