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And what is James? Physician of the soul. And why aren't you?

The soul, limbic system, mammalian brain , is there Anything as central, necessary, essential, the totality, of being the healthy, fully alive, vital, joyful, human being? Can you think of those throughout history that have the most enviable lives, the most joyful, the most peaceful i
nside, that have been other than this? Please find the courage and decency to tell James if you think of any exceptions. Seriously. Please. 

There are effective physicians,  nurses, And those Not like her in this, not effective, not proficiant, not expert. .... In the realm of serious physician,  life dedicated physician, to health of the limbic system, mammalian brain, health, there have been some obvious practitioners through direct professional and personal dedication of life, such as Hillel, Buddha, Confucius, Jeremiah, Zoroaster,  there have been scholars of this, Hillel, comes to mind, O, and Maslow , Csikszentmihalyi, Carl Rogers, Viktor Frankl, most importantly Alfred Adler , and others, and there have been The healthy by example, Gandhi, Martin Luther king, See for all of these and more. 

 Of the obvious physicians, Jesus, Confucius, Buddha, They are physicians by teaching, Practice, life example , 100% dedicated. 

Who is James? He is one of these now. Remember, the range of expertise, effectiveness . Where is James on that dimention? Striving with all of his being To be as much like the greatest practitioners and more. where is he now? No longer off the spectrum. Where is he now? What do you think? 

Are you on the spectrum? Are you striving to be as effective a healer of the limbic system, As much of a protector of the limbic system, and secondarily, a scholar of limbic system health, Mammalian brain health, soul health, is you can be? No? And why not? Do you not want a life of joy for yourself? Do you not want a life of joy for those dearest to you? Do you not care about the one in a million that your dedication to joy, limbic system health, soul health, mammalian brain health, Do you really value anything more than protecting the one in a million soul and/or reigniting the same? Why?

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