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Solar rv cycling log July 5th. 100% absolutely counter intuitive. All energy in the thighs, 100%!!!

Much else may automatically or quickly come when 100% is retained in the thighs. But the body can develop no habit of that at least in the short term. Unthinkable.
Unimaginable. Must be brought to mind and then brought to bear. That thought, 100%, not 99%, 100% in the thighs, now, when brought to mind, is not extremely difficult to bring to bear, at least so far early in this journey. But for the 1st 10 or 15 minutes without the idea in mind James could not Figure out why everything else was not working!

The stepping stone to this crucial realization of 100%, was, James, allowed no inch of travel to pass without thigh power. This was insufficient to regaining a good technique. But at least today it brought things close enough that the all important 100% in the thighs, not 99%, then came to mind. ....

not mentioned in recent blogs but persistence in recent journeys is a minor but very helpful point, Moving the torso including the lower back to the right to empower the right leg And take undue pressure off of the left leg that for whatever reason Otherwise is inappropriately dominant and bearing too much of the work. So odd.

Things really came together when, and not before, the concept of flow was implemented and grasped And more specifically the part of thethigh between midway sometimes, and slightly more toward the knee like a good 3 or 4" South of the knee.

Uncertain yet is James as to what the body mechanics are. The best I can yes so far is that The actual strength is in the thighs and that without the imagery described so far The power available there is dramatically reduced when there is the slightest bit of dissipation, energy leakage, to the Part of a leg below the knee and all the way to the foot. It diverts energy, and blocks the flow of the thighs. The thighs become something much less, attempts to brute force poke in jerk the lower leg. The slaves if you will of the lower leg and only as masters as enabled by the imagery above can near full power the exerted, can they not be tremendously crippled.

A psychological component probably exists is well. When the mind has faith, which is extremely elusive, very counter intuitive, That if it maintains the mid portion of the thigh by experienced as flowing through the energy It can execute that period it can execute that in the most difficult climbing circumstance, it can find the confidence to accept a horribly slow cadence which otherwise would  frighten it that it would fail, it can accept that, adjust, and single mindedly simply, dumbos feather, if I can continue to press that mid portion of the thigh forward and back through the substantial if not terrible energy, , it will not stall, we will be able to get this done. It is so new, and so rare with all these journeys.

and James is guessing that it will translate into the Maybe several years, estimated 20 or 30000 mile 48 state journey that James expects to commence By Wednesday. Very hydraulic about this for James optimal flowing through energy arrangement which means that it holds the promise of being a very sustainable many 1000 miles solution. Time will tell if James can hold on to it, and if it is as much the sustainable solution as he is thinking. Physically, physiologically.

A secondary but important note, it quickly Makes the difference from period To period Where James understands that the center of thrust is. Sometimes 3 or 4" back from the knee toward the groin seems optimal but particularly when the sense of flowing through energy is lost it seems that by moving his notion of the center of thrust to only 2 or 3 or 4" out from the groin toward the knee, can help James regain the sense of pressing through the energy field.

An additional factor proving to be crucial is amplitude, not hyper extending, but not the Intuitive and wrong shorter amplitude of the 1st 2/3 of the voyage. By 2/3 into the voiage as described above many wrinkles had been ironed out. Many crucial factors had been brought to mind. Things were much more productive, less frustrating, more mindless, then prior. But not clicking. Not fluid.

For whatever unknown reason The notion to increase the amplitude Came to James And things worked then. Perfect? Really very very good. Very sustainable. If James could hit this early in the voyage  would be very much benefited. So James, remember, full amplitude That is Moving through the energy field To a comfortable extension every stroke. 100% of the energy in the thighs, no escaping, no exceptions. Including just rigidity in the feet. No. That's energy. 100% of the energy the thighs flowing through it but have them flow with full amplitude, not hyper, but whole flowing amplitude.

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