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10. LSGIA: custodianship of the Site, resource [ note, important paragraph just added second to last]

It is almost true to say that until there are multiple custodians, hosts, facilitators, guides, contributors, keepers of this resource it is still born. That would be almost true except there is already one, James. It may reinight or intensify, equip, no one ever beside James but its contents did reignight him bringing him back to life.

James will be the chief custodian until another emerges as an associate custodian. And then another…..?

James yearns for colleagues in this. It will be, or not, time will tell. There is no personal price he won't pay to make that happen but the price of the starting the seed crystal from less than the most perfect form possible, now, will not be paid. This is Central to the downfall of all prior efforts. The universal cure was conceived envisioned created and then adulterated so that it was pallatable to the masses and there by rendered useless at best and terribly destructive more likely.

I'm going to Sprint ahead. I have to to inform my own walk. I have spent years positioning myself in many ways to be able to devote this way. I think others need to get to the same place but it takes time. I know this territory. I will keep it in place. I will not get frustrated with those who can't move as quickly as I might like or as I need to move. And they must try not to get frustrated with me for not waiting. It can work. I've done it over and over and over over the decades.

Fortunately anyone called to attempt to collaborate in the sacred work has a relatively short reading can ask to become qualified to enter in. Please see the section regarding Cornerstone documents. When those documents are red and deeply understood then one, and only then, one is equipped to begin to enter the process. Please hurry.

Oh, did I mention that there is zero room for ego in this? there is zero room for personal selfish interesting this? if I didn't mention it let me do so now. There is 0 0 0 room for personal interest in this effort. there is also zero room for lack of consideration, respect, kindness, but there is room for personal ego interest. this is 100% about future generations. there is 0 room for anything else. zero.

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