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Protect re ignite soul log July 5th. Protect soul, an enormously promising idea.

What does this mean to James, protect sool? Oh, just beginning to imagine scratching the surface.

Having said that:

It brings to James a Range of opportunities a dramatic new horizon, a dramatic new set of opportunities in
concept, in theory. James is just barely beginning to think about and therefore scratch the surface of this.

James, what the fxxx are you gonna do with children being slaughtered Down at the border with Mexico by your fellow citizens? The opportunity to protect soul comes to mind! If James is silent in his life, only our lives really speak, my life is my message Ganghi rightly said. James, if you are speaking softly with your life you are no protection to those souls down there, or anywhere. If you speak with a louder life tho incidental it provides some increased protection to those children if only one.

James, If you speak softly with your life in view of such atrocities as the death camps at the Southern border with Mexico, What are you doing regarding The embers of souls observing now? Well James, you are denying the very existence of soul. For James, the degree to which you begin to speak more loudly with your life, you protect the existence of soul , you create more fertile space for that, and therefore you protect the opportunity for souls to reignite.

As James says, only the mearest beginning To understand and explore what it means to protect Seoul.

Without the concept James goes on the reasonably safe and comfortable path invisioned 3 weeks ago, 4 months North and then South returning to his beloved Whitney Lone Pine.

With the opportunity now in my  to protect Soul his body is dreadfully unhappy, but his soul is much more ignited, embarking instead on a probably terminal voyage , likely to be killed by weather and/or hatred Raging in this country. A much more wonderful life opportunity. ....

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