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Solar RV cycling log June 26. It didn't kill me, I f*****g grew!.


Solar RV cycling log June 25 period of what the fuck's? Disaster a fuckings friend? 2 days ago 3/4 of the way into a terrific ride  left leg went broken. No, not an actual bone
break . Something in the tissue on the left outside of the knee. Yes, very frustrating. Seems that It is a tissue sort of thing and maybe in the Family of cramping?

Many things have been tried in that journey 2 days ago, the substantial journey yesterday. And this journey tonight.

The tremendous blessing That it is not sustained damage. That it is not like shin splints which was an original thought. Running James was very susceptible to those. They do not go away quickly if at all. This appears And then with rest even 15 minutes disappears a little bit. For a little bit. Intended James planned  to secure pickles today because pickle juice has a miracle cure reputation among cyclists, for cramps. But remember he did not. So 1 or 2 days away that is.

Extremely reticent James is to let go of The advances in strength and technique, of these many recent months. So willing he is to give up, to rest, to have severe low calorie days, but not without 1st exploring every other option.

James it may be should enter into a formal addiction program. Almost not kidding. With all his discussion of keeping the lower leg limp discovered it was today that it has been anything but. It is beyond James comprehension. But there it is.

This discovered as James was forced by this injury to triple, quadruple and more his efforts to have the lower leg completely limp on the theory that that might reduce or liminate this crippling painful event. And it seems to at least mitigate and when done properly, yes, maybe near completely avoid the pain. The muscle spasm which seems to be the lead theory.

An occupational hazard of James choice to do these climes at extremely low speed extremely low rpm and relatively high torque, an occupational hazard may be that it creates a dangerous physical linkage between each slight movement of the crank and extreme force and requirement within james' body. By contrast, what this climb tonight is revealing is that if the linkage is broken by a higher power ratio, which enables without extreme force ann rpm of probably 45 or 50 instead of its lowest 30 or 35, that a thing is enabled. Different parts of the body but in this case the thighs can be enabled to swing freely as a power source. It is almost surreal but based on the  instrumentation it is quite real.

So what is propelling us up the mountain at a sub par 100 human W per hour is dialing in enough power at each moment so that the thighs can opposingly thrust, waggle .

So An important lesson for tonight is that for the vehicle to move the body must be aware of power going in to the project. It's logical that it would feel that power going into the pedal somehow. But at least with this current body breakage there are other ways of the body feeling that power going into the project. In this case the movement of the thighs with power past one another with the lower leg completely relaxed at least in my mind and enough that it is not triggering these episodes.

Another significant lesson seems to be that there are multiple ways to generate power to move the vehicle and multiple mental images To trigger that period is there an optimal? James certainly does not know. ? Well, It seems that James has been able to regroup and not have major period of backslide and if it were not for all the skill building strength building and building of mental strategies and physical understanding We would not be continuing. Chance favors the prepared mind and body.

Oh, the shades, the sunglasses? Turns out that the gnats don't much like cool. These little fucktard are incredibly brilliant. Somehow they know when James is totally too exhausted to swipe them in that instant they go for the eyes, they know when the grade is so tough the james' can't swipe them or he has a wrench in one hand and a delicate operation going on and he can't swipe so they go for the eyes. No kidding. These fuckings little bastard's. They couldn't care less about the various repellents. Having a fan blowing it my face maybe discourages them a little bit but not much.

Well everything's been tried, except for cool. These goggle like glasses so far tonight at least slow the little Fokker some and so far have completely discourage them. Will they learn? Wouldn't be surprised pretty learn the Thirza little slot where they can fit in period

By the way, this is a great little learning exercise to find joy in the midst of hell. Mostly kidding but not entirely.

Hes not proud of it but quite literally James has almost broken his nose swatting at these little fucks hours. Almost poked out his left eye wear this some. He has tried hats with netting but they're so hot and they really destroy visibility. Wide brim hat, the little bastard's couldn't care last. This little exercise tonight suggest that there's a role for these glasses. And there will be a lot of driving if things go According to plan a lot of time out in high desert Sun and these polar Glasses Have some health benefits for the eyes as a result. Back to fairly important stuff.

James, please take away that if you are not feeling Independence free moving power generation in the thighs then you are trying to force things with your lower legs and Injury prone is at least one of the downsides.

