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Solar RV cycling log July 28th. It's a f****** beach ball!

Wow, a friend of old showed up! The ball from the Cross Iowa Event.

But this time it's a beach ball that can only be kept turning by the underside of the
thighs and of course, if not smoothly enough it will rupture. 

This old friend showed up when the stage was mercifully set by recent principles. All energy in the lower leg is subtracted from forward movement. All jerkiness is subtracted from forward movement.

Quite possibly this was the best start except for two or three in many months. Thanks to those two primary principles being kept in mind. About negative energy. Energy is subtracted.

This beach ball that can only be turned with the underside of the thighs seems like a major major major advance. Across Iowa it was a metal sphere as I recall. And the performance was extraordinary.

But the somehow extremely heavy beach ball seems like a permanent major improvement. Time will tell.

Why an improvement? Well, at least this morning,  the imagery being that the thighs are pressing on a material that can tear and break is very much helping them find smooth Rhythm without any jerkiness. Or without much. 

Another friend that seems to have come, the point of contact with the beach ball can change moment to moment. Depending upon variations in the grade, even subtle variations. In this last 45 minutes the body has appropriately moved the point of contact with this beach ball all the way back to just before the butt cheek, in high torque high resistance  situations, and as far forward as the underside of the thigh, just back from that, lower torque lower resistance situations.

Somehow, keeping in mind the image of the shape of this fairly large each ball also is important. The body seems to take the information it needs from that by way of finding speed, pace, dimensions, all of the movement of the thighs.

And of course, by imagining that the point of contact is vinyl that can tear that imagery is also helping the body to avoid gaps in the power because eliminating and reapplying power create caring sort of motion.

And this imagery is helping to achieve symmetry between the two legs, as horribly difficult is that is.

The metrics by themselves are nothing extraordinary. It has been all climbing, probably six or seven percent, at only about 115 human watts. Maybe even less. But this on top of a extreme heat, 3 hour climb, no day rest in between. And it is a level of comfort, mindlessness, freeing of the Mind, and sense of sustainability that is may be superior to anything in many months.

And the principles to open the door for these old friends remain very much part of today's effort. All Energy felt in the lower legs and on the pedals it is Imagined is subtracted from forward movement, from the energy available on the underside of the thighs to move that beach ball. And the imagery of the beach ball is making particularly automatic the notion of eliminating all jerkiness.

How nice if this is a new plateau. Time will tell.

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