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25 degrees this morning at the truck stop, here's ten dollars, thank you for what you're doing in the cold.

 A young man, certainly not of means in this West Texas desert Outpost. The prior night it was $35, a trucker, a farmer by the looks of him, or Rancher. So wistful, so deep in his prayerful wondering over what this vehicle and this Mission represent. Drawn by the iconography of Jesus, none make such contributions thinking that this is even a tiny bit dogmatic. Never, never, never, never do we ask. During any month there are probably four or five encounters like this and about $150 in funds that are desperately needed. We're just barely solvent with my paltry slightly above poverty level Social Security funding us. And the gigantic contributions of the creators of these trailers. There have been, there are, souls stirred by this mission. Each one a sacred treasure.


Out of the Woods financially, for now.

James, does that thing have a heater? Sometimes they're referring to the cab, and sometimes the trailer. LOL. It does. Me! And it works when there's enough insulation. Standing Rock, 40 degrees below zero with 70 mile an hour winds, was a real lesson in what is survivable for James. The gigantic problem that has not been solved, his feet. When pedaling. So many things have been tried and last year when traveling from Michigan down to the Gulf Coast January, James attempted to purchase the only cycling boots that have any promise of keeping the feet warm, $450. Lake. There's just nothing else design for cycling that can do the job. Nothing close. But there were none in stock anywhere in the country so it didn't happen. Several weeks ago in anticipating that Khanh is now making this vehicle a true mobile tiny home, with the range and solar collection for many years to come for James, energy storage, and the power, James purchased those boots the way someone else would purchase a furnace for their home. No longer would cold be a major factor inhibiting travel. But $450. And that on top of the other $1,000 worth of expertise work materials Parts components due to Khanh.

Sol is Off the Grid the 6 long spring summer and fall months but not so up until now the late fall winter and early spring months 6 months. We carry a small generator and it can do the job but generators are so horribly polluting. Khanh found incredibly priced top grade durable solar panels to dramatically increase our generation capacity so we can be off grid in the winter too. But with shipping $450 or more. Guess what we just freed up the money for those. How? 

Double sided pedals, one side for the clips to hold the $70 insulated winter hunting boots that James has when needed, and the other side, clipless, for his bicycle shoes used all other times. About 40 bucks. That's less than 450 bucks. LOL.

And, is this wonderful old body gets a bit more frail every day, the time is soon approaching when James can't be depended upon to get the entire payload moving with his legs up steep grades before the motors can help. So $750 was about to be spent on Motors twice as powerful ship from China, but at the last minute we discovered that by using different controllers that we already have the current voters have more than enough. What a great Mercy that was.

Our first project here was to see if some previously used batteries that Khanh had purchased, could provide a 30% increase to current battery capacity to take us through the winter months. It was a big project, tremendous amount of testing, wiring, Etc. And it looked pretty Grim until it wasn't. And through Khanh's Ingenuity and generosity that one third battery increase, one kilowatt, about $200 including the controller, is about one-fifth what James was paying for similar capacity in Lithium-ion. And this new lithium iron phosphate technology is infinitely safer, though 30% heavier.

Sol and I have been rear-ended twice now in the last 3 months. I think some valuable lessons have been learned in terms of additional high intensity flasher placement and I think we're going to be fine going forward, but the last hit destroyed the signage on the left side and damaged it on the rear and structural damage. I've just gotten off the phone with the insurance adjuster and it appears that within a week a suitable settlement for the repairs will be appearing.

To the incredible soul that offered to help in what looked to be a dire financial situation, bless your soul dear sister. But, We're near certainly Out of the Woods for the foreseeable future. This creation by Khan is just a masterpiece in so many ways including vastly improved durability. Incredible generosity on his part he has allowed this his place to be a dry dock for going on 3 weeks now and the vehicle is finally coming to full fruition as a true stable solid reliable four season tiny home base of operation for James work. A godsend.


Help needed to the mission, greatly needed, and much appreciated....

