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I feel a very very deep connection, identification, reverence and affection for this fellow that mauled my finger yesterday, and would....

I feel a very very deep connection, identification, reverence and affection for this fellow that mauled my finger yesterday, and would have gladly killed me along with his three companions. He looked like this. There was no malice evident on his face whatsoever. There was Devotion to duty, Devotion to what he had been taught was the right and Noble thing to do. It was clear he would joyfully pay whatever personal price was required to fulfill his mission. He was exhausted running alongside this vehicle for miles. Many times I bashed him in the face with a heavy coffee mug before it fell out of my hands. It didn't faze him in the least. He had a mission to do. Any more than his mauling my finger phased me. I have a mission to complete. From my rearview mirror I think the car that saved me, the truck, that peeled them off the side of my vehicle rather than doing a head-on with me, I heard a thud and I think one of these dogs was hit and I think I saw it lying on the side of the road and only three of them running away. I hope it was this fella. He's been so tortured, may he rest in peace. Respect, cousin.💚💚💚


FB DIALOG: Regarding Rape - Ladies, want to blame, or what to stop it? You have a role to play. You want your denial? Or you want it to stop?

Loving's FB Post, on top of the link to the article:  THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR RAPE. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR RAPE. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR RAPE......................... HOWEVER!!!!!......There is no excuse for my child doing drugs. But ya know what? I'm gunna do all I can to keep the temptation of drugs away from him. There is no excuse for my child being mugged for his money. But, ya know what? I'm gunna teach him to carry it in his pocket, and not flash it around the neighborhood. WOULDN'T YOU???????

This article (link) has great advice. AND WOMEN (and men) NEED TO HEED IT, AND DO IT, AND STOP DOING THE OPPOSITE!!!!:

2. Teach young men to see YOU, WOMAN, your humanity, instead of seeing YOU as sexual objects for male pleasure. STOP TEACHING THE OPPOSITE IN HOW YOU DRESS, TALK, AND ACT!!!!;

3. Teach young men how to express healthy masculinity. YES, women, do that. (And rape is NOT about power, any more than drinking scotch is about hydrating, or shooting heroine is about your health. IT IS ABOUT GETTING HIGH. WTF.

Rape is not going to stop based on lying about this stuff. STOP IT. You (the public 'you') wanna hate me over this? I'm totally fine with that.
 5 Ways We Can Teach Men Not to Rape
 Comments, Dialog, on FB:
  • Cathy:   This is bullshit! Rape is not about how women dress or act. Rape is about MEN WHO RAPE!
  • Start Loving Cathy, by virtue of this fine article you are patently incorrect. Central to the article is that men, starting with boys, ARE TAUGHT. Women don't have a role in that? Positive and or Negative. That is patently absurd. Do women want rape to stop? Seems not. They want it to stop on absurd terms. I'll not be a coward and repeat what is in bold, multiple times at the top of my post on this.
  • Cathy: Your interpretation of this article is incorrect, Start, as is your understanding of rape, which you claim in not about power. Rape is about ABSOLUTE POWER in the form of ASSAULT. It is not SEX. And while I am horrified with what young girls are wearing or not wearing, that is not an invitation to be drugged, attacked violently and/or be subjected to disease and possible death. The article does not suggest that what women are wearing is a factor... that is only in your comments. Women in burqas get raped. Of course women have to teach boys to respect women as should their FATHERS. That's a much bigger picture and longer discussion. Here's any easy thing for women and men to say to their sons: DO NOT RAPE ANYONE! You "liked" this post so I will post it again:
    (M) 100% accurate.

    Posted on the Being Liberal fan page.

