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The parent of James, his creator, has no gender. Diane was correct, lol...

James knows his creator, but so imperfectly, and that's not a bad thing and it couldn't be other than that.

But James knows his creator, his parent.

He knows that his parent, his creator, has no gender and
this is very new for James. He was adamant that it was his father. This until the last year or so when really James's not thought of this much.

But thinking of it the last several days, james is very aware that he knows his parent, he knows his creator, his  soul, part of that parent, creator, and he knows it has no gender.

To be more specific than really James can be it certainly is Features of what James does understand to be typically masculine and typically female genders.

On a side but related note, Childlikeness. James parent, his creator, is childlike. James is so surprised to find that the image of creator that keeps spinning in his mind is the female God in the movie dogma. But more important than the female gender of that depiction, is the childlikeness of that depiction in the movie dogma. So surprising. Was it an accident by the creators that they gotten so close? Or did they see?

The man Jesus By all scholarship that James respects, Knew his parent. It is quite possible that he referred to it and understood it as father, But would he disagree with James perception that it has no gender? The great soul and scholar Dave Dellinger Shared the scholarship he understood that the word Jehovah, what Jesus would have referred to as father, Was understood by Jesus and those like him as, ", the Almighty power that everyone feels and no one will ever be able to name. This certainly is in line with the notion that Jesus if he did consider it father, would not quibble as to whether it was father, or mother, or of no gender.

Jesus loved his parent to death.

James seems to have arrived in a similar place. Almost no one knows James parent l, and Jesus perceived that almost no 1 knew his. Ours is the Same, by the way, for certain.

By going on his travels James increases the likelihood from 0 to something slightly more than that, that others might begin to understand his parent.

Wait a minute, James parent? James has a special parent?

The same of course could be asked of the man Jesus.

In both cases, no, we all have the same parent in the eyes of Jesus, in the eyes of James. . But there's another feature. One can embrace, reject, disown, or never know their parent. It was Jesus contention, and that of James, that we all have the same parent, but our knowledge of that parent is extinguished in our sick cultures Shortly after birth.

Jesus, and James too, understands that life, JOY, is entirely a function Of embracing that parent and being the child thereof, James seems to feel the same.

Jesus failed except for one in a million, just barely beyond chance.  James has no expectation of doing any better, and certainly infinitely less well. However, yes, absolutely James has no expectations of helping anyone, but it should be noted that some close followers of Jesus wrote in the Gospels that if you love me, you will do greater works than these. John, whoever they were.

Jesus was a man. Einstein was a man. In their respective domains they were the greatest we've seen. If the Jesus followers were correct that he believed to that .... If we loved what Jesus was and represented and taught that we would do greater works than these then shame on James If he doesn't attempt, and aspire to do so. If he doesn't try. ....

And you?

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