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Solar rv cycling log July 10. 100% Of all hope is in the sphere throttle. all other energy is drain from this.


 Some call this climb up to onion Valley campground the most difficult in California. Others say it is one of the most difficult. It is 12 miles of UN interrupted climb. About 13 miles. The 1st 2 or 3 miles are between 4 and 6% and from there on it is between 7 and probably 12 or 13 .... Several cyclist passed James early this morning at
about mile 2 and 4. No indication they were traveling together. 1A gentleman looking to be about my age for it the other a female Probably early to mid forties. Not slim. .... Within 3 hours, maybe for, they were passing me On the return. Both very cordial and respectful it appears based on their demeanor. So they were climbing and probably almost never stopping at  probably 4 or 5 miles an hour. So they were probably averaging that. James is Averaging 1.3 miles an hour. When he is moving his speed is average ing 2.5 miles an hour. SO the 1.3 miles an hour is an indication of how frequently he is stopping. This in fairness to the two cyclists that passed me. And even more to the point probably, 2 factors. It may or may not be that they could stay up right traveling at 2 and a 1/2 and sometimes as low is 1.6 miles an hour. Whereas this trike can easily do that. and much more in fairness to these 2 cyclists, James is not carrying his own weight on this journey let alone A 20 pound bicycle. Uncharacteristic of any journey James can remember he chose to not carry his fair weight but rather to target another roughly 1500 calorie day as he expended yesterday. On that he will probably fail. Probably this will be closer to a 2000 calorie day. .... 

 All of the factors in James glowing post of earlier today Have been substantiated in this very challenging journey today As the body Is greatly fatigued and now pedaling at very high altitude for hours, Probably we are at 8 or 9000' right now. On top of all of the Game changing factors Talking of in the blog earlier today for it James was given the clarity that, James, nothing counts except for the forward moving momentum energy of the sphear between your thighs as it is the throttle activator. This was a refinement on everything that had gotten us this far yesterday and today But it was a really useful refinements in this great to see. It increased the rhythm, the Harvesting of any energy that was escaping to the lower legs , and added a nice bit of self regulation, encouraging, enabling, emboldening the body to go to a lower cadence As necessary to maintain all energy in the thighs Rotating this sphere forward such that the leading edge at constant speed if de creased and momentum was providing the Activation. 


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