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Supreme Joy of building people, Souls, Beyond everything else. Not to be confused with building head and flesh. Community of Souls.

25 or so years of my adulthood was indulging my lust for building stuff, I I thought recently of those dozens of plants in my apartment, I didn't recall until now of the aquarium, LOL, software systems, hardware systems, algorithms, acoustic devices, businesses, Networks, new products... that was 50% of my time, the other 50% was building people and communities. They were created simultaneously. Communities of people. 

I know how to lust over building stuff, houses, plants, physical stuff, software systems electrical systems, organizations, departments.... and I learned from that that building stuff is nothing compared to building people in terms of the potential Joy, because there's no hope in building stuff, we've been doing that for seven thousand years and it has us terminating our species. It's building people, liberating, empowering, enabling their soul energy where all joy, and all hope is. Everything else for me is distraction, horrible deadly distraction. And it is the work of all now that I think of it. 

If there's one reason that attempts at intentional communities have fallen short,  way way short almost every one, if there's one reason I'll guess that it is because they thought that stuff mattered, and totally didn't get that it is deadly distraction, a virus like covid-19 deadly to communities. The message of the Whos down in Whoville to me captures that really beautifully, except that movie suggests that it is the enjoyment of each other that transcend's stuff, and no, that's just another form of stuff. It is only meaningful Mission the transcends stuff of which Mutual affections is appart, though always an attribute. 

One aspect of the split from a brilliant but extremely troubled construction guy from Standing Rock, it was inconceivable to me, LOL, that anyone could think that the world, or the community, could be saved by building the right structures, by the right architecture, energy efficient Earth barrier structures in this particular instance. It took me months to realize that's exactly what this deeply troubled individual thought, or rather, was obsessed with, in the way that they have was obsessed with the whale. That's insane. 

But everyone in our culture makes the same mistake. Just sharing what's on my mind this morning. 

That's not what Creator, nature, does. It doesn't build stuff, it builds creatures. It spent millions of years building that magnificent octopus, movie my octopus teacher, that I think of so often, what a really helpful set of images that movie provided. When the octopus rolled into a ball with all those pieces of shell arrayed around her, it was beautiful! She couldn't have given a s***. It was all functional. She was not attached to it, and she let it go to get on with the process of creating the Next Generation, of Souls, passing on, not shell armor, but incredible life of the Soul. 

To her, and now I'm projecting, The Souls of those hundred thousand babies that she would create, were infinitely more important than anything else, infinitely more joyful the prospect. 

F***, James, we need stuff to survive! B*******. In this culture that's utter b*******. All of the stuff we have in this culture is to satisfy the deadly addictions, the death grip of our head and flesh, and thereby starve and kill our soul and the joy it yearns to fill us with every breath. Bulshit. Convince me that the Native Americans before the westerners arrived did not have as high or higher quality of life than we do today, AFREE OF ALL ALL ALL.... Oue STUFF, then I'll accept what you say. Bulshit.

A community of any promise would have extraordinary guardrails against incursions of the head in Flash, against even the slightest attachment to stuff which is so Insidious and so nearly impossible to avoid, but it is possible. In fact I think they might have to have a policy that every two three four years they would leave everything material behind, and start over. I think that's sort of what the Native Americans and all nomadic tribes do.

That's where I live thank God. And it's a very lonely place, and wonderful, I wouldn't leave it for my LIFE, for the joy of it.

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