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Protect ignite soul log July 15. Many things.

stream-of-consciousness regarding recent days. In no particular order. 

much disruption of the unifying and very helpful thought,
James is a physician of soul. Necessary, OK, part of the journey, part of the work,. 

 Yesterday afternoon James resumed what he expects are the final steps of Making accessible to himself and others the Soul igniting work of Tolstoy’s 4 gospel translation and harmonization. The entire  works are online at and elsewhere. 

Within this 900 page work, 12 chapters, typically at the end of each chapter Tolstoy steps out of his highly transparent and rather technical explanatory notes on The translation choices that he makes  and provides a summary for the verses that are the focus of that chapter. Creator willing by the end of this evening at least for James all of these will the In one document Available for download from his Google Drive, and in several days upon planned re entry to Internet access They will be Also made available at archive. org. Delayed another few days. 

Half of that extraction is complete and some of today's 1300 calorie climb is being spent studying that through the ears. 

 Considerable time in recent days has Been spent publishing strategic news items on Facebook. And within the last week many very scholarly articles on the world situation studied by James and some republished. 

Item. .... Almost unbelievable is the thought that The criminal misdirection by the media on the center and the left, almost inconceivable is that this criminal mis direction Is accidental. At best on the part of the writers it is professional self protection. And near certainly on the part of the owners it is somewhere between Commercial infotainment and thereby willingly corrupting the necessity of free speech, a serious free press, and deliberate mis direction of the populace while they finish the completion, figuratively, of their elisium spaceships. 

 Mentioned earlier in this post is the notion James has that Understanding his job as physician of the soul will be a useful concept and tool for focusing himself and organizing himself on going. There are overtones of that which near certainly are of some danger, the distance and professionalism associated with the notion of physician, but it is the closest James has yet come to a unifying an approximately correct understanding of what he is called to become, and what he is called to become as effective as possible That he can become. 

Back to the mis direction of the press, and the misdirection, of itself, and others, of what James wood tend to have sympathy with as Advocacy and activism groups. Although he has yet to have other than complete confidence and respect and appreciation for Gretta Thunberg, her handlers and those climbing on, that they suggest that the game is not over, the material game of saving the planet, this late in the game, with all the resources at their disposal, It is appearing much more likely than not to James That these groups are willfully looting their followers, especially when they ask for donations directly or indirectly. A scam. 

No serious soul can Escape seeing that the only remaining pursuit is to protect and reignite soul. If a population dying physically for lack of water , if all they can keep them alive, is securing sufficient water immediately and protecting what water supplies they have, If that is the only credible life pursuit, then anything and everything that directs away from that is criminal malfeasance at best, and negligent homicide more likely. And this is what is observable among the environmental activists, the vegan, and similar communities. Criminal mis direction away from the only reasonable task at hand, to reignite soul, to protect soul, for the individual joy that doing so can produce, and as the only hail Mary pass, only the ignited soul could work the miracle of saving any decent life on Earth materially, And that can only be done by reigniting and protecting soul by soul. 

I am curious in these earliest stages where James attempt to utilize the concept of physician of sole, it is rare in these early days that upon bringing this concept to mind his reaction is, oh my goodness, that's just what I am on the path of this moment! And this speaks the promise for  James improvement, strengthening, expertise, in the proper direction by utilizing this concept. And it speaks to how far he can go to advance in these capabilities.

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