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Solar rv cycling log July 6. Thigh movement through energy field with force without interruption. Every 2nd, every inch.

On top of recent extensive logs this was a hard fought realization in today's brief but extreme climb journey.

It was not intuitive. Everything else of recent logs was applied, And things were OK but not great.

Now, yesterday's climb was 2400 calories, that's roughly
60 miles travel on level ground. That's a lot of energy. Doubtless the body is depleted. Though it doesn't feel too badd.

Having said all that it just wasn't happening, probably due to un conscious competence in recent days, what now is pulling things together reminiscent of the better parts of recent journeys. This being the notion of by pressure, midthigh for the most part, every inch, continuous. No breaks.

It seems that the body wants to come up with a timing, but a timing precisely that gives breaks. That create gaps that seemed to be restive.

Be that as it may, That is terribly suboptimal for today's climb and maybe every journey. And any attempt less concrete regarding continuous pressure no gaps, came up short. But this notion of thighs exerting energy, moving energy, without gaps, every 2nd, throughout the cycle, is bearing fruit. Horribly low cadence of necessity, 35 rpm at last, and Wattage output between 100, and 125. Acceptable.

An interesting feature both physical and psychological of Making certain that the focus is on the thighs for continual pressure is that it again provides this dumbo's feather, this confidence on the part of the body, lack of fear, that it doesn't know how to keep the vehicle going in these extreme difficult lower PM relatively high torque situations. The body wants to set up a rhythm within the cycle of periods of relaxation, cyclical pressure of the vehicle, body wants it to be relationship with the vehicle. But psychologically and it seems somehow in truth, this removes James' body from the situation where it in fact can control things to the extent of keeping the vehicle moving.

what does this mean? James does not know. But it might have to do with Constant pressure being something that James can control and jolting pressure with high's and lows, the high is going outside of the range that james' can control when gravity, grade, bumps, whatever, exceed the ability of James muscles to overcome that bump.

James is surprised that so much of the force today is the by pressing continually forward through the energy field, and so little perceived upwards force through the energy field. This is not what he thought was going on in previous good voyages. But it probably was. James just was not aware of it.

This may be very important, this notion discussed above of no gap, no gaps in clearly perceived pressure from the thighs through the energy field, no gaps. Something else that may well have been unconscious competence in recent days, now coming conscious. That being that what no gap seems to do is bring the Thai to pressure forward earlier than it would otherwise. That intuitively the thigh wants to allow a gap both for rest and possibly to allow a hammering sort of effect to take place through  that gap. But when these awesome tendencies of the body can be overcome as late in this journey they are, What's happening is the gap that would be there is being filled by moderate, not extreme, but neither light, forward pressure from the thighs.

Now the thighs want to lurch into that contact. That would be disaster. May want other things as well. It's so hard to provide what's needed as opposed to succumbing to their whims.

It is true that with this constant pressure come up pressure constantly, no gaps, that this brings with it something that also the body does not intuitively want. The body wants to sort of rock the vehicle forward. Instead with this last 45 minutes of constant thigh pressure The Speed of rotation, the speed of the thighs forward and back is very steady, no rocking. Not a conscious goal has this been In this journey, but it is at least today the constant and apparently necessary consequence of constant pressure no gaps.

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