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Solar RV cycling log May 23rd. Sustainable leverage knee pressure cylinder, that's it.

So many so many so many so many other things the body wants to  cleverly think of. What the f***? Even with all the positives of the last several journeys. Even with all that in mind.

At the end of it it seems there are three things. One. All of the power is in the thighs as levers. 2. Everything else  limp or firm so that it does not interfere with the freedom of levers. 3. The unified target seems to be the image of the front of a barrel that the levers, the forward area around the knees, is delivering pressure to keep that cylinder, Barrel, rolling forward. For. Sustainable pressure. Not too much.

Holy f***! The best of all friends showed up at the end of today's voyage. What? The notion that the optimum is leveraging forward a huge heavy ball, sphere, with the thighs, the knees being the pressure point, and to do so in such a way the constantly adjustments are made so that the strength of the legs, sustainably leveraging forward, are able to comfortably maintain the exact momentum of that gigantic huge heavy sphere. This was the stuff of that magical 2 weeks first crossing Iowa to the West, and then to the east. The central piece that fell into place, absolutely crucial, is that the goal is not to maintain the speed of the sphere, but to protect its exact momentum. Absolutely what made this possible was the notion of the entire power source being the thighs leveraging forward one at a time. With an important edition that happened mid voyage today. There's a tendency to find the the leverage is downward toward the ground. When it was realized that the leverage is actually a line slipping slightly forward maybe a 20 degrees forward as opposed to perpendicular things begin to click more sustainable and powerful. Can this be achieved at the beginning of a voyage? Can it be held onto? Quite possibly.

Update, next morning. Let everything go, James! Let everything go except for the thigh leveraging the gigantic heavy ball forward at constant sustainable momentum of the ball, first of all finding where that point is where the range of force can be mustered to keep it going, and then letting everything go, everything, everything, to gently and firmly maintain that momentum of the ball. Let everything go! Everybody wants to help, the feet, the ankles, the Cavs, the Torso rocking forward and side to side, the head………………….... Let everything go James! Everything but the thigh and that huge ball that is being leveraged by the thighs with the point of contact being the forward underside of the knees.

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