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Treatment. Never ever thought of it this way before. Have you?.... >>>

Treatment. Never ever thought of it this way before. Have you?

Sure I personally have had the experience personally and observing others, how is so-and-so being treated by me or by others. You too, correct?

But last night something dramatically new and somewhat hopeful by way of being potentially very enlightening for me.

On a beautiful evening at the base of Mount Whitney in this Campground, peaceful, quite a few people taking advantage of holiday freedom. But quiet as is appropriate for such a magnificent Campground.

And then not. This extremely high tech RV pulls in, lights that almost turned the campground into a city block they were so bright. Generator blaring to power the thing hour after hour. What the f*? Pave paradise put up a parking lot.

Well I'm not ashamed of the thoughts that I had and they were not charitable. What the f
* is wrong with these people? What pigs. How blind.

Again, I'm not ashamed of those thoughts. I think they're Fair. But I was also aware that there is no hope in those thoughts of mine.

For reasons I cannot recall the notion of treatment came to my mind. Spoiler alert at no point did I contemplate taking action and I didn't. Constructive or unconstructive.

But this really useful thought entered my mind for the first time in my life I'm quite sure.

What is the treatment for cancer? Frequently it is chemo, radiation, and the like. Correct? What is treatment for a sprained ankle? What is treatment for a broken leg? What is treatment for various diseases? Well, I'm not an expert in this but you and I both know that there are well-defined treatments for constructively dealing with such situations.

A new way of thinking popped into my mind maybe when I considered what was the treatment that this individual or individuals receive probably throughout their life that would create such deadness to the magnificent's around them, such inappropriate pathological Behavior? And of course the answer is the treatment that they've received probably their whole lives is the administration of stuff which has addicted them and crowded meaning and joy out of their lives. There's the remotest chance this is not the case but I'm okay with that. Almost certainly it is the case.

What is the treatment that could bring to life the dead Humanity, the dead Soul, the dead limbic system with them that otherwise would be reverencing the Magnificence of this campground at the foot of Mount Whitney?

That's the kind of treatment I need to be as well as I possibly can. For this individual? It seems clear to me that such an individual will forever be beyond my reach.

But I can't escape being treatment. Nor can you. We are treatment for the world, for ill, or for good. And this is a new way for me to understand the task ahead of me, to be as constructive and potent a treatment as possible, for the good of the individual and of creation.


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Frustrating and hurtful this nice man finds me, or, our interactions..... >>>

Frustrating and hurtful this nice man finds me, or, our interactions.

There are few people that are drawn to interacting with me and of that tiny population this man's hurt and frustration is pretty typical.

Some thoughts occur to me on this this morning that seemed worth capturing here. Some of it I've written before, but much of it is new Clarity and I'm grateful to this man for speaking clearly and honestly to me.

It is never my intention to hurt or frustrate, but rarely if ever is avoiding that my purpose either. Knowing the possibility if not likelihood, rarely if ever do I seek to draw people into engagement with me. Drawing people into engagement with me is left to creator, whatever creator is.

Notice. Anyone that reads this and considers the following seriously will know that they've done so because it will cross their mind that I am stark raving mad. It will at least cross their mind. Seriously.

In a way I suppose I'm called to be a tour guide, or, an Expedition leader. And a ragingly unsuccessful one at that. But in fiction so were characters like Yoda and obi-wan. And were Buddha, Confucius, Jesus alive today they would consider themselves the same, ragingly unsuccessful tour guides, Expedition leaders.

Oh, they have gigantic fan clubs, but virtually no followers, no joiners, no folk standing alongside them or even trying to go beyond. No one envies them which is all they would have wanted.

The shirt worn by me says, I serve alongside this outsider soul and it has a cross indicating that the soul is the person Jesus. Not long ago a person identified them self to me, very friendly, as a pastor, a Baptist pastor. I was reading your shirt, he said. I serve him too!.

But the shirt very definitely does not say anything about serving Jesus, but rather serving alongside, two profoundly different things. I didn't cite how Jesus told the so-called apostles that they had become friends, brothers, not servants.

Pathologically, we want to be fans, We want to be fans, we want to follow whatever that means, but we want not to stand alongside, let alone, go beyond, with all of our might!

Projection is one of the major mechanisms that we unconsciously use to protect ourselves from the frightening task of coming along side such people. We're terrified of the self measurement that that would bring on sadly never knowing that life and growth only would come about in that way.

This brilliant post came across my Facebook feed yesterday. The same idea regarding Buddha was in the very brief study I made of him several decades ago.

He was possessed by the same Madness, the same Insanity, LOL, that possessed Jesus, Confucius, and others of their ilk. And me. All experienced that they encountered what would save the world, but more importantly, what was Heaven itself on Earth. Optimal Human Experience. The most enviable way of being. The most gratifying way of being.

And no one can see it. We twist ourselves into knots using projection to convince ourselves that the immature selfishness that our culture invokes in us is what they tried to lead us to, or, that that immature selfishness and its associated pleasures is the best we can do until life after this one.

As the subject of fan clubs they have been wildly successful! As the tour guides, the expedition leaders, that they gave their lives to be, they have been total failures. Like me.

And as for me, Expect nothing other than this from me. Ask nothing other than this from me. As absurd as it must seem, I wrote yesterday of the depression I frequently feel, I experience my quality of life as more enviable than anything I see elsewhere on earth. My mission, my soul purpose, is to become a better and better tour guide exactly to that. And rarely, and less and less everyday, will I feed into the projection of others that I really think there are alternatives. I don't.

Ignore me. Detach from me. Disagree with me. But don't expect that I'm going to depart from my mission, and to, for whatever good reason, help people feel good about the alternative ways of being that they have selected. It's not going to happen. I'm not going to lie.

Article : Trump has a few weeks before the Democrats take control of the House. This may give him enough time to carry out his constitutional coup and consolidate power. Our decayed democratic institutions, including a corporate press that has rendered the working class and the poor invisible and serves as an apologist for corporate power, are detested by many Trump Republicans. Trump can rally his cultish supporters, hermetically sealed in their non-reality-based belief system, to attack and demolish the last of our democratic protections. “We have a tremendous dearth of readiness by major constituencies such as civic groups, the legal profession, the business community and academia to deal with someone who misuses his authority, power and resources,” Nader warned. “Nobody knows how to do it more precisely, relentlessly, strategically and tactically than the cunning Donald J. Trump.”....