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Ignite Soul log May 14th. Improvement, slight, but positive.

Practice is mildly affirming that being a soul is something James can make progress on, and he is making progress on. The original Spark 4 improvement came with the severe back pain of days ago which is now subsiding mercifully. But not before delivering that spark. James, are you going to be your body? Are you going to be the pain in your body? Or are you going to be your soul which is aware of that, affected by it, but not of it, not captive to it?

It seems that James has been much in the habit of being enmeshed with the body. In so many small ways. And with the spark of several days ago Liberation seems to be in process.

There are minuses, the body does deliver pleasure. It fills up space in consciousness averting boredom or a sense of emptiness.

But it may be, and James suspects, that with practice these negatives will be way offset by the positives of a much more free soul to soar where creation needs it to soar.

In part enabled by this enhanced Liberation from control by the body, an important project was finished today, first revision, but James is comfortable with standing on it. His translation of the words of Jesus that we have been handed by a incredibly corrupt Church organization. Post below.

And without too much disruption a multi hour project of changing a worn rear tire, The crucial tire, was spotted as ready to explode and replacement completed this morning, probably half the time it would have taken several months ago.

The new graphics may be working beautifully. They are working beautifully, these new graphics on the rear part of the vehicle, because they are communicating the Paramount insights that James' life has given him.

But although the evidence is Slim, they may well be serving another purpose. They may be discouraging the otherwise casual empty-headed, gee, is that solar, tourists. Avoiding wasting the time of this Mission, and avoiding making it easy for others to waste their lives. If this guess is correct then at least they are given something to think about. An attraction to the technology for entertainment value, and a direction away from encounter by more serious messages. What a healthy encounter for folks to have. And what good protection for the time and energy so limited for this mission.

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