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Gigantic. Solar RV cycling log July 7. The thigh underside is the throttle, activator. Apply it continuously. Prevent the feet and calves from removing pressure from it.

Also, in sight now substantial into the importance of keeping the lower leg out of the way. Any and all effort at least to this point in James ability, any and all energy in
the lower leg exactly interferes with the ability of the thighs to establish their Rhythm, to maintain the most real immediate contact with the throttle activator that is the vehicle.

Exactly what the lower leg, bless its heart, wants to do, is take pressure off the thigh. But that is 100% detrimental.

Several things, of less importance, but very worth mentioning.

Toward the end of the first segment this morning the old friend of keeping constant pressure rotating a small sphere at the tip of the knees came into memory and action again. This with the notion of the legs as the activator, leader, Catalyst, of the motor. Constant pressure being the best activator.

Very interesting Lee it appears that the motor is much more efficient when constant uninterrupted pressure is applied by the thighs and as described above.

Extremely important. The notion that power is cumulative, that is, the benefit of avoiding gap or peaks is that when these are avoided and every forward portion of the cycle is filled with energy it all counts, it is all added up. Is this a fact? Don't know. But it is an old friend, better understood, and on this best of all climbs in all the time out here it is very helpful.

The concept of the purpose of the thighs is to keep pressure on a switch activated by pressure on a cylinder being pressed by the thighs, about 3" back from the knees, Is extraordinarily helpful 3 at the end of 1200 Callery extremely steep climbs with very few breaks 130 human w are being output fairly comfortably at a very low cadence of 35 per minute. Yesterday was a fairly good rest day but not great. There could be other factors but these mentioned here above seemed to be very important.

Keeping the lower legs out of the way, not inhibiting, knees tries in their effort to keep constant additive pressure on this 5" diameter sphere at 3" in from the knees is just unspeakably helpful.

Also the notion that the sphere Can be located where James wants it as opposed to where the vehicles says it is, very helpful. maybe game changing, maybe not, very helpful. And the place where james' body tends to want it is higher and closer than the vehicle says it is. The vehicle tends to say it is out at the end of knees. At least in this journey today where the the body wants it and is more productive with, is about 3" toward the groin in from the knees and probably 2" higher than the vehicle is saying it should be. 

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