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Protect ignite soul log July 9, 10. My dear friend bill, James, I don't want you to go, But you need to go and touch the lives of others have you as you have mine. Hopefully....

Protect ignite soul log July 9, 10. My dear friend bill, James, I don't want you to go, But you need to go and touch the lives of others have you as you have  mine. Hopefully.... he is a good enough friend that should he
read this and feel I misspoke he will correct me and I will correct this post. 

 It brought tears to James' eyes. hearing Bill. What I'm doing I don't know. It doesn't make any sense to me. But it makes more sense than anything else I can think of so far. This Impossible, likely deadly, attempt to visit all 48 States Prior to A last chance that America and the globe has, November 2020. Spoiler alert, any and every decision besides, one, electing Sanders and possibly as his running mate Elizabeth Warren, And Devoting 100% of our life limb and treasure alongside them for as many years as it takes to implement decency, that is the joyful opportunity. Everything else is the final win of satan, every other candidate is the final victory for satan. What is required of us is no different than what was required of people in the days of the person Jesus, and before that the people Confucius, Buddha, Jeremiah, I say a, Amos, Hillel, zoroastre…. These physicians of the soul, of humanity, of the limbec system, O psychological and moral health, their prescription for the individual and societee to avoid death was always the same, devote your life to the least of these, that's why you're here, it's where 100% of the joy is. The alternative is to devote your yours to the worship of pleasure, happiness, Mammon. who's to say that's badd? Who is to say ignoring cancer is bad? Who is to say that physical human health, avoiding an early physical death and suffering, who's to say that's good? Of ultimately greater consequence to the quality of life of the individual, And to it turns out all species when the human being becomes technologically superhuman, The health of the human nervous system which means the limbic system the mammalian brain, the seat of all wisdom, compassion, unity, connection to the environment, creativity, intuition, humanity, decency, goodness, holiness, aliveness, and most importantly joy that's where all of it resides or emanates from. 

 Another person who has been a friend and stayed in contact though not nearly as closely as I had thought might happen, not a complaint or criticism, just surprised, remarked many weeks ago, James, thank you for accepting that ungodly expensive medical treatment. We need you among us as a teacher. 

Disclaimer, We all have a tendency at times to say nice things in stressful situations that we sorta think we mean but down deep we really don't. So my ci tation of both of these friends above has that have caution, What James has a pretty good sniffer for these things and they both seem to come from a place of truth and honesty. 

 With this impossibly hopeless, completely entirely hopeless, tour to make America great at last, James does not know what he's doing. It doesn't make any sense to him. But it makes more sense to him than anything else he can think of, including his emotional favorite which is going down to one of the concentration camps that the US has for immigrant children Freeing incredibly horrible desperation created by we Americans, yes, To go down to one of those camps and to self immolate as a full expression of his horror, outrage, grief, at the Mass murder, the extermination, of so many live human souls, so many human limbic systems. Which they are, still alive, among the young and in much greater numbers among The Hispanic population, the indigenous Hispanic population of this continent than among we white people. 

 James daily checklist right now for Keeping his soul, his limbic system ever more in charge and Accountable to the one in a million susceptible to reigniting, is depicted above. Delighted with the progress within himself he is not. But knowing that he is doing the best he knows, he does. And desperately needing to increase in intensity on each dimension is using this checklist To attempt. 

 The childlikeness in him says, James, Stop, stop, stop spoon feeding people, or attempting to do so, you are bringing out their Infantile nature, not their childlikeness spirit stop it. This referring to James propensity to spoon feed posts from his blog on Facebook. 

James, do not Spoon feed infant tile tendencies. Leave space for childlike wonder which maybe your child likeness, the degree to which you succeed, will stimulate and draw others to, not yours, but there's. .... Encapsulate the essence of your child likeness, your goodness, the degree to which you can put it in charge, in capsule later at your blog. Build it and if they exist they may come and find it and maybe even share.

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