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  • Cathy: And, why do you keep inviting people to hate you? Is that what disagreeing looks like to you?
  • Start Loving My interpretation of this article is that it is substantially about education. I agree. None of us can escape educating others - the only variables are subject matter, direction and degree. With no waking breath of our lives can we escape it. I am unconditional in my opposition to rape. I want it to stop. You are conditional in your opposition - you are opposed to it happening, but any role that female behavior has in it is off the table for discussion, consideration. Ok. Not so for me. And if you tell me you would not advise your son to keep his money in his pocket, rather than in his hand, flashing it around, as he walks to school, on the basis that NO ONE SHOULD ROB MY SON, well, then you are consistent in what you are arguing to me here, somewhat. Women that dress like sex objects, talk like sex objects, act like sex objects, are among the 'teachers' of men as how to view them. This is indisputable. The article correctly attests to the fact that what men are taught influences what they will do. This cannot be disputed based on any fact based dimension. It cannot. As to whether it is an act of power, or as I say, to get high, well, if you want to argue, or view, that a crack addict murdering to get a fix is an act of power, well, then you are at least consistent in your argument / attack on me (not my views, so much, but the fact that I've dared to express them.) As to "inviting" folks to hate me? I do not invite it. I acknowledge it, as an emphasis on how important it is to women's safety, in this case, enough so that I'm willing do draw hate (which so far I have on this, from two I considered good friends), a price I'm willing to pay on such an important issue, and now have. And I have zero regrets. My opposition to Rape is unconditional, unlike pretty much everyone else, from what I can see.
  • Cathy: I have said that I hate it when girls and women dress like "sluts" and I agree that it doesn't teach boys respect. I do agree that we should teach them that there are potential consequences to their behavior, as with boys flashing money around, however, there is a difference between attracting attention and inviting violence. This seems to be where we disagree although we do not disagree that there is no excuse for rape. Finally, when you say, "You (the public 'you') wanna hate me over this? I'm totally fine with that." That sounds like an invitation to me, but I do not accept the invitation and never will. —Your sister, whether you like it or not!
  • Start Loving I am profoundly pleased with the return of our dialog to one of mutual respect (it seems to me), and therefore, with the prospect of mutually pursuing constructive Truth (that which Gandhi said was the one thing worth dying for, instantly, if need be, as the basis for ALL HOPE. I agree with Gandhi, as did my ultimate heroes, sheroes, of unviolent action - Alice Paul and her sisters for whom pressing the Truth had zero price that was too high for them to pay. You've seen Iron Jawed Angels, read, A Women's Crusade, read IRON JAWED ANGELS, etc? Makes even Gandhi and his soldiers look like cub scouts. Breathtaking humanity.) If you ever find, observe, know of anything less from me, than RESPECT, ever, under any circumstances, you will know me to be a fraud. There is never, under any circumstances, an 'excuse' for rape, sons being robbed, people being killed for a heroine fix.... Period. But NOT the end of conversation, as we seem now to maybe be able to consider. I don't want my son raised on a block with bars, liquor stores, drug dealers, pimps, prostitutes, gangsters, investment bankers, the uber rich..., all for the same reason - it is all educative in a deadly, Soul destroying way, and it is immediate, proximate, temptation, invitation (express, implied or intended or not), and risk. If in the context of any of these intolerable things, "there is a difference between attracting attention and inviting violence," I can't see it. I don't want my son flashing those bills, regardless of which it invokes, attention or invitation to violence, in an observer, because they both increase the inexcusable likelihood of him being mugged. Your brother, unconditionally, forever, no matter what, Loving (what I go by)
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    Start Loving Also, as to Sheroes, if you've not read Diane Wilson's An Unreasonable Woman, you've deprived yourself of knowing one of our only living Sheroes of the caliber of Alice Paul and her sisters. Here's a taste, but read the book -
    "Diane Wilson - Texas Gold", a playlist created by robb1031



vlog 'Family's NOT biological. Family is Being, how you are, inside, and therefore toward others.' L

[I mis-spoke mid vid - "Synonyms" of Loving, not "Symptoms " - Partnership, Family, Solidarity, Helping, Respect.... Cancer in the brain now, or just Brain Cramp? LOL. Tho, symptoms, too] .


Loving's Endgame. Letter to Police, Secret Service, other Officers, Med. Personnel, Legal, Psychiatrists, etc.

Loving's Endgame. Letter to Police, Secret Service, other Officers, Medical Personnel, Legal, etc.

I don't know if you'll see the following letter (maybe here online, I hope), and I'll offer one in the next day or so to the Secret Service;, but I'll have it on me, as prominently available as I can.  If it is lost, or removed from me, well, I've done the best I can with this to respect, cooperate, and inform you.

1. DNR.  I have on me a Do Not Resuscitate order, created and signed by me 04.07.13, of sound body, well, somewhat starved, and sound mind, as is clear from my voluminous work, writings at my blogs, video logs at my blogs - unmistakably sound and sane.  Morally, and legally, my DNR should be observed.

If you have any compassion for me, you will comply with my DNR.  If you do not, it will mean I spend months or years, until I expire of old age, or the cancer in my liver, restrained (cuz that's what they'd have to do to feed me, and give me liquids), and force fed - living Hell for me, living Torture.  Is that really what you want to do to me?  Why? Please, observe the DNR.

2. Fast from all Calories, and more recently, from any and All Liquids. I've abstained from all calories since Good Friday, in honor of, and inspired by, my Cherished, Beloved Mentor, Jesus, and since on or before 04.14.13 I've taken zero liquids in my attempt, which is in line with the best, most successful unviolent change efforts in history (Google 'Start Loving,' for my blog), to avert the greatest global mass destruction ever perpetrated by human kind, exceeded only by Noah's Flood - Ecocide due to the insane Global Warming from prostituting our kid's to the fossil fuel industry.

