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Cycling. It's like pushing a car uphill

  • It's like pushing a car uphill, or coasting. That's it.
  • Leg presses one after another forever.
  • The 2 round places at the top of the pelvis on the back against the seat are our number one friends. Everything goes out from them.
  • The first three inches of the thighs are 80% of the power against that vehicle we are pushing uphill.
  • Those first three inches are in a rolling fashion projecting energy toward the feet which are on the car.
  • They can find that they are rolling that energy out from the top of the pelvis against the seat back out toward that car rolling up a hill.
  • Understanding it as exercising a certain part of the body is extremely empowering and informative. Empowers a significant level of self-monitoring and self-regulation automatically.
  • Exercising implies and requires a substantial level of self-regulation and control.
  • Exercising requires that the routine is something that the body can will or not as opposed to constantly searching for the machine in this case and a relationship there too. James can't control where Sol is placed based on the constantly changing conditions of the road. But he can control what part of his body he seeks to exercise, at what velocity, and from what posture.
  • That exercise that James seems to be able to control is unfolding the leg outward at constant velocity from the upper part of the pelvis firmly anchored in the back of the seat with the Torso and the legs kept perpendicular to gravity.
  • Constant velocity forward of a dot underside mid thigh. 
  • Streatch fwd the whole leg as necessary to the constant velocity of that dot. 
  • Give the legs at every instant a task that they can fully succeed at.
  • At every instant avoid all stall situations.
  • You are not competing with saul. You're not competing with anyone. You're attempting to get decent exercise where most of the attention goes into the exercise and not into engineering a situation in which the exercise can take place.
  • Use your entire lower body always, not part of it, all of it from the feet up through the core.
  • Constant velocity is if not your best friend, one of your best friends. It is an antidote to jerkiness. It helps bring to mind the constant momentum one would want in rolling a car up a hill which is what we do, it's what we are. It brings out so many virtues in the body and without it so many horrible things develop.
  • And constant velocity, not ultimately of Saul which we cannot control, but of our body part, a circular area, the top of it, under the size for example. If any amount of priority and cheating is allowed that's a task that the lower body can do and that's really really crucial. An avalanche of bad habits emerges instantly that the body is asked to do something that it can't do. Don't do it. What a nice discovery.
SOOOOO... by george, I think he's getting it.
  • Who knew, not james, until just today, he has a whole team below the waist.
    • The first half of the thigh can press out toward full extension forward.
    • The core can wrestle the leg forward.
    • The entire leg out through the ball of the foot can press, extend, forward toward full extension.
    • The Cavs can press toward full extension.
    • Those are some are all of the major team.
  • They must work in concert or they disable each other serially which is a nasty disaster.
    • No team member may be allowed to disable another by putting it in a stalled weak out of commission position, even if that is confused by the body as feeling like resting. Don't do it james.
  • Massive update July 15th.
    • Deliver 100% of your energy cleanly to the massively heavy flywheel including so it is absorbed, not bouncing off or slow to engage.

    • Much of that energy comes off the bottom side of the leg as it extends.

    • But those muscles don't know how to advance turns out that as in karate where the forward going punch is launched by an equal back force, the first 20% of the thigh has that opportunity careful to not waste too much energy on that and to anticipate.
  • July 17th. Totally completely absolutely awesome, totally completely absolutely unfair. 
    • There's a place that exists only if you imagine it. Only if you imagine a place about one foot back from the pedals can the back of the thigh find it. And that's where we need to be. That's totally f****** unfair. But there it is.
    • Why does it exist? Why did it exist today? Because if oaking that thought creates a relationship between the back of the thigh, the pedals, and most importantly the feet. It causes the feet to slightly extend inner neutral posture and that makes all the difference. The back of the thigh is not exerting on something physical, it's existing on something in the imagination that exists because the imagination is conceiving of it
    • The other crucial elements is an acute awareness of the chest. An acute awareness that the function of the legs is to exert constant pressure on the chest. With this in mind the Torso can line so that the chest is in a position where the back of the thigh exerting on that imaginary object that is a foot back from the pedals, well, it freaking worked today. And I think it's what I was was all about..
  • July 19th. Wow. Really important discovery.
    • Really really really really really important discovery.
    • Each leg one at a time.
    • They don't want to do it one at a time, they want to help each other.
    • The solution, today? Forcing, making certain that, one leg is always limp. That seems pretty drastic, but very quickly the other leg gets the idea, oh, we better figure this out. And it does.
  • July 22nd. The notion of unwaiting as in skiing his paying gigantic dividends.
    • It is free, or it is not unweighting. It is not something that the legs do, it is something that they stop doing. Bearing weight. And there is an instantaneous recoil of energy not the investment of energy.
    • It seems that it is both legs simultaneously just as in skiing and somehow in ways I don't understand that means that both legs are bearing weight.
    • One type of unweighting in skiing is negative on waiting, that is, relaxing the legs in such a way that they absorb a mogul. This is unbelievably fruitful today. At rapid Cadence the quick deep unweighting, and at a lower Cadence it also was working the notion of absorbing a Long mogul@slow speed gradually.

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