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Yesterday long anticipated study and analysis's of all 1000 phrases and versus from Jesus was begun.

This on a spreadsheet that James created a long time ago of the so called red letter versus from the gospel, the words allegedly spoken by Jesus. 

Now, per earlier writing of many many months ago James aasertion that the scholars are correct that no more than a 3rd and closer to 25% of those 1000
versus actually were spoken by Jesus. Another 3rd by associates that seemed to understand him quite well. understanding his spirit. And the 3rd by those that at best didn't have a clue and at worst worked to sabotage what he had to say. 

Earlier clarity had been that Jesus gave us one clear bottom line. In the form of 2 commandments. 

But within months With in recent months however A wonderful additional clarity came that he was even more concise than that that came to James. And this the 2 times that he spoke of the law and the prophets. One of the 2 times he said the law and the prophets have expired. This in the form of, the law and the prophets were until John . The Kingdom of God now is preached and all are pressed into it. And then the 2nd time which seems to James explaining what the Kingdom of God is, do on to others all things whatsoever that you would have them do on to you. On this hangs all the law and the prophets said Jesus. .... 

And with less specific reference to Jesus individual phrases but collectively certainly the 25% that scholars say he really spoke, That Jesus worshiped soul, that part of creator that is within us, the limbic system, the mammalian brain, Is a 3rd element that James is testing all 1000 versus against. More particularly he is looking to see if in any or all of those 1000 versus these 3 bottom lines are spoken against. So far he is at roughly 150 of the versus. And so far, no. 

Now James thought that yes. The verses that speak of not one jot or tittle of the law and the prophets Will pass away until all of Earth passes away. With a quick scan of those vs the religious writings of Tolstoy not immediately, but almost immediately, James saw his error. Jot and tittle, no jot and Tittle of the law or the prophets will go away until all of earth goes away. Or. Not law and Prophets. Or, Tolstoy points out. This refers to the Eternal law. The law and the prophets being the written law which, has expired with John.

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