3. Vow of Silence. NO DISRESPECT TO YOU! You in the Secret Service, and many in the Park Police know that I Love you guys, your professionalism, courage, humanity, duty, compassion more than all but maybe, maybe, three groups I've worked with, led, in industry, in my life; oh, :-), not more than my klan in Philadelphia.  One of the great Joys, Blessings, Treasures, Privilages in my life has been to watch, admire, and know you.   Oh, and the med personnel that have helped me, at Unity Health care (Doc Cardile and staff), Christ House, Howard U, Craig Keller in Homeless Services for the City...?  They know of my undying, unconditional Love and Respect for them.)

But, as part of this campaign I'm operating under a vow of silence, in a last desperate attempt to awaken the cold, dead, Soul of America, in time, in service of our current children, and the next 200 billion on earth.  The silence has been broken only rarely in the clear service of our children, or, well, to quickly help a homeless person that I can help with a few words, or a tourist, or in a shop when I was purchasing a zero calorie drink....  But by the time you find me incapacitated, I'll not break it again - I can only see how that would defeat my attempt to 'bunker buster' our all but dead Soul.

The intelligentsia (my insane brothers and sisters on the left, in pathological denial of their duty to personally risk, act, sacrifice, even in unviolent action to die), and my insane brothers and sisters on the right (in their hateful, self-righteous, entitlement and fear), and my insane brothers and sisters in the fossil fuel industry (addictively insane with the thought of 40 trillion more in revenue), are intent on TALKING TO DEATH, running out the clock in dialog, rather than ACTING, STANDING, RISKING, WORKING, PAYING THE PRICE... to save the next 1000 generations, the next 200 billion KIDS, from planet Hell on Earth.


Stopping this ecocide, by the way, taking the lead in implementing renewable energy, is the only way the US has a prayer of maintaining economic dominance, and avoid quickly becoming a 3rd tier economy behind India, China, Germany and Japan that are already leaping ahead in the business of renewables - racing to control energy (the world's most profitable, strategic industry) in the 21st century, as we did in the 20th. The only party that would suffer if we woke up, ran the race for renewables, and thereby stopped global warming, would be the fossil fuel barons.  And the problem with that is what? Oh, jobs?  Renewables provides 3-8 jobs for every fossil fuel job.  Fact.

Hence my vow of silence.  No mote talking.  Time to act.  No more talking.  No more. I will not break the silence, for me, or for you - in my desperate, last ditch attempt to serve my next 200 billion kids, the next 1000 generations, the children that are all but out of time for us to snap out of it, and get to work for their future.  NO DISRESPECT TO YOU!  I LOVE YOU, UNCONDITIONALLY, NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO TO ME AS A CONSEQUENCE OF MY ACTIONS.

I'm sorry for whatever inconvenience, difficulty, distress I cause you in this, but even in unviolent warfare there is collateral damage.  Sorry.  Truly.

Your brother forever,

(signed copy on my person)

Start Loving
(pka, and as known in the system, James McGinley)

ps: If you discover this note, you will also find a signed confession to thousands of dollars in Robin-Hooding I've done, media, and software, online, that has cost me up to a hundred of thousand dollars in my time (I made $300,000 a year in industry doing way easier, less skill-intensive work, than I do now, bringing to bear on this my expensive 2 advanced degrees), on which I've not saught or received a penny.  But I believe a legal system has its place and I want to pay the price necessary to preserve what little is left of Justice in this system.

pps:  For immense background, plans, actions, theory.... google "start loving," and "tracking plan b."

ppps:  Please, I have near zero belongings, but please, if contacted by my friend, the woman to whom I was married for many years, Cathy McGinley of West Chester, PA, if she contacts you for my belongings - laptop, solar panels, solar battery... I hereby bequeath them to her and wish that they be given to her.  She was instrumental of my purchase of the solar equipment, my suitcase and clothes, so by that right too, they should be given to her.  The tags on some of the equipment carries her name and land-line phone (tho she rarely uses it).  She'd contact you.  Please don't make it difficult for her.  She's suffered enough.

ppps: Please, if I am, against my wishes and rights, taken into the system, or for the leagal reasons I've spoken of, which is fine, PLEASE have this letter passed on to those involved. I will stay under this vow of silence, so if you do not pass the letter along, well, please pass it along.


GWDF2 D15H3 Synonyms: Courage; Loving. Inseparable.'

GWDF2 D15H3 'Synonyms:  Courage; Loving.  Inseparable.

For years when I've heard the word 'courage,' often directed at me and my work, I've understood - 'Courage is what Love looks like to the onlooker.'

Yesterday I realized - they are the same thing.  Courage IS Loving.  Loving IS Courage.  One does not happen without the other.

Yes, I see some problems with this, some things that seem like exceptions.  But I find that the above trumps those exceptions.

Loving is Courage.

Courage is Loving.

They are the same neurological faculty.  They are the same Psychological feature.

The other synonyms of Loving?  Solidarity.  Respect.  Identification with.  Courage.