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Solar RV cycling May 27th. Insanely, insanely, insanely difficult it is to feel this vehicle!

The emphatic lesson of last Voyage was, James, one at a time! From the beginning! And mercifully that lesson was applied today.

So very glad is James that it was! Solve all the problems? It did not! But allow the discovery of a major problem, it did!

The electronics of this system are miraculous. But they as I have them maybe Miss installed, misadjusted, are ferocious in creating a game of moving the vehicle which is divorced from the vehicle itself! They make it almost impossible to avoid playing the games of the algorithms, instead of actually finding the true logic of moving the vehicle!

Irrespective of James but in high-level athletic Pursuits a major problem is unconscious competence. It is so horribly easy to conclude that one knows why performance is extraordinary when actually it is not what one thinks it is!

Note to James. Panic, panic, panic... James, if the balls of your feet do not exactly feel Justified that they are actually moving the vehicle every inch. Panic! Fix it!

If at any instant it is not one leg at a time, unmistakably, moving the vehicle, putting the pressure on the pads, Panic! Fix it!

Oh, things are going well? You don't want to fix those? You f****** sucker. You are being sucked in. And momentarily everything will fall apart.

Major update. And now whole new ways annoying this vehicle. This is a bit on settling. If there is any common thread it is that James needs to stay in the real world. James needs to stay in touch with a vehicle. And that mean is moving the vehicle with pressure that his feet feel on the pedal area. Keep it real James. However you do it have the pressure that you are applying to the pedals equate to the movement of vehicle. Don't get sucked into motor fantasy land.

And now something else entirely new. What the f***? First ever. The notion of the feet almost irrespective of the physical machine, continuing to turn an imaginary crank 360 degrees.

If there is progress in any of this, and I think there is, it is that James, you have been so wrong. The point of sanity is honestly feeling and maintaining pressure in the area of the feet in a somewhat circular fashion. It might be the ball of the feet. It might be an imaginary ball. It might be your ankles. But feeling commensurate Force  with moving the vehicle, energy, in the feet area in a somewhat circular fashion maybe the point of sanity and everything else can evolve from that hour-by-hour journey by Journey. And let me emphasize, it is more likely that this is not slavishly defined by the mechanics of the vehicle and crank area. This is difficult to grasp but it keeps coming up. The machine that you can control James, is your legs and body for the purpose of applying force, energy, commensurate with moving the vehicle. You can't control anything else.

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