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Eureka! Listen to him this way. History's Einstein of joy, heaven, life from the soul.

The man Jesus I am referring to, and in this way, for the 1st time ever, I am reading/listening to the roughly 200 versus that we have from history and serious scholarship, that he actually said, and taught, and lived.

 Is this the most inspiring listening, studying, of these
words I have done? I don't know. Is it the most important? It is. Because it is At least almost as useful as any listening I have ever done and it is replicable, repeatable, sustainable, transferable through it. 

Jesus was among the greatest, and for James, Schweitzer, Tolstoy, Gandhi, and others, the greatest, the true Einstein, of the serious effective actual doctors and practitioners of soul, limbic system, health. 

But his image is the so disgraced, disfigured, so mutilated, that who can hear his words that way? 

James can. 

I recommend the same to you and all for whom you have care. 

 The key is along these lines. Hear joy in this life When you hear the words such as Heaven, Kingdom of God, And all such similar thoughts. That 100% of Jesus teaching was about this.  joy in this life. O, and the by products being the possibility of species survival. But the primary was individual joy. If you suspend judgment and consider as you listen, believe for the moment as you listen, that 100% of Jesus teaching, words, intent, interest, was in enabling those to escape the world of hideous suffering, pleasure, happiness, and enter the experiencially supreme superior experience of joy, the organismic Lee superior experience, if you suspend judgment and listen that way, hear that way, read that way, these particular versus extracted at extreme difficulty by James, but with 0 creativity, from the 4 Gospels, Jesus seminar, You will be hearing the man for the 1st time and be able to judge for yourself for the 1st time. ....

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