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Maybe a slight break through in, James, what are you doing to help? Correct answer? Maybe, Inhabit the world of souls 95% of the time.

This occurred just this morning to James with what seems like an increase clarity. It is pointed to by his 30 or so daily metrics but it may be a common theme that he has been missing and will be helpful to him. His daily examinations and his readings of Sorokin and similar souls Have been nudging him in a direction but it has escaped a clarity to more fully mobilize James energy, harness it, and point it in a direction That can help to fully mobilize James. And
in fully mobilizing James, more fully providing informed meaning to each moment of his life it offers an increased level of joy. 

 Continuing. The world needs some breakthroughs, more particularly the small group or the individual need some breakthrough help. James is called to that for the joy of it . Nothing less seems worth living for and James thinks that's correct. Not in a world of such dire suffering and such unfolding Armageddon. 

 So hes looking for trying to better understand what that big thing might be. And hes willing to discover that there isn't one or that hes not going to find it. 

Having said this he is certain that he has been on the big thing if it exists and he is explicit that being loving being of the soul in charge is the big thing but how to make it more implementable, more concrete More achievable attainable powerful gratifying are all things that James struggles with to achieve personally in his greedy life and thereby to be able to maybe make more achievable for another. 

So the more concrete thing might be inhabiting the world of the soul with a greater level of expertise and understanding than James has been able to do thus far. 

And as riddled with faults as is the Sorokin book ways and power of love that he continues to study It remains of the hundreds of books James has found useful the most important that he knows of. riddled with fault and the most important? 

among the most important theories that helped the material manipulation of the world was Newton's theory about gravity, no? Yes. And yet it is flat out wrong based on what Einstein and others have helped us understand more recently yet for hundreds of years it both helped with the existence in the material world and became the scaffolding that helped Einstein and others see further. The heroic  work of Sorokin in the realm of saving the world he hoped , but as we can see now at best maybe saving a few souls individually or in small groups… ifif there is a soul that has given us more complete scaffolding based on the best history available of prior attempts then it would be nice if James were told of this. 

 On a similar note Weeks ago James put out the question who has tried to help the world avoid a 4th Reich, a World War 3? And quickly afterwards he answered his own question. Included many people that he has read and will now re study, Sorokin , Viktor Frankl, Ashley Montagu, probably Maslow… . Are among those that were survivors of World War II And did not turn away from the implications that thus far there is every reason to think World War 3 was going to happen what could be done? Great intellects and souls throwing their lives at this. .... They all arrived at the laughable because it was laughed at and is laughed at, conclusion by whatever words, increasing the amount of loving in the world and decreasing the amount of hating was both possible they thought but the only conceivable remedy they were sure and they were right. 

Yes, this is a rambling and very incomplete post. But there is much going on inside James trying to gain form and this is part of his process of helping it along.

James is constantly updating the what he called a reader's guide to ways and power of love adding to that original post. And that's likely to continue.

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