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***** Solar RV cycling log September 14. Delicately James and saul are together the 5" wide 7" diameter fly wheel Between James knees and thighs.

Solar RV cycling log September 14. Delicately James and saul are together the 5" wide 7" diameter fly wheel Between James knees and thighs. 

 Progress each day. The missing piece yesterday which is huge was a Cycling role for James. 

 And this is huge. Never to be completely solved probably.
James is speed constrained by choice. This is different than Iowa or the race across the continent. Where he was not speed constrained. And without speed constraint saul and James could have a pretty normal cycling relationship While maintaining an average speed of about 10 miles an hour because James could leave the ratio of electrical power to human power quite constant, 4 to 1, without change, slow significantly climbing hills But maintain a high average by 15 and 18 and 20 mile per hour downhill. But the vehicle Was damaged by this . so now he is constraining top end speed at 12 miles an hour. And yet sanity and other factors require an average speed of between 9 and 10 miles an hour min. And this requires fairly regular adjustment of the ratio of power from saul, as low as 0, as high as 20 for every one from James.. And for most of yesterday This was driving James' body regen relatively crazy. What began formulating in the middle of the night Is proving promising today. 

 No daylight between James and saul. We being the 5" wide very heavy flywheel between James knees and thighs. 

Two crucial developments dimensions here for it to crucial dimensions here. One. The dimensions of that flywheel. No daylight between James flies and knees and the circular dimensions and with of that flywheel. Number 2 com of the other dimension of the flywheel, is its weight and more particularly its and ertia. No daylight allowed between James sensation of that and nyrtia at the moment. 

A 3rd element that today is making this work is the constant notion of the marriage being delicate. I when this is brought to mind today It further reduces the leakage of any energy to James feet and lower legs. And a major problem with leakage of energy is That translates into violation of no daylight between The fly wheel and James. Don't know just why that works. Don't know if it will be persistent. But today it is working quite nicely. 

And unlike yesterday James body seems reasonably satisfied, quite satisfied, with the cycling relationship With saul. They are a cycling machine. And this maybe psychologically sustainable. It does seem promising today. And all of this today, yesterday, the day before They all are building upon one another. It seems. The mountain range where one comes to the Kama approaches the top of a peak thinking they have climbed to the highest point only to see the peak ahead of them that's a little bit higher. 

 But at the risk of being too optimistic, to have a sustainable cycling relationship every moment is a pretty fundamental peak and this may be the 1st time of having that since Iowa and a few other junctures.

so, this is not to say that there are not subtleties. There are. 

Yes, the fly wheel as described. But at times The knees area could be better described as pumping but within the width and diameter of the flywheel described above. 

Extremely important. James nervous system must experience, demands to experience, desperately needs to experience Ina meaning full relationship to these many hours A-day of exertion. This fly wheel that is James and saul, allowing no daylight between, that fly wheel and James sensation of contributing to creation and protection and preservation of the inertia at some meaningful level is crucial and there are indications that it may be sustainable. Psychologically, and physically. None of this without the 3 key elements mentioned earlier in this post. Delicacy, dimensionality of the fly wheel, and inertia of the flywheel. And possibly, probably, a 4th and 5th point. Delicacy at all times.

Update update. In the final 45 minutes of this very effective voyage delicacy took on a broader meaning. Not only including the seat the entire lower legs. Concepts of the lower legs being limp, 0 power has been in this direction. But for whatever reasons the idea of delicacy yielded just that, a non-involvement other than being passive linkages that was very effective at allowing the thighs to provide full undiluted unimpeded smooth fluid power.

And, for emphasis, James and Sol together being that flywheel gives James and understanding of how to meaningfully participate. The degree to which he feels he is meaning fully contributing for each second to the momentum of that flywheel gives him the motivation to do all that he can. This has been missing. For a long long long time. But today for quite a while it was there. Encouraging. Specifically the idea that the efficiency travel is enhanced each moment that James is contributing significant energy, all that he can sustain, to that heavy flywheel that is he and Saul.


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