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Ignite soul log June 27. James, we love you, we miss you. Don't go.

Almost a direct "from the owner operators of a wonderful restaurant in town that I frequent. We have had little dialog over these months other than genuine pleasantries. So we love you, was really a bit of a surprise. An older couple, slightly younger than me, I suspect it was genuine. As business owners in this nasty world quite conservative in their politics almost certainly
they are. Quite certainly. They would have some strong idea that my political policy portfolio would be diametrically opposed to theirs.

On a related but different note, convinced remains James these recent days that the key to the Kingdom for the individual and more than the individual is childlikeness, wonder, goodness, the inexpressible sense of unity with all of creation. Not instead of the concepts and verbage that James has been espouse in recently but an even further in capsule lation, understanding, or articulation, clarity. And to some degree this James, this multiple degreed, cerebrally and physically highly developed individual James, Is primarily he thinks Childlike. That has always been central to him with different words are no words. It is that childlikeness that so adores this Lone Pine Mount Whitney area the people the businesses the Inexpressible loveliness. And almost for certain it is that central childlikeness of James for which he is due 0 credit, that is why he is not hated by more if any for his outlandish countercultural appearance, language, messaging, behavior. Childlikeness calls out to the childlikeness in others and to some degree causes some slight stirring, or more, of that childlikeness.

Am separated from deep research study practice meditation on childlikeness, the L being, pioneering joy in unstoppable hell, all of that has been on the side burner in favor of getting the vehicle and James ready to go back on the road expected early to mid next week although Tuesday being the earliest given the arrival of some packages. But a saving grace for James personally has been this notion of childlikeness. It has been fallible in that frustration occasionally rise up in James and anger that is not childlike but that concept is enabling James To rather quickly see those events within himself and to decide what to do which is to invoke his childlikeness and in doing so the non child likeness pretty much evaporates with a smile or a chuckle.

the primary burner activity has been and will continue to be getting ready to go.

The secondary burner activity has been working through a queue of important articles. Some of those are being reposted by James and some not in line with his recently very prominent post that James is out of politics now, and you should be too. The coup has been completed. There is nothing that you or I see or can imagine outside Of a profoundly unlikely miracle and we don't base our lives on that, unlikely miracles. There is nothing to stop trump from staying in office forever. There is nothing to prevent that period nothing. So James is finding that that is the right practice for him and that he should set that example for others

A notable exception and it is a specific explicit case, is the individual that for the joy of it and thereby in their calculation the best way to use their life is to be political. To act for material change knowing that it's not gonna happen. Sophie shoal of white rose comes to mind. Maybe she thought she was going to change things. But I suspect even if she knew she was not going to she couldn't hold herrself back from that way of trying to do right anymore than trump can hold himself back from the next impossible cruelty that he thinks of period or that his staff of evil trolls Feed him. I'm not kidding. in either case  our job is to be soul in charge of head and flesh thereby. Who we are, R background, our circumstances, our particular responsible calls need to dictate how we live out our soul in charge. And when we are honest as the soul in charge is that yes, no material change will come of this but this is the joyful call that I have to jump on this grenade even though it will save no one, that is valid. That could be in James future. He almost hopes that it is. But not now. As his Buddhist friend recently said, James, thank you for accepting that medical service regardless of the cost, we need you among us teaching. James just paraphrased fairly liberally. But I think that was the gist.

James finds it a bit odd and disconcerting, and does not yet Have a deeply worked through strategic justification for continuing his daily news scan and devouring of strategic articles. Intuitively he thinks it is necessary to keep his finger on the pulse of the birth of the evil American nazi spawn. Probably soon he will task himself to look at this more critically and be sure it is justified and why. This being that he is no longer called to be active in either republishing, commentary, or personally acting. Yes, going down and self emulating at a child prison camp at the Southern border occurs to him from time to time but so far that is absolutely not the best use of his pitiful life at this moment. More research, publishing, and learning, and teaching.

He is tending to republish those that strike him As L beings, those of the soul, the child like that are being seen with increasing frequency expressing their inner goodness, their virtue for joy as James sees it, on political issues. The young woman striker on the American soccer team who is taking such a bold stand, AOC…. It is not for any political hope because there is none, that James republishes. But it so happens that these people of soul are very frequently acting in this way and James has always  perceived that we are dying for examples.


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