James, please remember, if you are feeling free energy generation, force, pressure, in the thighs that it is getting into the vehicle even if you can't fully understand and feel how that's happening. It certainly seems to be an immutable law of physics.

Reminder from the last month that there is potentially a multiplier, a with action in that final 2" of full leg extension. This is easy to forget and not that difficult to reclaim once remembered. There's no indication that are hurts anything and it probably is a particular point of leverage.

Oh, and James has very mixed emotions about this but not pure, these little fucken nats seem to know when they're being swatted at and/or killed. They have to be serious hand grabs and James has no idea what his hit rate is. But the little foker's either die and don't come back but more likely, he misses them, but they realizes that it's dangerous and they seem to communicate teach other until James travels into the net next pack and they don't know yet.

Technical note, this is being voice typed as most logs are as James travels toward the end of the journey. This is being done on the no charge standard Samsung app voice recorder. Maybe they don't know how wonderful what they have is. Maybe by agreement with other vendors that permit them not to advertise how excellent it is.


Solar RV cycling log June 26. It didn't kill me, I fuckings grew!.

James, how can you be so slow?????

Well, like all of us, he is doing the best he knows.

Short journey this morning, 4 or 600 calories, but steep climbing.

What a treasure trove. Building on top of the yesterday log.

James, listen up! If 100% of the energy you do not feel coming from the thighs, you are trying to peddle with your lower legs. Don't do it! In case you didn't hear me, don't fuckinh do it! Exert the energy within your thighs. Until you feel 100% of the necessary energy there.

Something like magic, when 100% of the energy is found within the thigh stroke and circularity, the lower legs from the knee down can be felt to go limp, to go completely relaxed. There probably is 0 other way to achieve that.

In low rpm high torque situations the home place for the thighs is alignment with the shin's. That is, the home position where every stroke  understands itself to be originating and terminating is in the full legs straight but not hyper extended position. This is big.

With this new found 100% thigh power source it is found that the full circular in my imagination thigh range is appropriate. Normally or previously James would have thought that the range becomes more finite. Maybe so until it was understood today about this whole Position in high torque low rpm situations being full extension. In higher rpm lower torque per rpm situations There seems to be a crossover point concept which is Inches above What has been spoken of here as the home position.

Remember, James is in a low rpm situation due to a suboptimal bottom end Gear situation of this miraculous vehicle, soul. So another important discovery today. In these lower rPM Hi torque situations 2 things. One, James, you can and should slow the RPMs to appoint, to allow that home position to be Achieved without undue force. And 2, as has been the case Much of yesterday and all today, use the incremental motor ratio, increment it, as needed to allow a Sufficient rpm which seems to be 46 or above. For many many months James has been glad to achieve maximum exercise in minimal miles which translated into r P m's averaging 36 per minute which is horribly and maybe dangerously low. That means far fewer strokes for a given amount of power which certainly translates into major stress on the hard and soft tissue. Probably a sustainability problem which should be rarely if ever allowed now. On what is probably 12% grade right now James is at a motor factor of 9 whereas 3 up to 4 is what he has been doing on such such terrain in recent months. That was nice, but probably too dangerous for the body. So instead of a Minimal travel speed that the gearing results in of as low as 1.1 miles per hour James probably should recognize a limit of 1.5 miles per hour up to 1.8 miles per hour with this Carus ponding rpm of probably 42 to a more desirable 46 or 50RPM.

Acceptable 120 watts for hour is being maintained with all this new practice and theory. Quite possibly on more level ground at higher rpm a similar perceived expenditure of power will register in higher actual metrics.

Note to James! Yes, somehow your body immediately forgets that all of the power can come from the thighs, 100% perceived power from the thighs. By this afternoon it will have forgotten and decided that this is impossible. Don't let that happen. James, it is a thing. Try and stay here for days or weeks or months until you prove something else to be more desirable. As you have known in the past it seems relatively impassible that much energy if at all can come out of the relatively dead inert piston being driven on the locomotive drive train. Try and hold on to that and try and remember that this day June 26 in the morning about 500 calories of very steep climbing you discovered That absolutely with reasonable comfort and sanity and mindlessness this 100% of energy felt in the thighs is doable.

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