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To my dear friend brilliantly raising some fine children that have a autism diagnosis.

Maybe...... My occasional musings about what might be useful to your boys is really really really presumptuous and annoying. I hope we are good enough friends that you would let me know such a thing rather than having me just keep being annoying?

It is said that the fish are the last ones to discover water. I often think of that. The reason it comes to my mind right now is because I do a lot of logging while voyaging in the vehicle, sweating and peddling profusely.

Doing so now.

And what I realized is how extraordinairily liberating that exact process, voice typing, how tremendously liberating, empowering, growth enabling, it is to my soul, and my intellect. Writing as we shared recently, journalling, is very empowering, sort of like scratch paper for the mathematician as I experience it. Or maybe a sketch pad for the artist. Very liberating. But doing so vocally for me is even that much more. I have to edit the text which sometimes can be quite frustrating but these voice typing applications are amazingly accurate. But I get to vocalize and deal with text. Extraordinary.

As you may know better than I, in the entire field of psychology the only, or one of the only things that is statistically significant in terms of helping someone gain, regain, hold on to mental health, is being in the presence of someone who is empathically listening. Few people are ever in the presence of such a person. When they are they will vocalize things deep within them or superficial that otherwise they would never touch Pond. And there's something about our nervous system, absolutely mine, that when I vocalize all of a sudden it is in front of me and my nervous system grabs it and takes it forward in a healthier way that never would happen otherwise! This voice typing that is part of my routine just does that.

Hugs. James

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