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Solar cycling blog April 22nd. Wax on, wax off.

I have no idea where I am relative to being a serious cyclist in terms of strength and performance. There are reasons to think that I am pretty extremely accomplished. There are reasons to think I am laughably dumb as a post.

No matter. What does matter is that I'm able to get tremendous amounts of exercise for the purpose of supporting the longevity of this Mission which seems to be hitting some stride, and while conducting the exercise to utilize the soul and mind to learn and grow in capacity and capability. All of that is happening in recent months.

Having the Mind free while getting extensive exercise, these are not separate things. It is really difficult to concentrate on study when the body is trying to figure out what the hell to do  while becoming increasingly exhausted on four hour voyages..

Wax on wax off. The young student had no idea what the hell he was doing painting fences. But all of a sudden that came together.

The last week is that sort of thing and it continued today. There have been times in recent years when performance was extraordinarily High and the enabling Factor was the idea of maintaining momentum, sometimes of the vehicle, sometimes of an imagined sphere at my knees, other times and imagined sphere or cylinder at my feet….

What seems to be a Monumental breakthrough occurred days ago when it was realized that yes, yes, yes, yes, James, if you devote all of your attention and energy to cycling an imagined gear at your knees that is the same size as the gear at your feet that will optimize everything, including your shins and ankles and feet being inert Pistons driven by that motion of your knees driven by the thighs. Gigantic. And in recent days the logs have spoken about how friends, elements of powerful cycling in the last years have begun to come out of the woodwork and unify around this.

Exhausted today from the 14 hours to correct the destroyed motor, and from all the time down on the ground that required with this badly damaged back, tonight's Journey was attenuated, only 500 calories. Probably the other 1500 will be expended tomorrow.

But in tonight's brief Journey a treasured old friend emerged and this time made sense. Maintaining momentum, but not some abstraction, not really, maintaining the momentum of the exact replica of the gear at the feet which is being pumped in a circular fashion but landing hard on full lower extension, digging, maintaining the momentum of that. And another old friend related, maintaining a Cadence so that the body is given full chance of optimizing and improving the rhythm of all that.

This may be laughably slow, years, to gain this clarity. Or it may be relatively High Caliber visioning. I don't know which. I do know that it is promising of the objectives mentioned above.

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