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Solar RV cycling log May 2nd. First climb this year to Whitney portal....

Not an easy day but very gratifying, very successful in that the mind was free for great learning, and the body was largely on automatic doing great work. All this do to the months of work on cycling up until now.

As mentioned in the last blog, James doesn't know s***. But has he been wasting all the time up until now? It's certain not. At the very least his old body is in quite very good shape and quite strong. But probably much much more than that. And possibly the degree of difficulty, the degree of unknown, the newness of the e-bike technology, all combined to make this a really really really really difficult complex task. What does a skier do? They stand on some boards and go down the mountain. How tough is that? And Golf, and Tennis, Etc. And yet it can take a lifetime to reach the top of ones Pursuit.

The primary occupation of the Mind today when it was turned to cycling and away from the listening, only briefly now and then, was, behave as tho this is a big heavy object that is moved mechanically. Do not allow your body to play games, and do not get sucked into games played by the electronics. Keep it real. Keep it very very simple.

Will this work tomorrow? The next day? It very well may. There is nothing in the past that seemed really helpful that is counter to this. This may be the simple fruition. To paraphrase the mass murderer Churchill, and to take liberties, the body can be counted upon to find the perfect solution, after it has exhausted all of the alternatives.

James, how about your euphoric discovery of the chainring at your knee, imaginary? Yes, it was nowhere directly in today's four hour voyage. But was it necessary to get us to this excellent Voyage today? It didn't hurt. It may have been instrumental.

Maybe not emphasized yet, several days ago in a good voyage the feet were really unhappy. It was extremely low Cadence which means each stroke has to do a lot of work. And the feet really really wanted to move forward in the shoes so that the arch of the foot was directly over the pedal. Although this is counter to most or all instruction by the experts, for the objective of this Mission which is excellent exercise moving this huge vehicle on automatic, it is not clearly a bad idea and might be a really good idea. In recent years there have been times when enormous energy was lost trying to keep the ankle feet and shins and calves limp. Having the arch directly over the pedal pretty well does this. And this was a friend many months ago. A very good friend. Having these shoes that clip into the pedal is very nice, and maybe a wonderful thing on level ground, something we have not been on in well over half of a year. But in the voyage 2 days ago and today those shoes were dispensed with and summer hiking boots lightweight, used instead so the arch could indeed be right over the pedal. Who knows what would be sacrificed in some sort of race? Who cares? There was tremendous exercise, at least 1,300 calories again today, and it was automatic! Fabulous.

$10 replacement pedals and $10 velcro straps should arrive as early as tomorrow to replace at least temporarily what is on there currently so that this new Arrangement is safer and maybe even a little bit more powerful.

In part so this can be automatic James nervous system needs a simple goal that it finds realistic and meaningful. So that it doesn't get lost in the infinite possibilities of this electrical system. And currently the form that takes is, James, keep it real and honest. Be certain that you are carrying your own weight, and at least the weight of a lightweight bicycle which James's guessing is about 20 lbs. And indeed on this 62 mile energy equivalent climb, only about 10 Mi, but the energy equivalence comes by counting a mile for each 100 feet climbed, on this long to day voyage, James indeed carried at least himself plus 20 lbs, at some times was carrying himself Plus 100 lb of Sol. Throughout this journey. And this is one of the 12 most difficult bicycle climbs in the country, some of it 12 + 13% grade.

And Sol is being pushed to extreme limits and Performing beautifully. The many many many days of fortifying the vehicle for this difficult summer of climbing, is all paying off. And because all that work is done the mind could be free for all of the productive studying that took place today.

May 2nd, ignite Soul log. Such a gratifying read today. If only we behaved like animals.

Several days ago was extremely disappointing, listening to the world leaders in the field of psychology, such a corrupt field, the only medically oriented profession to sanction torture under Bush II, the current leaders, as f****** blind as they possibly can be high Priests of the extermination of Soul, the limbic system. They don't know. They don't care. It serves their greedy cerebral cortex and hypothalamus. So who the f*** cares? It's a bloodbath.

They were not going to be the target for several days ago for reading, but what I was looking for to my surprise was not in my downloaded list. Last night or this morning that was rectified.

