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Solar RV cycling blog May 21st. Big f****** new pieces in place!

An occasional old friend showed up and this time gained clear conscious recognition. These legs desperately need to know where the end of the stroke is. As one would expect  it is where the physical extent of the pedal arm is. That may be the right answer, it may be the best answer,
but it is not the only answer, and there may be an answer tnfinitely better in this particular vehicle!

The other was found about 20 minutes ago, it just showed up, the end of the stroke is at the full natural extensions of the thigh! And in the case of the left leg in this vehicle for whatever reason, that is somewhat short of where the mechanical extent of the pedal arm is! And it has been infuriatingly difficult to deal with that discrepancy! But it is possible as demonstrated now for the leg to accept that the full extent is its own full extension! ! This solves a whole shitload of problems, and if theoretically it sacrifices 2 or 5 or even 10% of power, who the f*** cares? Not James!

This Voyage is confirming the tenets of recent voyager! The thigg as the dominant lever forward every Strokes is huge! One leg bearing, , the other weightless, it's huge! Completing the lever forward, notes above, is huge! Torso to the right, big. Head slightly right, big. Foot pads as sensors, huge! Huge part of the puzzle when executed properly. They usually come to think that they are the force of the power, no! Physically impossible. But when they are used properly as power sensors they gigantically inform the above-mentioned elements. Helpful. And necessary. This gives intelligence to the lever idea, the pads confirm whether the lever is in fact delivering pressure, a sustainable amount, the right amount, too much… ! Tremendously helpful. And new, to this Voyage, can you f****** believe it? James, can't! But there it is. Note, James again is racing a storm. So he has dialed in a ratio of 5 to one human. He is not estimated that this is responsible for the good results about, but it's possible. Unlikely.

Update. The surprises keep on folding. Two rolling cylinders are back. The drive cylinder is at the knees. But the target for that cylinder is that the ball of the feet, the sensors. (not later, just the knees).

The position of those cylinders is crucial and secondarily the size. At least at moderate cadence the size is small although not tiny and the position is forward, not back. Now, this cylinder stuff is much more unlikely, if possible at all, at the low cadencr of the last 6 months.

Yes 50% on 50% off, but it still seems that limiting the backward movement is important to staying with in the cylinder. It is supposed to function of and a necessity of the cylinders.

Yes, James, the position of the feet within the shoes is crucial. But you were thinking that meant moving the feet forward in the shoes for the arch of the foot. Not so it seems. No, normal placement in the shoes so that the ball of the foot can play the role of sensor. But the difficulty of trying to make the two legs symmetrical in this tricycle is difficult and part of the solution seems to be slightly moving one foot  forward or back in the shoe as any equalizer. This is quite big.

And this cylinder mode offers an important opportunity toward automatic, mindless. As the balls of the feet are these important sensors on that cylinder they transmit automatically information about force and cadence that otherwise is not available. And the body more and more is automatically taking the feedback and automatically slowing or increasing the cadence.

One more issue enabled by these cylinder. It may prove to be tricky but maybe not. They invite a constant forward roll by the feet, as opposed to the  50% on 50% off. May to invite abuse, the up leg resting on the work of the forward leg but maybe that's manageable.

Stop the f****** presses!

what can I say, Peak Performance just showed up! The one week Sprint to the Cross Iowa bicycle event last year, 2 years ago, and then the one week event, Repeat Performance. They showed up tonight. Clearly all of the above set the stage, and it showed up!!!

What? It's the damnedest thing. It's so hard to grasp. But the closest I can come is to say it is the forward part of the knees, the upper Shins, 100% of the time, in turn, rolling a cylinder forward. It makes no sense. But with that thought in mind it was sustained for a good 25 minutes.

Wax on, wax off. Six months of extremely low Cadence work. Maybe that was preparation. Maybe if prevented what happened tonight, that it can only happen at a Cadence of 70 or more. Numbers that haven't been seen in a long long long long time, reasonably effortless 140 up to 220 Watt sustained human.

Does it really matter? No, not really. James is not a cyclist. No races. Rescuing the one in a million Souls matters, this does not.

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