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Update: Medical, Freeeezing, Soul, Sol...

 Incredibly good health. Using what I've been given seems to keep it in working order.

Becoming quite concerned regarding the hernia in my lower left groin. First manifesting itself three or four weeks ago it is at least a weekly occurrence despite exercises I'm doing. Remaining discreetly in this Lone Pine area that I like so very much, lone pine, among many other things the medical system is very helpful here. Dr Weiss at the local clinic, she is top drawer, and she's referring me to a surgical team in Bishop, the larger town about 35 mi north of here and a consultation I expect to take place within the next month. Surgery if it could be arranged would knock me out for as long as 3 weeks which is an idea that I loathe, but the onset is so regular that I am thinking that I should bite the bullet if it is offered. 

I Have learned a shocking amount about freezing cold while sleeping and mitigating that. Something had changed dramatically, a sleeping bag combination that I was very used to, all of a sudden was 20° f less able to keep me warm, especially my feet, which were freezing all night long no matter what I did. I mean, really really ice cold. Initially I was sure that having washed some sleeping bags they had somehow lost their properties, but after little reading it occurred to me that maybe I was not taking in enough calories and enough fluid. Rectifying That gave me back much of the 15 or 20°  I had lost. What an interesting lesson that was. In The general knowledge about staying warm in the open at night there are two camps, one says strip off off all your clothes for the free flow of warm air within the sleeping bag and the other says layer up. My initial thought was strip everything off, and if I neglect calories and hydration that may be the thing, but why do that? More testing over the next two three days as it gets colder, and I expect a prioritize the layering up idea and enough food and fluid. For a variety of reasons I'd rather not purchase a new warmer sleeping bag.

Wearing out my welcome is something that I dislike, familiarity breeds not only contempt but impermeability of those souls that I might otherwise help to become richer, less poor, and I would like not to become unwelcome in this area for a variety of reasons. So I don't seek to hide but I do seek out of sight out of mind. And I've discovered that over by the desert inyo mountains as opposed to the more lush the Sierra Nevada side of the valley, there is extremely little traffic, the ability to be out of sight, good internet.

One other factor is keeping me over here, as I wait for these medical situations to unfold and stabilize, and that is a weak spot that I've introduced into Sol which I could remove but it has its advantages. That is the tannu armor tire insert that protects against longer objects flattening the tire. My highest torque wheel is the rear wheel of the trike, and last week I finally put that insert. And within several days the wheel went flat, and it turns out that the valve stem had torn at the base. And I'm thinking that this insert creates a level of slippage that caused that tear. I installed a new tube and inflated it to a higher level than I was comfortable with but I want to avoid any steep climbing or descents until two new sprockets arrive which will allow me I think, everything else working properly, to shift a fair amount of torque from that rear trike wheel to the much larger much wider dual trailer wheels. Those sprockets are scheduled to arrive Thursday. It is unclear how the controllers will be able to manage that and it those might defeat what I'm hoping to achieve but we'll see. It could be an extremely important advance. A series of fortunate events caused me to think that the sprocket on those drive motors might be changed and it turns out there are several options that I have on order.

As mentioned the other day I am experimenting with something new of substantial promise, working for the delight, the joy of an all loving and knowing Creator. I don't know if the promise of that is very fleeting or if I can make it a central way of my being which is my hope. For the greatly intensified joy and effectiveness of it.

As mentioned the other day it seems to me I may be understanding finally what my religion is, being Jes'ian. And I find that my priority therefore, my most joyful priority, is to begin fleshing out what that means to me. And in doing so maybe there's someone else out there, I don't think so but maybe there's one or many that will find that they are the same, Jes'ian, without the 2022 years of ongoing adulteration, dilution, perversion.... The beginning of that was found in the bedrock of all that, the parsing out of the passages within the gospels that provide central clues to what being the man Jesus found the most joyful for creator to witness. That has been shared with you in a post only three or four down from here, and it is almost at completion that central bedrock parsing. As things unfold all this will be further published creator willing.

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