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Solar RV cycling log July 9, 10. Eureka! Finally mastered it?

 If you have an automobile, electric, hopefully, you just wanted to run, don't you? Hopefully you are not a Speedster, and you want it just for important work, and you need it just to run reliably. You want it to be
dependable, and reliable, correct?

And so it is for James with his human battery, motor, and human drivetrain.

He has it for transportation and self maintenance And somewhat to make a statement. The human battery secondarily, and the motor and drive train, he just wants it to run. No complaints, entirely his responsibility. But they has been relatively high maintenance and high attention. Maybe those days now are substantially behind. 

Not necessarily in order of importance or consequence, these are  elements that prompt this hopeful Post, that a reliable human body, human battery, human drive train, and how to operate and maintain that, now are at hand. 

Item. The throttle, James, is a heavy sphear Somewhere between your inner thighs and your thighs near the ni, sometimes even at the knee. 

Item. Momentum forward by that sphere Tells the electrical system how much power to deliver. 

Item. James, your feet want to absorb energy from your thighs. That is energy off of the throttle. Don't, don't, repeat, don't fall for it. Keep your very nice feet out of the way of your thighs in delivering all of their energy to that heavy sphear . 

Item. Energy delivered to the sphear is cumulative. Every little bit of energy 360゚ delivered to the sphere is Message to the throttle and  cumulative energy. Every little gap is energy lost to the system and a requirement for other parts of the rotation to receive spikes of energy which is extremely draining, frustrating, and potentially damage to the human drive train. Don't fall for it. 

 Item. James, There is some relationship between the best position for the sphere And the machine itself. But you have what feels like almost total control in where to choose to locate that sphere. And it so far is never exactly where the physical vehicle wants it to be. Where it is best at the moment Benefits from on going attention and asking that question. For James, feel the force, feel the sphere, and thereby decide where the sphere should be at any particular moment to meet the requirements of the human motor and drive train. 

 Item of lesser note. In general it seems that the sphere As best placed for James drive train Slightly right of center. This is a matter of where the body seems to be able to best find symmetry between the All-powerful Right and left thighs. 

Item, lesser importance. The position of the torso is consequential. .... The optimal delivery of all power to the all consequential sphere Between the thighs and symmetrical delivery of power by each thigh Is what tips off that maybe the torso left, right, maybe the buttox a bit to the left for elevation or a bit to the rt, though this latter is rare, is called for. 


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