The creator of this fabulous vehicle has provided a drydock opportunity coming through Charlotte. Yet another miracle from Khanh Dam.

Battery capacity is being increased 30%.

 Ability to climb even steeper grades increased 20% by improved gearring. Repairs from two rear end collisions these last three months being completed, including replacing the damaged signage, $200.

Winter weather gear purchased including a pair of extremely expensive thinsulate cycling boots. Lights for safe night time driving in anticipation of heading west to the Coast and into the prevailing Westerly winds that can be terrifying but often calm during the night.


It may even be that now or soon the two primary Motors will be purchased to replace the current ones, more than twice as powerful. As it stands, in mountains where he often places himself, James has to put out ALL OF an ungodly amount of energy to get the 1000LB payload moving on steep grades before the motors can help. He can't count on being able to do this much longer.

All this is taking a considerable multiple of the unsolicited donations that people  occasionally hand James and Sol as they travel the country practicing and sharing the good news, Jesus Joyful religion of family family To all souls, serving from the soul in solidarity, not the materialistic religion of John and the Christians, peace be upon them. As it stands he's headed in two months worth of credit card debt.

Because of Khan's Brilliance and generosity James has realized that this is his tiny home until his final days. It can be. It is. He wants nothing else. But as his body gets older and a bit weaker and more frail these upgrades, and the winter gear to survive cold weather, are a necessity.


To my birth month well-wishers on Facebook

Yes, I am so strange. Like Temple Grandin, I feel like I am a martian born on Earth. But be that as it may, my eyes closed  here are because in my totally dark environment the best I could do to create this video was to turn the LED facing at me and it's really bright.



Any options in the Saratoga Springs area for receiving several shipped packages for James and a parked vehicle for one or two nights?

And eight pound solar panel and maybe a 12 pound motor in a box two feet by two feet by two feet would be the shipments period FedEx or UPS. And James and Saul would need no more than a place to park where they would not disturb anyone or be disturbed


I expect that soon I will be blocking all who are not my friends in deed and or withdrawing from Facebook entirely. Wakeup time .

If you consider yourself a friend, of James, And you respect him, then you need to consider this....

Note: James intention regarding all this is to help a great Soul get their head above water and likely to keep it above. That way. It is not an attempt to provide material Nirvana.

James finds it very difficult to understand himself. Let alone anyone else. And it is probably the same with you, No?

It is at crisis points that we have the chance to learn such things more deeply.

James, and any that think they are his friend, are at such a crisis point. Crisis meaning, opportunity on a dangerous wind.

James life, as it should be with all of us, is devoted to the unleashing of the human soul, the mammalian brain, the seat of all goodness in we the most powerful creatures in the universe that we know of, and the source of all joy.

He has found the Pearl worth any price personally, a soul of great goodness that is going to be snuffed out if help does not arrive. And he has devoted much of his time, near all of it in recent weeks, to trying to determine if this Soul can be saved.

This Soul being an absolutely heroic, brilliant, strong, good... Tenacious parent with two special-needs sons that is in the final stages of drowning, Where James would have drowned long long ago.

James sees tremendous hope but not unless he really does have friends in More Than Words, in deed that will give some time and possibly Financial Resources, For a detailed quantified plan that is being developed.
In very high level overview. It is shaping up something like this.

It is game time. You need to search your soul. Do you have a lot of respect and confidence for James? Are you his friend? Indeed? If there is anyone for whom the answer is yes, yes, and yes, Then you need to contact James on messenger or email. Tell him, James, when you have the plans, James, I want to see it. At that point, James, I will decide if there is anything else that I can do. Email. Start underscore loving at

PS. If James and this heroic parent finalize a plan in which James has some confidence He will be investing everything he has in time and treasure up to and even including the liquidation of his current mission, If that is needed, as it is likely to be if no other help arrives.


If you don't download to protect this great moral library, then who?

It has taken me much of my adulthood to build. It's worth my life to protect. But I am only one. It would be the height of irresponsibility to rule out the possibility that such things will soon be found and destroyed. It's up to you.


