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Solar RV cycling log July 3rd. yes, moving the thighs through the flow of energy. Flowing the thighs.

certainly feels like a whole new level of understanding yes, love the one you're with. But this feels like a whole new level of understanding and a bit of an old friend, or friends, at the same time.

So the headline and the point above, the same thing, are
98% of what needs to be remembered. Yet there are other things to mention that are related. The plane and range of this flowing of the thighs through the energy May Be quite critical as is the place within the thigh that is the centerpoint. At times it seems that deep in the thigh toward the groin is best but over all it seems that about 2 or 3" maybe 4 back from the knee is the proper point of focus for the flowing centerpoint through the energy field.

Such odd language this flowing through the energy field  but it's the closest 6 James yet has come.

so unlike prior voyages there are 2 States for relating to energy perception. The most automatic and not the best is the one  is to be somewhat dictated to by the reality of the vehicle. But the higher state seen less often and much Less possible to control so far, to invoke at will, is the chosen flow force that is limited by the vehicle but not dictated by it. And this much preferred state if it ever emerges never emerges early in the voyage and tonight has emerged about an hour into the 4 hour trip.

Also very important early on this voyage and possibly now submerged in  unconscious competence was the notion of allowing no gaps, no gaps in perceived energy resistance and flow through the thighs. Automatically the body looks for pressure points and resting points and although the body likes that a lot, pretty fierce addiction seeking habit, it is never optimum And always detrimental.

oh, and faith, this might be extraordinarily important as important as anything else mentioned. Faith that if James is feeling energy Flowing around his legs and his thighs flowing through that energy will move the vehicle. And the more energy flow experienced the greater the power, really gigantic this is, the notion that, the faith that, the knowledge that, if James is feeling energy flow at the thighs energy is going into moving the vehicle at some multiple and almost always it is sufficient to move the vehicle, even at impossible lilo RPM. This removes it seems a tremendous latent rarely recognized fear, even panic on the part of James And his body that he just doesn't know how to move the vehicle. If James can hold on to this faith knowledge, and carry it forward it will be a gigantic step forward in mindless effective productive cycling that keeps the human motor and battery well ordered and allows for constant on going productive study. And writing. And creative thought.


Some other amazing things happening here in the last 25% of the voiage.

Allowing the Increasing grade to walk back the cadence, therefore the speed, therefore the power required, to what James' body at the moment considers acceptable, sustainable, even somewhat easy.

James, this is new? What? Yes, it is new. And what enables it in large part or entirely is the relatively new aspect for all of tonight's journey of being very focused on maintaining energy flow throughout the thighs pumping forward and back. And importantly to work to avoid any gaps in that flow.

This has created a  somewhat consistent and tangible sense of the amount of power being delivered . A consistent sense 2nd to 2nd. With this new and tangible sense, It creates the opportunity for the body to ask, well, is the grade asking me to go beyond the power level that I want to deliver at this moment? Yes, this is new this journey. And if it ever occurred before James is only barely recalling. Probably that miraculous time to and during the cross Iowa cycle event.

Very definitely another enabler of this very wonderful journey the best in all the time being here probably, is this faith issue, James, if you feel consistent energy flowing in and around the thighs it is getting to the vehicle and the vehicle will move! Trust the force Luke. This is really huge. The body can relax from being afraid that it can't get the job done. At least that's what's happening in this journey. It is very liberating, and it seems to be yielding a particularly Enjoyable, confident, arduou, camo very productive, journey with the mind tremendously free, liberated, for the study that has been on going, rereading some of the tremendously important articles particularly on psychology but also where we are at this point in midstage Armageddon.

A consequence of these cycling advances is that James is finding that he can be walked back to what feels like a much slower cadence then he would have normally been comfortable with, he is surprised when he sees that he is still delivering A 100, or more typically a 120 W having already expended close to 2000 calories today, and this is a tremendous liberation in itself. In these climbing modes, or even when James anticipates beginning next week some flat land journeys carrying much more of the vehicle than he is now for exercise, this is really wonderful to have the prospect of not feeling panic and afraid of catastrophic body inability.

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