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May 2nd, ignite Soul log. Such a gratifying read today. If only we behaved like animals.

Several days ago was extremely disappointing, listening to the world leaders in the field of psychology, such a corrupt field, the only medically oriented profession to sanction torture under Bush II, the current leaders, as f****** blind as they possibly can be high Priests of the extermination of Soul, the limbic system. They don't know. They don't care. It serves their greedy cerebral cortex and hypothalamus. So who the f*** cares? It's a bloodbath.

They were not going to be the target for several days ago for reading, but what I was looking for to my surprise was not in my downloaded list. Last night or this morning that was rectified.

Primate studies. Today the book, our inner ape, Frans De Waal, was begun. And internationally recognized leader in primate studies, particularly chimpanzees and bonobos.

So helpful. Without it being his primary purpose he confirms the history of Western science that we have demonized all positive aspects of our animal nature for a variety of hideous reasons, but all toward the suicidal end of elevating the hypothalamus and cerebral cortex, Reptilian Brain and computer, to be in charge of the limbic system, the soul, the mammalian brain, to serve our deadly selfish interests.. But it has been all but complete. Vicious, Relentless, complete, to this day and Beyond.

But as a hard-bitten scientist and observer, he lays out the obvious facts to the contrary.

Why are you able to read this? Probably because your mother and or father cared more about you at times than anything else in their life. Maybe it was for reasons of selfish hypothalamus and cerebral cortex. Probably some of it, at heroic times, was their mammalian brain,  the limbic system, the soul, that for the joy of it led them in the opposite direction of pleasure, Joy, despite the material pain and sacrifice, and you are reading this now.

It does not seem that he is biased in his reporting of the research. Yes, among chimpanzees there is murder. Although I wonder why it took observers decades to see this? He raises that question. The answer is pretty obvious. Who could study the human species in today's culture for several hours and not see Murder?

Quite possibly tomorrow the graphics for the left hand side of Sol, the vehicle, will arrive and be applied. It is a very glad coincidence, some number of people, maybe a lot, will be in town for the 5 a.m. Saturday morning Marathon, super marathon, 10K, Through This Magnificent region. It is the largest or one of the largest Trail marathons in the country?

The schedule was not rearranged to be where Sol can be seen by people that are in town for this but the schedule does support that. It is very much a fishing Expedition where the waters are totally Uncharted and it is unknown if or where there are fish in the water.

A project was begun several days ago to analyze the view and understanding that James has as to who throughout history are the preeminent LSGIA Being. a spreadsheet has now been begun and completed with all of the names identified at the site of this name, and roughly a quarter of the 70-plus names have been evaluated according to 5 Criterion, Joy driven, soul in charge, cerebral cortex and hypothalamus not in charge, not pleasure driven. Although the analysis is not as biased as the shorthand terms just provided indicate. There is nothing precise about this however it will certainly be useful to James and a responsibility of James to do the best he can do more specifically identify in some sort of ranked fashion Who are the exemplars of what his life is dedicated to ignite. He is finding that these five categories which have been a lifelong hunch of his do correlate highly with those individuals, in many cases, the James has considered the Pinnacle of fully actualized, not murdered, Child come to adulthood. And he is surprised at some of the names that he reveres that do not rate quite as highly, and upon reflection this make sense to him. The point is not, of this exercise, to determine who has been helpful to humanity, who has tried. But who most exemplifies, and therefore provides the example to others, of being a preeminent LSGIA Being.

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