Primate studies. Today the book, our inner ape, Frans De Waal, was begun. And internationally recognized leader in primate studies, particularly chimpanzees and bonobos.

So helpful. Without it being his primary purpose he confirms the history of Western science that we have demonized all positive aspects of our animal nature for a variety of hideous reasons, but all toward the suicidal end of elevating the hypothalamus and cerebral cortex, Reptilian Brain and computer, to be in charge of the limbic system, the soul, the mammalian brain, to serve our deadly selfish interests.. But it has been all but complete. Vicious, Relentless, complete, to this day and Beyond.

But as a hard-bitten scientist and observer, he lays out the obvious facts to the contrary.

Why are you able to read this? Probably because your mother and or father cared more about you at times than anything else in their life. Maybe it was for reasons of selfish hypothalamus and cerebral cortex. Probably some of it, at heroic times, was their mammalian brain,  the limbic system, the soul, that for the joy of it led them in the opposite direction of pleasure, Joy, despite the material pain and sacrifice, and you are reading this now.

It does not seem that he is biased in his reporting of the research. Yes, among chimpanzees there is murder. Although I wonder why it took observers decades to see this? He raises that question. The answer is pretty obvious. Who could study the human species in today's culture for several hours and not see Murder?

Quite possibly tomorrow the graphics for the left hand side of Sol, the vehicle, will arrive and be applied. It is a very glad coincidence, some number of people, maybe a lot, will be in town for the 5 a.m. Saturday morning Marathon, super marathon, 10K, Through This Magnificent region. It is the largest or one of the largest Trail marathons in the country?

The schedule was not rearranged to be where Sol can be seen by people that are in town for this but the schedule does support that. It is very much a fishing Expedition where the waters are totally Uncharted and it is unknown if or where there are fish in the water.

A project was begun several days ago to analyze the view and understanding that James has as to who throughout history are the preeminent LSGIA Being. a spreadsheet has now been begun and completed with all of the names identified at the site of this name, and roughly a quarter of the 70-plus names have been evaluated according to 5 Criterion, Joy driven, soul in charge, cerebral cortex and hypothalamus not in charge, not pleasure driven. Although the analysis is not as biased as the shorthand terms just provided indicate. There is nothing precise about this however it will certainly be useful to James and a responsibility of James to do the best he can do more specifically identify in some sort of ranked fashion Who are the exemplars of what his life is dedicated to ignite. He is finding that these five categories which have been a lifelong hunch of his do correlate highly with those individuals, in many cases, the James has considered the Pinnacle of fully actualized, not murdered, Child come to adulthood. And he is surprised at some of the names that he reveres that do not rate quite as highly, and upon reflection this make sense to him. The point is not, of this exercise, to determine who has been helpful to humanity, who has tried. But who most exemplifies, and therefore provides the example to others, of being a preeminent LSGIA Being.

Fact, the way, the only way, your head and flesh rules your life, is by destroying your soul, your limbic system. Can't happen any other way. And our culture is all about making that happen.

Fact, the way, the only way, your head and flesh rules your life, is by destroying your soul, your limbic system. Can't happen any other way. And our culture is all about making that happen.

"When a bonobo named Kuni saw a starling hit the glass of her enclosure at the Twycross Zoo in Great Britain, she went to comfort it. Picking up the stunned bird, Kuni gently set it on its feet. When.... *

Truly remarkable is the bonobo, a little-known ape that is as close to us genetically as the chimpanzee. When a bonobo named Kuni saw a starling hit the glass of her enclosure at the Twycross Zoo in Great Britain, she went to comfort it. Picking up the stunned bird, Kuni gently set it on its feet. When it failed to move, she threw it a little, but the bird just fluttered. With the starling in hand, Kuni then climbed to the top of the tallest tree, wrapping her legs around the trunk so that she had both hands free to hold the bird. She carefully unfolded its wings and spread them wide, holding one wing between the fingers of each hand, before sending the bird like a little toy airplane out toward the barrier of her enclosure. But the bird fell short of freedom and landed on the bank of the moat. Kuni climbed down and stood watch over the starling for a long time, protecting it against a curious juvenile. By the end of the day, the recovered bird had flown off safely.The way Kuni handled this bird was unlike anything she would have done to aid another ape. Instead 


Solar rv cycling log April 30th. Houston, James doesn't know s***.