James Mission needs your help. Yes, that places no obligation on you, however...

.... the fact remains he needs your help, his mission needs your help.

he'll probably live many more years, but as Gandhi said, live as though you would die tomorrow and that's where I find the intensity of life worth living.
My most important work has been the site

As with my life, the purpose of this site is to help ignite not anyone, not everyone, that's just not possible anymore than it is possible to ignite any but the rarest of Twigs or branches in a forest that has been under Deluge for a long long time. My life and this site is designed to help reignite the one in a million soul that has not been virtually totally extinguished and with some powerful encouragement and removal of a sense of being totally alone, might be reignited to the humanity we are all born too.
I need people to spend some time at this site, 15 minutes oh, an hour, 15 hours, whatever. And to know their thoughtful comments positive and negative. With the intended audience and purpose in mind.

In a prior post this afternoon I indicated that it seems to me I will be going back on the road within a week or  so and that will reduce the time that I could work on this site.
 You, and or people you know that might provide a thoughtful review of what it is intending to be, please feel free to invite them to do so. James

Now, a given and fixed a sumption of this site, and my life experience tells me that, this one in a million sufficiently dry twig is dying to ignite. But it will not without help. Without a lot of help. Point being, unlike any other population this site does not have time to be spoon-fed, nor can it do all the work itself. But that's the balance.

by the way, why the snake picture? Got me. And the poor sucker wasn't alive anymore. It was on the road and I hoped to get it off but it was too late.


Help needed. Please forward to who might. DC ebike electrical advice.

This email was sent to my friends in Vancouver Canada, grin Technologies, the supplier and go go to place for ebike electronics in the world. But they are very backed up and I wonder if you know anyone that might provide Insight on the following.

Extreme every-other-day climbing ahead for months. This is the forecast here in Lone Pine. As the Heat and bugs rise the three miles up to the portal, 5 miles of 9 and 13% grade will be usual.

I think I'm all set, but if this is crazy please let me know. So far this morning it was tested and seems to be okay.

Bottom-line question, if with only one or the other receiving power, one positive input wire disconnected, the other controller connected to the battery, can I leave in place the FaZe Runner, and the old 40 amp controller phase wires connected in parallel to my mid Drive crown?

The grin fine controller seems to have found its niche, driving the crown in the rear wheel which goes at such horribly low RPM. It provides nice substantial power, no torque of course, and it does not overheat.

On the really steep climbs the old 40 amp controller driving the mid vehicle motor and I have way more than enough power. And neither overheats. Not appreciably anyway. But that combination is insufficient for The Descent, it cannot keep me slow enough with regenerative braking Beyond about 6% grade.

But the FaZe runner on that mid vehicle motor with the grin fine controller in the rear wheel has no problem keeping me at about 6 miles an hour.

So I've got the equipment the problem is, not at the same time.

I would have preferred talking to you all first but it seemed to me that if a controller was not receiving power, the red battery lead disconnected, it would be as though it were not in the system. Sorry if I'm giving you a heart failure but please let me know.

What I am needing is a way of quickly changing over the system from climbing mode to descending mode.

And my initial tests indicate that yes, based on temperature, the controller that is receiving no power from the battery, ground wire still connected but the red Power lead disconnected, the controller not being used space Stone Cold.

The questions I have which I pray you might have time to address.

1. Is this okay or is it a bad, bad bad, bad bad bad idea?

2. Can you think of a much better way for me to do this?

If it is okay:

3. Any idea where I can Source a switch that will enable me to select between power from the battery going to One controller or the other? The stuff I could get at a hardware store certainly wouldn't handle this amount of power.

4. If the paralleling of phase wires described above, and tried this morning, is okay, could I do the same thing by wiring up a parallel harness for the hall sensor wires?

In any case,

5. Can you point me to a way of hooking up a second temperature meter to the second motor not through the cycle analyst I'm sure, but can I do a external sensor so that I can watch both Motors? 

Thanks Friends. James


Sol graphics help badly needed.

