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The time for me to go is Approaching. Bitter sweet. Update.

 As announced in a post yesterday a plan today was to take in additional day in the hospital in part so that a major stress test could take place, the one day a week All you can eat Asian buffet for lunch. That completed about an hour ago.
Normal huge load of calories. Indications so far is that there is no problem. Extra care was taken to chew extremely thoroughly and two more liberally consume water. And that is likely to be a major benefit of this last major health emergency. It is hoped that that may be sufficient at least to stave off the next attack for quite a while. And based on what limited study has been possible on the Internet, although there is a bit of risk it seems a reasonable one.

 It seems that the time to depart is approaching fairly rapidly. This is bitter sweet but more sweet than bitter. This has been an extraordinary place of Work and comradery and Magnificence feeding the soul, very intense productive study taking James abilities to the next level. For the end? Gandhi said something like, live is though you are going to die tomorrow, learn as though you would live forever. And so it is with James. Gandhi died saying that he had barely scratched the surface of what he needed to become. It is and will be the same with James. Einstein felt the same way I'm quite sure.

why depart? Not because of indications that James is going to be told to. But because a tea bag on the shelf doesn't do much good. It needs to be out in hot water. That is not to suggest James anticipates going to a particular trouble spot. But he expects to by going on the road, probably North on 395 toward slightly cooler climes in some case. It's a very high traffic road and somewhat dangerous for that reason but the drive by traffic will be tremendous and It may prove to be hotter water pot to continue the analogy, than staying in Lone Pine right now. A vague sense is of departing in the next week or so, heading North, Very slowly, no point in speed, quite possibly a hovering around the higher elevations and cooler temperatures of mamoth lakes for a while, Continuing at a slow pace North. Continuing North until necessary for a return to avoid getting caught in substantial snow. Quite possibly spending a couple of months in Lone Pine in the fall and early Winter. May be longer, may be shorter. And then heading down toward Joshua Tree which was the intended destination last fall. For James' body despite the cold Lone Pine is just the ideal place to stay your round. But it is thought that much higher visibility and therefore much richer fishing opportunities exist in being back on the highway much of the time.

It is hoped that a wider tire that should be on by tonight or tomorrow will prove to Solve the problem of having enough power to get up to camping sites on dirt roads, but not enough traction. If not there are 2 more things to try but that will be a tremendous help with this idea of getting back on the road if it proves successful. ....

Update. My friend after reading the above wrote... Daer James, I just read your post. I am glad to see you are not dying now in the hospital, but thinking it will be soon. I wonder what will actually be: you've come close before, and went on to do a whole new life of service and teaching. Blessings. I'm chanting for you.

My reply:  LOL. I hope I was not terribly unclear. It is time for me to go from this geography. I think the today's stress test of heavy eating and yesterday but doing it as intelligently as possible indicates that maybe for months or more likely years I may avoid the next attack. This location, Lone Pine Mount Whitney has been an absolute godsend. And my body doesn't want to go and part of my soul doesn't want to go. But my whole soul says, James, you've done what you needed to do here, you need to get back out on the road. Ugh. Lol.

My friend:  Yes, I wasn't clear about what you meant. But it did seem that you were planning to get back on the road. Are you actually well enough to do it? I'm just thinking of your body lasting longer for your work.

James : The health emergency of several days ago and apparently it was life and death, the chance was of it rupturing once it was blocked. It's a fairly binary event. It's plugged or it is not. And if I can avoid it getting plugged again and I really think there's a good chance. I ate several apples really quickly and they had the skins on. I did not chew carefully as carefully as I would now. And it's an entry thing. The blockage occurs almost immediately that the food exits the stomach and enters the small intestine. So the literature online is not terribly clear. It's not really very clear at all. It's not clear that they have a handle on what triggers this. But logically if the particles that enter the small intestine are really really tiny and they go in with sufficient liquid alongside them the odds of blockage would go down dramatically and I should certainly be able to hold myself responsible for that. There is no indication that I know of or find in the literature that if I delayed things my probability of avoiding an attack would go down. I was surprised at how quickly the hospital put me on a regular diet. But I think they knew what they were doing. And my body is saying, they knew what they were doing. We're back on track. There's certainly little indication to say that my departure in probably two weeks now maybe less maybe more would be at all Reckless. And to avoid doing so due to my condition I think would be over cautious given these times. Hugs.

Friend:  I see. Thanks for explanation. Hugs and best wishes. I'll continue chanting for a while.

James:  ❤️❤️❤️


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