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James is out of politics now. You should be too.

Trump and his nazi troll army have already won. Hitler and his troll army won long before the final political trappings were evident. Only a fool will deny this and not plan their lives now immediately accordingly.

The vast majority of at risk populations in Germany were such fools. Don't you be. And help those you can alert and access not be. At risk categories is everyone except for the nazi trolls. The highest risk categories can be seen in the newspapers today, people of color, immigrants, muslims, dissidents, LGBTQ, infirm, handicapped, elderly, etc.

What to do? Leave the country now. Establish serious plans to leave the country now. Move to what may be the safest States Which I suspect are States like California and New York. Establish quick exit plans to get to those States. Playing your political lives accordingly and your political activity accordingly. James is considering ending his political activities now. They have been peripheral to his major mission to ignite the rare soul now or hundreds of years from now, reignite. Pioneering joyful living in Unstoppable hell. I suggest this is the work of us all now. This is what we owe the survivors. Nothing more, nothing less, nothing else.

Is James defeatist? Never has been. Unwilling to deny truth.

What of James assumptions that the trolls have already won? Do you see anything that will stop them?

Do you see anything that makes stopping them likely?

Do you see anything that elected or not keeps Trump from being in office with that Nazi Troll Army on 2022?

There is nothing to stop him. There is nothing to stop them. There is nothing to stop them. There is nothing to stop them. There is nothing to stop them. The article below is one of many. There is nothing Stop them. Nothing is stopping them.

And a few of the other articles of which there is an avalanche....

Neoliberal Fascism and the Echoes of History -

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