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7.06.2019, Justin, game has been changed by them it seems. Thank you.

This miraculous experimental vehicle can climb Any paved road it seems. Possibly San Francisco my offer up something that would stop it and a few other places but not much. 12, 13, 14, 15% grade if that it is paved.

100% of the drive is in the Rear wheel. And for paved roads that's perfectly fine.

Every once in a while there is an unpaved place typically
last 10 or15 yd long, the pressure of a dirt road that is well packed but steep just before a campground after a 5 mile climb. Or what is pictured here, just off the paved road, but a beautiful little secluded spot behind a rock area where the night could be spent. James and the Vehicle have been tantelized and stymied for All of the many months here at Mt Whitney Lone Pine to climb that Hill until about 4 weeks ago when a fabulous bike shop in yakama Washington, bearded monkey, the most wonderful guys, recommended a 3" wide tire, warning that it was an experiment. Well with that tire we were able to climb this previously unclimbable 15 yd Rise!

But at least the way James was using the tire, Rather high speed braking using regenerative braking, not squealing the  tires but constant 1000 W breaking which is way more than even the heaviest mountain bike rider would put on such a tire. And after the equivalent of Maybe a 100 miles it blew, the bead separated. James has since received a second of those tires and at some point may try it again considering that it is not necessary to descend at 10 miles an hour placing a 1000 w per hour of breaking on the tire, but a 6 mile an hour descent is perfectly acceptable and maybe the tire would last much much longer.

But tonight's experiment was the real game changer courage Any tire with substantial tread will do better on sand or packed the dirt than the hook worm which is the normal tire for this bicycle, slick, durable, relatively long lasting. Moving this Load With very little trouble.

This wonderful chain took all 08 minutes to put on and 3 minutes to take off. Nothing. For what it provides Asked Me, nothing. Absolutely fabulous.

In arranging this, Justin, the owner manufacturer, was wonderful. He cautioned me that it is not built for such a heavy vehicle. I understood. When I explained that it would be used very briefly at extremely low speed we can curd that it was a worthwhile experiment.

thank goodness we tried.

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