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Solar rv cycling log July 12 Friday. Be kind James! Stop jerking the motor, human, and electric!

So obvious. So new. Vague recollections of old friends but not known as clearly as what is being said here. 

Without this new thought entering an hour or so into today's travels things
were going well. But with this new thought things were going quite well indeed. 

It has been true on and off that new mental imagery Made harmony out of an otherwise flailing body. This maybe no more than that and always before it has since leading. Time will tell. 

But the clarity that came several hours in to this four hour, 1500 Calorie journey today, this thought in the subject line above seems extremely promising and extremely well grounded in mechanics. And the body is responding very intuitively and very powerfully to it so far. 

 A slow and gradual lesson to James has been that acceleration is Potentially a very Hostile adversary. Acceleration of a body part for example, the Thai accelerating forward, gives a bit of adrenaline rush, it speaks to a greater power than normal. And where as this is true, the wear and tear and exhaustion on any but the shortest journey is extreme and a disadvantage. 

An old friend remembered from long ago on serveral occasions was when at the end of a long day's journey with the batteries on empty the notion came to James, just maybe you can stretch it out by being extremely linear, non jerky, friendly, gentle, to the motor. And almost always this worked. And almost always and maybe always the body knew what to do with that idea. 

 Today for the 1st time, James thinks, today this notion of being gentle on the electrical machine also translated to being gentle on the human machine. It is a seemingly addictive response from the body that it wants to find ways to apply leverage and to suddenly hammer on the machine. Yes may deliver Temporary spikes. It may provide motive advantage at points. But none of that is needed on this long flat journey. Even if it ever is. 

 So implementing now the notion of James, no excel eration, no D celebration, is translating into constant pressure to the sphere very close to the crotch today. That's surprising but that's pretty much where today's fight is. Constant pressure there James 360 because that's what you're nervous system is teaching you is the spot of 0 acceleration, 360゚ constant pressure right there. 

Now maybe it is not 360゚ around the sphere. Maybe the point is Every nano 2nd constant pressure on the sphere most of it forward and down. Yes 

 Yes, this certainly is reminiscent of the no gaps montre from James in recent weeks and months and they're certainly close cousins. But no gaps does not necessarily translate into constant pressure on the sphere no gaps.


If you a summon the energy it may come. 

 The 1st flatland voyage in 2/3 of a year. It is not, as previously suspected, it is not revealing vast new metrics, level of sustained human power output. Is this horrible? No. It is what it is.
As per the prior log today all of that holds, and this is added. 

Of course much higher, normal, Rpm is possible now. Much of today is between 60 and 90RPM. This is considered normal.
Building on all of the techniques and strategies discussed in recent logs, An additional factor is coming to bear.
Back in all of the journeys the last 2/3 of a year, Serious up to extreme climbing each time, At very low rpm, The RPM was so low that the mechanics of each stroke drew a substantial level of scrutiny. Today, at 80 rpm it is a veritable blur.
The techniques blossoming in recent days and weeks apply. They are probably instrumental to this additional feature today.
This new feature in the last several hours is, In this blur of high rpm how is one to increase power? Where in the stroke? How? Made all the more difficult by the pronouncements of the last several blogs that the engine is to be treated with great care, no punches, no pokes, no shoves, just seamless every moment pressure.
The answer to the question, where is the additional power get applied? The answer seems to be, and this is vaguely an old friend, if you summon it, it may well come. 

There are limits of this. And James will not be surprised if within a week or so of this new high RPM, normal rpm, traveling on relatively flat ground if his metrics don't go up from today. If they don't, they don't, so be it. But in this relative blur of moving thighs The additional power comes by wanting it. 

There is a dance that is helpful and probably very necessary. That dance being to Reduce the power asked for in the thighs so that they feel very relaxed and No strain, can sort of figure out where the baseline is. And after often just a few seconds there They can accept the request, let's put more power into this please. Even, let's put a lot more power into this please.
After minutes they may get lost. They may lose their rhythm . They may sort of freak out. If James is present of mind he will recognize this and be humble rather than oppressive. And humbly Ask for only the barest power, adding more motor ratio or reducing vehicle speed so that the thighs can find themselves again in this fluid no pressure cycle. And when they seem to have found themselves So far James finds that when he says to them, friends, can we Try and apply more power? So far, They say, OK, let's do this, but you may have to help us find ourselves in a few minutes.

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