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1.22.20 50 years of missions, James. This is your most difficult by far. Why? What's going on?

Item. Who has ever tried this before? No one that James knows of so far. It may be that many, the LSGIA beings, have pioneered in the direction without knowing it or thinking of it this way. That appears James biggest hope. 

item. Central to this is the notion that Loving propagating loving, loving joy four  spoken of the other day, is the optimal way of being In this world at this time and in the future. As yet James can find no one that has even asked the question, is loving unconditionally and optimal or the optimal experience? For everyone? For some people a? Who has even asked this question ? James knows of no one. Well, maybe Jesus. 

Item. James adulthood was based around the the theory That going towards the "family emergency" Was the joyful way of being. It is very joyful. But that presupposes concrete material conditions in the world that have a chance of being improved. That concrete aspect is very helpful in terms of mobilizing one's capacity for loving the way a good mother or father loves their child. But that is not the nature of the problem going forward. The classic case that James is trying to solve is how to be a prisoner being tortured to death over months or years and be joyfull? And his theory is that being loving in a way that might propagate loving In the torturer, the circle of the torturer, and thereby the world, is the optimal way of being. But as said above no one's asked this question before. Maybe Jesus, sort of. there's no research. There's no theorizing. 

Item. Very difficult to get one's arms around and to keep one's arms around. In tangible. Requires emancipation, imagination. But it can be done. If not by James, by others. James is trying.

Item. But even with being able to articulate this post represent some progress for James. And his discoveries written of in recent days. 

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