Graphics help badly needed.
It is wonderful that this Mission has matured to the point that the message is clarifying, to tremendously reduce the distraction posed by this marvelous Technical Machine, (useless distraction, because there are no souls to multiply it meaningfully), and, to be a much better lure for the one in a million Soul dying to ignite, or for help to stay ignited.
I'm open to any and all thoughtful suggestions. I am quite comfortable with the verbage, but the graphics although they can work, are so uninteresting. Not to say I am looking for cute, I am not. But slightly more interesting. Please share this with anyone that you think might have constructive ideas. There is a good chance of committing and executing, fairly expensive, both sides, within a week. The side panel is roughly  58" long and  21" high.  The white area in the rendition above is the angled portion which is another 32", but will not be part of this side graphic. Thanks. James

Update, the idea of using a photograph as background had never come up, but it brings things much closer to useful. Sure would like your ideas.


Notice. There is a 20% chance that one of the few great Souls I know
will need everything I've got to give to keep from being crushed physically. Your help will be required too. The situation may clarify within the next couple of months.


Without Guardian Angels, Miracles, James is in prison for five years. Life and death need for some, now.

( if needed, scroll way down to the part, life-and-death now.)

Instead of being in my first year of five in prison, last night my lawyer guardian angel responded with this photo to my inquiry as to whether my record was now expunged as per the miracle she worked, negligible cost  plea bargain, it was supposed to be expunged in October. The online record was one of the reasons Canada would not let me into the country back in August.

Not the blue eyed white male supremacist that billions look too, but a small colored guy by the name of Jesus 2000 years ago, said basically, if you do what I say, give your life for the joy of it to the neediest, it will cost you, but you will get a hundred fold in this lifetime. Encountering guardian angels and occasional Miracles is what he was talking about, I am certain. And it continues to happen in my life.

Almost two decades of radical activism offering my life in hunger strikes and jail in Washington DC taught me that I was completely alone. The Liberals detested me far more than they lunatics on the right, largely because I stood with my body, didn't just stand flapping my or taking token cheap safe actions. So when I was told two weeks before they swept the Standing Rock camp that if I stayed it was five years in prison that was a done deal as far as I was concerned.

But many months later it became clear that some Guardian Angels had other plans it turns out.

Though we were shipped six extremely painful hours across the state for jail that night, oh, maybe malice, maybe scarce resources, the next day we were bailed out with sandwiches and coffee and hotel room and kindness and transportation back to Bismarck. Water Protectors Legal Collective. Sorry, choked with emotion here for the moment.

And still it occurred to me not the slightest that prison would be avoided. Neither was I going to seek legal assistance other than one or two online mentions, nor was it going to be forthcoming. And the insane brothers and sisters, passionately destroying their children's future for a few Pennies from fossil fuels now, wanted us suffering as much as absolutely possible.

But some angels had plans I didn't foresee. Guardian angels that I will never know provided the legal funding to us. I haven't a clue who they are.

And not just legal funds but a genuine Guardian Angel, Amanda Harris, Harris law.

For example, last night, probably 8 p.m. her time, I simply sent a message via messenger hoping that some day I get a reply maybe, and Within moments had the photo above from her. What lawyer does that? Instantaneous response in the middle of the night? Amanda does. Incredibly generous, incredibly driven, impossibly productive, incredibly clever and good and competent and expert and relentless.

It is a hidden feature of the human nervous system in one out of a million, exactly like that colored man in Palestine said two thousand years ago, if you give your life for the joy of it for the sake of the neediest souls, it will cost you, but you will come in contact with some of the other Angels, which is the Supreme Human Experience.

Life and death now. Speaking of which, near certainly we are going to lose one of the greatest Souls I know personally living within the next two months unless a miracle is Stirred Up, and that requires guardian angels swooping in to provide wind under the wings of this parent, or desperately trying.

It is impossible that this individual can go on without Miracles and angels. This parent, early forties, two teenage autistic son's, in a godforsaken red-state of Michigan, is being crushed to death by the heartlessness and non-support of her state. A sister of mine in Upstate New York in a similar situation responded the other day in horror at the non-support that this drowning parent is being left in Michigan.

