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9. LSGIA: Implementation plan [ updated at the end]

The vision of this has been provided to James, a pitiful weak instrument but none the less it was given to him. Therefore he must attempt to get it born but he desperately needs help in that process.

But the degree to which he does not receive help he will press on regardless.

Regarding the site resource and James he in visions that the resource and prolifferation of the contents of the resource, the loving spirit of goodness in actionism, will be his life's work for whatever time he is givin. He understands this no differently than he thinks others have heard the call essentially the identical call Gandhi Buddha Mohammad Jesus Gandhi Martin Luther King Jr Krishna Assisting…. . Yes as James understands himself he identifies with these, he feels related to these, in type, if falling inexpressibly short in quality.

James finds in the study of the best historical scholarship on the man Jesus, for example, the clear notion that Jesus never identified himself as the one and only son of God. Rather Jesus identified that everyone of us was born as the child of God, the loving spirit of goodness in action, the son or daughter and that all hope for joy in life and for all life on Earth depended upon returning to loyalty to and glorification of that parent. He said quite clearly that we were all born to be God's reincarnation within ourselves, the loving spirit of goodness in action, and there by and only in this way, children of the universal one, the unavoidable defacto alternative being child of the evil one, the fleshly and or intellectual spirit.

Technically the goal is to totally revamp the current website although the layout will remain similar. Posts in the center area and photos leading to major sections on either side.

It is the general sense of James that this totally revamped site will be sufficiently adequate to be implemented in about 30 days time.

Step 1 toward that goal is this text outline provided in this document.

in large part 2, starting now, attempts to cast as wide a net among promising contributors as possible that they get a sense of the direction and a sense of whether their spirit is called to participate.

It would be easier for James to begin modifying the site now but that would be too risky that some of the most promising users or contributors would see early versions too early and miss judge where it was headed lose interest and disengage.

So although more cumbersome and more time consuming for James and potential contributors the development will take place within a shared Google Drive working on individual pieces that will come together on the revamped website. For most or all participants it will be shared in terms of viewing and I hope commenting. James will retain the responsibility for modifying materials unless or until if becomes clear that a spirit or spirits emerge with tremendously similar vision such that joint modifications can take place.

James has played this role throughout his adulthood but in other venues. He has had impact and results would say extremely positive if not miraculous impact in other venues when he has played this catalytic roll, this role of facilitator.  It isn't fun for anyone, it's very hard work, often quite painful like giving birth I suspect, but for those who participate from their heart it is an expressibly joyful.

What anyone who attempts to participate should expect and will encounter is that James will listen extremely deeply and respectfully to what is said, will gladly and aggressively and Greeley and very gratefully incorporate the ideas of others over his own when they are of at least similar value, and after attempts at synchronization when necessary will kindly but firmly and regretfully end collaboration with those where it is discovered that the similarity of vision is not sufficient for time to be spent productively at this time. this will always be regretful and will never be personal.

it is his view that this effort and or those like it is exactly that which has a prayer of saving at least some souls while this Titanic is going down and that if anything could reverse the sinking of the Titanic it would be an effort such as this prolifferating. this is the seriousness with which he will contribute every breath of his life and with which he will administer this particular attempt.

Update. having now had a chance to reflect on this for an hour or so experience is clear that no one will care about this effort in all likelihood and that therefore I probably need not be so careful about how it is implemented. In all likelihood the various sections and components will be published by me as posts on the blog and then brought together when I feel therw is enough in place to implement on a revamped site, and even the revamping at the blog may happen in stages. No one will notice or care either way. Yes this is a sad realization for me but I'll proceed with passion anyway. One in a million, if that's the best I have the hope of then full steam ahead. And I count is one and I need to much more deeply build all this into the cells of my body to be the tiny hope that I newd to be to the world and particularly to future creation.

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