Major message. James doesn't know s***! Is there anything to know about cycling? Does James know everything except what there is to know about cycling? He doesn't know. It's okay. He's having a nice evening. Getting lots of exercise. Lots of good study. But he doesn't know anything about f****** cycling. Is there anything to know? 1350 cal.

It's not so much thar everything extolled in blogs over recent weeks in months is worthless. But by this point that James has rather different things in mind than that in those logs is insane! Absurd! A fact!

Tonight there are some useful things in mind!

The most essential machine in the picture, the only one that James can control, is his own body. The man machine interface is important, but nothing is more important than the human part of it. The only part that he can control.

The most significant thought tonight is not unlike the last two logs, somehow staying in intimate contact every second with the mechanical heavy object vehicle. To avoid anything, possibly the electrical system wants to mask or interfere or allow cheating out of that  intimate relationship.

Moving the feet forward in the shoes so that the pedal is more under the arch of the foot seems to be really important to all this. And that was a really good old friend before but long forgotten.

Leg trust. Everything is leg trusts? Everything is leg trust. Thighs.

Maintaining Constant back pressure from the vehicle on the thighs seems very important. Either throttling back on the motor ratio or forward on the gear ratio or peeling faster is extremely helpful it seems to maintaining that constant real intimacy with the weight of the vehicle and the mechanics of moving it. This relationship is so in powering of the body and so freeing of the mind.

Warning! The gear at the knee is nowhere to be found. In James thinking on this or the last two voyage is. Is it something of great value that is lost? Was it in necessary stepping stone to arrive at tonight's insights? Stay tuned James.

Ignite soul log April 30. Psychology, the leaders, criminal Lee blind. Gardner, Seligman. Totally blind.

Ignite soul log April 30. Psychology, the leaders, criminal Lee blind. Gardner,  Seligman. Totally blind.

Began listening tonight with some anticipation to the books flourish, Martin Seligman, head of the American psychological Association recently, and Howard Gardner, long ago credited with naming the 8th intelligence is? Began listening to his book truth, goodness, and beauty.

What f****** Travis tease. All the flowery b******* from the academic happiness circles, the greatest book ever written, the most important book, and of course the authors of similar books similarly important. And the world burns.

Infuriated at them, I am NOT. Horrified at this toxic garbage that they spew.

Not Jesus, but some wise followers said, something about the blind leading the blind. Oh my god not two limbic neurons between them. Cerebral cortex preaching cerebral cortex. It is absolutely a Travis D.

So why does James mention this? Self agrandisement ? Belittling others? Trying to put a warning on the poison bottle. So it's not taken. They are poison.

Since it's inception psychology, has been the back up to the priests and preachers who emprison and slave and kill the soul so that docile head and flesh could be used by what now is in its pinnacle the corporate state.

There have been some Giants in psychology. Alfred Adler. Abraham Maslow. Victor Frankel. Are they mentioned? Probably not.

Great leap Forward in the mission. New graphics on the right side and rear tailgate of Sol . All this with a sense of great glad this. The horrible distraction of the technology graphics removed, the inviting or disuading graphics of the soul taking their place. Great step forward.

Considerably less expensive than anticipated. Left hand side graphics designed and ordered as soon as tomorrow.

The greatest mass murderer is the church, murdering the living soul in this life, for the lie of a living Soul after this life. Atrocity. Genocide.

The greatest mass murderer is the church, murdering the living soul in this life, for the lie of a living Soul after this life. Atrocity. Genocide.


Part 2. Solar RV cycling April 29th. Unbelievable breakthrough.

Tremendous amounts of time have been spent these recent weeks in anticipation of frequently in coming months climbing the terrible last for my up to the Mount Whitney portal multiple times per week. Ongoing improvements and preventive maintenance have gone into Sol, the vehicle, and particular attention and energies have been invested by James in his cycling abilities. There is little room for error on this dangerous climb.

