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Selfishly, suicide? Part of a longer dialogue James had with a good soul today.

selfishly, suicide?  Sounds great to me. But I guess, not really.  Not until I feel that I  can no longer substantially work toward helping Maybe One in a Million .  My joy, my soul, is just too greedy for the joy of the attempt. But then?  I'm out of here. And this is really really really really really surprising and important to me. My take from my upbringing was that the externally, extrinsically, gratified life was the life worth having.  The life that pleases the body and mind. I have learned that the exact opposite is true.  That the only life worth having is the intrinsically gratified one, from trying to be good in the world.  And all the people that I admire in history, that small handful,, that is what I understand about their life.  Built on intrinsic gratification, the joy of trying to make things better, whether they understood it that way or not.


  1. Yes, ameliorators is what we should want/try to be, one and all, BOTH intrinsically AND extrinsically, just as you are out there presently being to a excruciatingly high degree. The internal cerebral realm {simulator/synthesizer/manipulator/speculator)cannot exist except in relation to/interaction with the external realm. And could not feed the internal limbic mind data to make moral decisions about. Its a question of balance, I guess.

    I better shut up before I expose myself as a complete idiot.


  2. Wonderful, Rich, stimulating, helpful comment. So appreciative. Agree I cannot. Strongly disagree I must. LOL. Though some or much of the disagreement is with terminology. It is difficult to understand because it is used Almost Never. Extrinsic refers not to outward appearance but to inward gratification. And not to the Locus and field of attention. Intrinsic is referring to the source of the gratification. Pleasure is always or almost always extrinsic. The meal, the sex, the Comfort, the external beauty.... Intrinsic is always a reward for what the nervous system is attempting to do and for all intents and purposes Joy is that reward. When the nervous system senses that we are attempting to make the world substantially better. In a healthy way. And the soul in charge is entirely completely absolutely focused on attempting to improve the external world, although as my writing indicates, that means dramatically improving the ability to help of the subject nervous system. But the soul is never confused on the purpose, the purpose is the external others. As to balance, yes! But balance from the purview of what? It is beyond the neurological capability of the cerebral cortex, and the hypothalamus, to balance in a way that includes the soul. They have no access to it, they have no understanding of it, they have only a deathly fear of it. The soul, it thrives on being inclusive of everything, it is impossible for the soul in charge to not balance the needs of head and flesh and the head and flesh love being balanced that way, because they are finally harnessed and used for good purposes. But in charge they will perpetrate anything and everything to achieve MMASS DD, mass destruction, on the individual, on the surrounding individuals, on the shelf, and of course on the universe as we are witnessing unfold in its final stages. Hugs to the 3 M's.