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If you consider yourself a friend, of James, And you respect him, then you need to consider this....

Note: James intention regarding all this is to help a great Soul get their head above water and likely to keep it above. That way. It is not an attempt to provide material Nirvana.

James finds it very difficult to understand himself. Let alone anyone else. And it is probably the same with you, No?

It is at crisis points that we have the chance to learn such things more deeply.

James, and any that think they are his friend, are at such a crisis point. Crisis meaning, opportunity on a dangerous wind.

James life, as it should be with all of us, is devoted to the unleashing of the human soul, the mammalian brain, the seat of all goodness in we the most powerful creatures in the universe that we know of, and the source of all joy.

He has found the Pearl worth any price personally, a soul of great goodness that is going to be snuffed out if help does not arrive. And he has devoted much of his time, near all of it in recent weeks, to trying to determine if this Soul can be saved.

This Soul being an absolutely heroic, brilliant, strong, good... Tenacious parent with two special-needs sons that is in the final stages of drowning, Where James would have drowned long long ago.

James sees tremendous hope but not unless he really does have friends in More Than Words, in deed that will give some time and possibly Financial Resources, For a detailed quantified plan that is being developed.
In very high level overview. It is shaping up something like this.

It is game time. You need to search your soul. Do you have a lot of respect and confidence for James? Are you his friend? Indeed? If there is anyone for whom the answer is yes, yes, and yes, Then you need to contact James on messenger or email. Tell him, James, when you have the plans, James, I want to see it. At that point, James, I will decide if there is anything else that I can do. Email. Start underscore loving at

PS. If James and this heroic parent finalize a plan in which James has some confidence He will be investing everything he has in time and treasure up to and even including the liquidation of his current mission, If that is needed, as it is likely to be if no other help arrives.

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