It continues to seem that the Breakthrough reported in the last two logs is indeed extraordinary. Totally unanticipated and an extraordinary breakthrough.

Avoiding the teasing by the electronic system into being divorced from the actual mechanics physically of moving the vehicle is a stunningly important insight.

It appears that as much as 20% of both human and electrical energy has been wasted chasing these false signals. Every cycle, every mile, every hundred feet, every day, Every stroke. So frustrating. Congratulations body and soul for not giving up on the search for truth! Seriously.

So in addition to a much more  automatic achievable process that frees the mind for study and Frees the body of really agonizing frustration, dramatically improved efficiency appears to be another gigantic benefit!

Overheating! May no longer be a serious thing. We are currently pedaling at 1.2 miles an hour up one of the 12 most difficult cycling climbs in the United States! And on one motor for reasons that need not be discussed right now, on one motor we are able to do the climb at that speed with James carrying his own weight plus about 20 pounds to be fair. So is carrying the rest.

And because of this new realization, avoiding being played with by the Electric System, and therefore less power required, it seems that there is barely any heating of the motor going on! In the scheme of things this latter point is not a game changer. But it is a Holy Grail that experimentation including trying different controllers and motor combinations has been out of reach, up until now! And here it seems to be.

Should it have taken months or years to arrive at all this? I really don't know. Certainly not if James had been a full-time engineer and test pilot on these products. But he has not. He is a physician of the Soul paying as little attention to these other issues as he possibly can.

Pt. 1.Solar RV cycling log April 29th. F****** fascinating morning. Game-changing? Maybe.

The Revelation last night was that there is a layer between James and the physics of this machine, the electrical drive and its unique characteristics. This is not a slam on the electronics. But it is eye opening for James. Long ago he recalled this but it presents itself quite differently when all of his exertions are in severe climbing, a wonderful thing, but a different game itself.
As James should know by now and anyone following these logs, this is quite a rabbit hole trying to figure out how the body can achieve the clarity it wants in moving this vehicle. Maybe last night and this morning are not game-changing. But there is a substantial chance that they are a ganttic step forward.
This body and the soul of James, too, love truth and will pay almost any price to get close to it. It is a central yearning of the Soul.
There are capacities to tune the electronic system of this vehicle which James has thought little about and changed just a little about overtime. Overtime now he will probably try to learn more.
But even without doing so given the revelation of last night it seems that this morning James is dramatically more able to avoid being sucked in by the teasing that the electrical system does to cheat. This system is extremely responsive but not perfectly so. So on the most powerful part of the stroke it seems to have a orientation to take the Q and to sustain the power beyond what was actually delivered by the legs for a brief period in time. This disguises the reality of the physical movement of the vehicle. And in a way it entices the body to cheat, to find the way to trigger the motor to do that additional 'free' propulsion. Now, it does not cheat on the journey, but on the individual stroke which actually is tremendously frustrating and fatiguing to the body in hindsight, over the course of the journey. Profoundly inefficient.
If this all proves to be true this is a gigantic breakthrough. If this turns out to be correct it could be a gigantic  Monumental, simplification of the whole puzzle that James body is trying to solve. The primary importance is freeing James mind and soul to focus on study, listening to articles and books as he travels. It is desired that the whole process of moving the vehicle become automatic. This may be huge.
James has been struggling mightily in recent days to find an optimal seat positioning. Some or most of the urgency of this may well be a result of being fooled by the overly creative electronic system. This morning with relatively an acute awareness of this without optimizing the seating from last night, the body is much much much much much much more settled and less frustrated.
Other fun Revelations this morning.
James is remembering that he has a heater that is extremely versatile and responsive. The pictures indicate that the weather is not the typical sunny weather here. It's raining periodically. Not hard. And it is damp and chilly. All of a sudden James remembered, he has a heater. At this particular moment it was about 30 minutes of climbing which could have been continued but then the human motor would even overheat. Why do that? Stop, write, study, cool down, then repeat. Pretty fabulous.
Very regularly people ask, does it have doors? Understandable question but silly at a deeper level. This is a bicycle. It is not trying to be other than a bicycle. The cross ventilation is absolutely essential to the human motor not overheating. As to rain, if and when the vehicle can be pointed into the rain it is very Sheltering of the human motor.
Oh, and having the feet pushed way forward in the shoes so that the pedal is under the ball of the foot is a long long long long forgotten friend that helps avoid triggering the Shins and ankles and feet into frustrating energy-wasting gyrations.