And this parent is not without fault. What Fault? Asks nothing, except 5 or 10 times, literally, 5 or 10 times too much of them self. Now working four part-time jobs substitute teaching, caring for delinquent children, waitress, part-time Creative Marketing) this high-level marketing executive who left their job a year ago to give the basic care to their children that this criminally negligent state will not provide.

This parent is trained among other things as as a social services Advocate and has used brilliant skills to advocate for their children in this criminally inhumane state of Michigan. So far to no avail. This parent has written me at my request that there is some slight slight slight glimmer that a Year's worth of work may come to fruition in terms of a modicum of support for the children within the next month. If this doesn't happen this individual cannot keep going and will be crushed to death literally. Personally I am really really really bad at giving up on important situations, but I'd have gone to sleep in an exhaust filled garage long ago hair dye  you've been carrying what this individual carries. It can't be otherwise. It is impossible to survive what this individual has survived. Without some Guardian Angels kicking up a miracle. This individual gives and gives and gives their life for the neediest. Isn't it time?

I am racking my brain about how I can help. I have gladly pledged here, unbeknownst to this individual who asks nothing, ever, I have gladly pledged here whatever scarce resources I have, 100%, Beyond food, the vehicle, bedding, and clothing, all the meager savings scraped together, if that will help get this individual on a sustainable path. I know few Souls whose goodness demands this, but this is one.

I am racking my brain and soul as to how else to help.

A month or two must not be lost. If the state again fails as is likely it is too late to start Alternatives from a standing start. New York, California, and Texas are Nirvana compared to this hellhole Michigan. But how to say near drowned to death Soul get there? And or how do so far unavailable resources get shamed up, dug up, brought to bear in Michigan?

Many hours now have been spent buy me brainstorming what organizations can be contacted, that might help, that might have networks nationally and or in Michigan and help either bring pressure on the state or access to people that can help. Hours have been spent now crafting a communication campaign, though minuscule, to try and lift the odds from zero of this individual being able to survive.

Aren't you called to do similarly? Aren't you called to help this individual survive? Several of you know who I'm speaking of. If you do not you must not try and guess. This individual's privacy is their own. They know and Express gratitude I am advocating on their behalf. But they are the pilot, I am simply ground support. Bring to me your serious ideas, your contributions, your work on this individual's behalf and I will share it and this pilot I'm referring to will then decide what if anything to do from there.

If not you, who? If not now, when?



Your soul is needed for my calling.

Your soul, (limbic system, mammalian brain,  heart, the most important part of the nervous system that should always be in charge,  the other two parts being the  the cerebral cortex and hypothalamus, the computer  and Reptilian Brain, head and flesh, respectively) , is needed for my calling, just not quite yet.
The needs of my work does not dictate that you should or are expected to respond.
There are some of you that when the time, times, come where several hours or more of your time are required, there are some of you on my list and I'll put out the call with no expectation.
If at sometime you sense you would very much like to be on the list, message me or something.
Although this work has been my life for my entire adulthood it becomes ever more focused week by week month by month.
As best I can articulated at the moment, my work is to provide an advantage to the one in a million Souls in this 2019 and future world that have not been so mutilated by the culture, that they can stand being captive, subjugated, enslaved and killed by the all worshipped cerebral cortex and Reptilian Brain, head and flesh, any longer.
This morning's brainstorming began to flesh out for me what some of the aspects look like. No attempt has been made to make this more intelligible to anyone beside me, so far, but this is what came out this morning.

I expect that in my lifetime no one will be called too seriously collaborate with me in this effort. But who knows? The work will be substantially stillborn if that's the case but I am resigned to that. But if and when I can get even the littlest bit of attention from those that need to collaborate at least a little bit it will be of immeasurable value.

My work will continue along the lines of the list above and at such Point as I think the materials could warrant the encounter with your soul such that feedback from you could be forthcoming, at that point, I will put out the first call.