Solar RV cycling April 28th. Oh, the electric power drive adds severe complexity.

Just last night James more clearly realized that the electronic drive substantially masks the biomechanics of the human machine interface. Not a complaint. It is a marvelous technology. Look at what it has made possible? But it provides a massive obstacle to the body to find out what's really happening with the vehicle, and thereby how to best move it. In part because it is so subtle.

This may be a key to why the final 20% of many Journeys is the best biomechanic performance. The body has had time to feel through the subtlety, and often the final part of the journey is the steepest and that tends to bring the body and the physical machine closer together and less separated by the behavior of the electronics.

Note to James, by the end of last night's Journey, Only 700 calories, James was working to get past this Electronics disguised barrier. That seems like a good thing.

James also struggled a lot with trying to remove the physical distance between the end of his knees and the mechanical end of the stroke. A physical limitation in the seat design was discovered that allows further adjustment slightly downward. That could be rectified. First an attempt will be made to slide the seat a bit more forward and see if that is sufficient.

Millions want to b****, moan, rant, rave against the symptoms. No one cares to develop, be, the Cure.

Hmmm. Soul. Someone should have thought of this, before now. "It's time for a change," he responded. "It's not......

Hmmm. Soul. Someone should have thought of this, before now.  "It's time for a change," he responded. "It's not just anti-Semitism. It's all type of bigotry. We have lost our soul." Maybe some people should start getting f****** serious about igniting Souls, beginning with their own. I mean, they could even pretend it's a matter of life and death. Just a thought.


The mission is now harvesting its own water!

Lone Pine Creek runs from Mount Whitney down to Lone Pine. Beautiful mountain creek. The creek has cut down quite deep in almost every accessible place. Last night James secured from a very nice local mountaineering shop, a filtration system, microorganisms, with a very suitable 6L bag Arrangement which he casts into the water making access possible even with the very steep steep embankments. James Soul values freedom from the corporate state. It's just one more step. Very gratifying. As he gains his stride it also might slightly reduce the amount of weight carried up these many thousand foot climbs.

Thoughtful input? Now would be a good time. Prospective graphic left hand side.

I took my own medicine, best there is. On the mend? Agony done?

Beyond belief how much better last night was and therefore this morning. Beyond belief.
James was a highly trained, extremely competent back care specialist in the 2002 and 2005 timeframe. Created and ran  the most successful new Back Store in the country. National franchise.
James had some back issues and neck issues at the time which he treated with the principles in this must-read, must read, must-read, must read, must read book.

Everything I sold, everything I advised, everyone I helped, was because of the simple counterintuitive proven principles in this book. If you have a back, and you do not read this and deeply work through and internalize the body mechanics issues, well, you totally deserve the pain that you will have. I hope that you read and internalize.

Up to $10,000 beds, up to $6,000 recliners, up to $10,000 massage chairs, and other very expensive products were sold by James, along with this several dollar book, and products in between, and people were dramatically dramatically dramatically dramatically helped, and much much much much pain prevented.

I'm tired of trying to do people's work for them, and then they never do take advantage. It is a disservice to the clients I'm trying to help, and the people that ignore. Enabling. Point being, there are three or four principles that I could summarize for you, but I will not do so unless you do your homework with this book. If you do so and then contact me I will be delighted to help provide the summary.

Anyway, last night was almost back to normal which is unbelievable after the nights before. This due to the awkward vertical lift on the vehicle that James had to execute to right the overturned vehicle. It has been agony at night and in the morning until the back settled.
Last night at zero cost James fabricated one of the products that he used to sell, well, really multiple products, multi thousand-dollar beds might do the same thing. James did the same at no cost. Took less than 90 seconds. And it transformed to the situation. The back is still tender, and maybe that's a good thing, James is learning some lessons, further lessons, about posture.